5 Facebook Ads Guidelines Every Beginner Should Know

facebook ads guidelines

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Facebook is an american social network created by America-Jewish Programmer called Mark Zuckerberg. It has however become the largest network of people on earth with over 2+ billion users and still counting day by day.

It enormous network and activity has attracted advertisers from all phases of business to utilize its platform for the sole purpose of advertising.

One of the most important features embedded into it platform is the Ads Manager which allows it’s users to create and manage ads.

If you are a first time Facebook advertiser then here is a few reasons why you should consider trying out Facebook Ads.

how to pay facebook outstanding balance

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners complain that they don’t get adequate results from their Facebook campaign. This series would aims to help people in such category make adjustment.

There are many reasons why you might not be getting relevant results with your Facebook campaign, and some of the major reasons are highlighted below.

facebook ads guidelines

Facebook Ads Stats You Should Know.

Are you a new or an existing Facebook Ad customer ? Here are very few stats you should know about Facebook advertising.

1. Facebook users spend 38 minutes per day using the platform.

2.300 million people use Facebook Stories daily.

3. Over 90 million Business globally use Facebook.

4. An average Facebook User clicks on 11 Ads per month.

5. %95 Of Facebook Ads revenue comes from mobile.

6. The average price of an Ad decreased in 2019.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising.

You dont need to be told how effective Facebook can help your business.

So as not to leave any stone unturned here are a very few benefits of Facebook Ads you should know

1. Your customers spend most of their time on Facebook.

Whether you like it or not, your needed customers are spending most of their time on Facebook

Here are facts to proof this claim. 80% of all Internet users use Facebook.

Even 65% of adults over the age of 65 use Facebook.

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Facebook have an average of 1.6 billion daily active users with an an average daily time spent of 58 mins.

It has billions of users and most of them check their Facebook page multiple times per day. Regardless of who your customers are, they are using Facebook.

And, they use it every day. Therefore, one of the most important benefits of Facebook advertising is that your customers use it daily.

Here is an info graphic to further prove this fact.


2. Facebook advertising is the most targeted form of advertising.

Before the advent of social media, advertising has been on a guessing and gambling level.

In time past we were never really sure where we would find our preferred audience we just simply placed adverts on any available public sign post.

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A major benefit of Facebook advertising is its ability to reach your exact audience.

Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising.

You can advertise to people by age, interests, behavior, and location.

If you really know your customers, you can use Facebook advertising to engage them.

You see, you have to start using Facebook Ads Now.

3. Facebook Advertising is the cheapest form of advertising.

Most people in times past and present spend a fortune on vain form of advertising such as Billboards, Banners, radio and  TV broadcasting.

As viral as this medium seems to be, they still have so many limitation and one of which is cost.

Another major benefit of Facebook advertising is that it is one of the cheapest forms of advertising. You can literally spend $5 and reach 1,000 people.

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4. Facebook advertising is fast.

Taking about a very fast means of reaching your desired audience very quick then Facebook Ads is the right option for you.

Facebook advertising is fast.

It drives immediate results.

You can start reaching thousands of people today.

So if you are looking for a fast way to drive traffic and conversions, Facebook advertising is the best solution.

5. Facebook advertising boosts brand awareness.

Are you seeking a very cheaper and effective mode of advertising to build your brand awareness then Facebook Ads is the right option.

In time past it has been reported that industry giants spent a lot on brand awareness strategy.

But with the use of Facebook it is as quick and Fast.

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With Facebook Ads people can easily get familiar with your brand in little or no time.

6. Facebook advertising increases website traffic.

Do you own a website and you want people to get to know your business Facebook advertising will boost your website traffic.

facebook advertising charge on credit card

You can run a website click campaign to target your audience and send them to your website.

While you can increase your website traffic through multiple sources, the precision and cost-effectiveness of Facebook advertising makes it more beneficial than other sources.


7. Facebook advertising increases revenue, sales, and leads.

I will explain this example by citing a real life example .

I happen to also sell product online and most of this products are wrist watches, health products and real estate .

facebook ads contact

I must tell you sincerely tell you that apart from traditional marketing that i dont engage in i stick to Facebook ads and the ROI is very high.

Imagine selling a house worth 10 Million Naira with just a 10K investment in Facebook Ads.

How effective can any other advertising medium be.

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8. Your competitors are using Facebook advertising.

Whether you like it or not, your competitors in the industry are already leveraging on the power of Facebook Ads so why should you not.

If you are not using online advertising to grow your business, you will not have a business soon.

If your customers spend most of their time on social media, you need to make sure you are using it to grow your business.

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9. Facebook advertising is more effective than organic

Organic growth is an online strategy that involves growth without any form of catalyst.

in order words you grow online by referrals from a third party.

As simple and easy as this might sound, this method of online marketing takes time if not years.

In fact waiting for your Facebook page to increase and grow itself is an acute waste of time.

There are so many online marketing coach every where and most of them still lay emphasis on organic growth.

how to remove credit card details from facebook ads manager

I would advise you stay away from such coach.

If Facebook can run Ads on it own platform to advertise it products,

Google can pay $100M per year to Facebook for advertising, then who are you not to do the same.

To be successful, you will have to use Facebook advertising.

Even if you are building a community of followers, you will likely have to use Facebook advertising to grow your community.

If you are posting content, you will likely use promoted posts to reach more people.

Facebook advertising is a must if your business plans to adapt a social strategy.

how to pay facebook outstanding balance

However the globalization of the Facebook platform has made it difficult for it to accept payments from developing and underdeveloped nations.

This has however led to to the integration of multiple payment solutions on it platform, some of which would be discussed in this post.

Are you a newbie advertiser finding it difficult to pay for your Facebook Ads ?, This post is here to guide you on all you need to know.

how to add paypal to facebook payment method


Mistakes You Might be making from your Facebook Ads.



1. Creating Ads Campaign From The Facebook Mobile App.

One of the problem i have with present day millennial is that they value the idea of owning a smartphone over a proper computer. This has however caused a major decline in proper computing knowledge.

Though the Facebook team might have integrated this feature in their mobile section of their platform, it is not usually wise to create campaigns this way, a whole lot of the ads feature is not integrated in the mobile platform of Facebook.

Proper and useful ad settings like choosing a campaign objective, using a proper ad creative are all hidden in the Facebook Mobile app.

So, next time you want to create a successful campaign kindly make use the PC version of Facebook Platform.

facebook ads guidelines

2. Choosing The Wrong Campaign Objective.

This is the most important section of your Facebook advertising campaign. Proper analysis must be carried out on the desired result for your campaign even before creating the campaign itself.

A few category and type of campaign supported by Facebook is.

  • Traffic – > suitable if you have a website (E commerce, Social Network, Forums)
  • Messages – > Suitable for one on one or relationship marketing.
  • App installs – > Suitable if your business is built and designed around an app maybe android or IOS

The above mentioned Objectives differs in many ways to provide marketing solutions, most time on the short term and others on a more longer term.

As a newbies or a professional in the use of Facebook ads you must choose objectives that proffer long term marketing solution to your business or else you will end up wasting a huge amount of money.

facebook ads guidelines

3. Poor use and Over use of Ad Targeting Feature.

Ad targeting simply allows you choose the category of people who should see your advert. This feature is designed to work and synchronize with Interest and Profile of users on social media.

While this feature seems lovely and tend to give you leverage and control, It can also be deceptive and a silent killer to your Facebook campaign and I’ll tell you why with my experience as an early Facebook Advertiser.

In my early days in digital marketing back then as a network marketer, most times we needed to sell products and meet up targets and goals, I thought using this feature would help me because the machine always calculated very high estimated reaches for me, this made me very happy and made me include vain targeting keywords in my campaign.

In the long run, i spent a lot of money and never gained enough sales till i discovered how it was killing my campaign, The moment i removed it and concentrated my campaign basically on age and location, i started getting successful results in my campaign till now.

After i left network marketing for real estate and e commerce this secret has help boosted the results of any campaign i create.

There are a whole lot of deception on Social media, Some of them include False profile details provided by user claiming to be what they are not, False accounts, inactive Facebook accounts .Advert targeting feature feeds on this information.

If you are really new in digital marketing or a professional rather, I’ll recommend you leave your ad targeting blank so as to enable it reach variety of audience who mostly likely are your customers.

The fact is, you cannot always trust this machines to decide on your behalf, they feed on what we input in them, with people falsifying personalities on Social media i do not always recommend you use this feature on your ad.

4. Poor/ Inadequate budgeting.

Most business owner and entrepreneur who just learnt digital marketing do not seem to comprehend or understand budgeting in digital campaigns and this in most cases causes them to believe in a lie that digital ads do not work.

Let me explain how budgeting affects your campaign.

A whole lot of advertiser place ads on Facebook simultaneously, one of the core feature of the ad engine is to serve the ad of highest bidder at that moment in time. The highest spender get his ads appearing multiple times in the news feeds than its competitive advertisers thereby allowing more conversion.

Facebook allows you to budget on your financial capacity, they allow a minimum of $1 to infinity on either daily budgeting or a life time budgeting, but in my little experience of using Facebook ads for over 6 years, Facebook recommends a daily Ad budget of $20 per day, you are free to choose your desired budget based on your financial capability, just understand that campaigns are served differently based on spending.

If you have a very poor mentality on budgeting, this edition in this series stands to correct you, Its so sad that most business spend over $2000 on other crude method of advertising like Billboards, Television and Radio but despises spending on digital campaign just because Facebook says it’s service is free and do not understand why they have to pay Facebook.

Its very certain that those type of people with this mindset will soon go out of business.

5. Poor Ad creative .

The Facebook ad creative section simply allows you to create the visible section of your campaign. It simply comprises of text and Images, videos in either a card-like or carousel- structure.

One of the most important part of a digital campaign is the ability to successfully pass a message across.

A campaign created without caution might fall into this error. Even when they used the accurate campaign objective, Appropriate targeting and even spending the right budget, all these could be thrown in the drain if the sole purpose of the ad is not well communicated across to your desired audience.

Here are some tips to remember when setting an ad creative for your campaign.

  • Use straight English – Make sure your message is well understood at least to new school leaver.
  • Use images that speak about the sole purpose of your campaign – For example,if you are running a Facebook ad to sell a product, it would be wise to properly display it.
  • If you business includes variety of products, use the carousel feature.
  • If you are placing a video Ad, make sure it very short and it includes subtitle feature because video campaign do not come with Audio enabled automatically, it has to be configured by the user to which the ad is being served.


facebook ads guidelines

How to pay for your Facebook Ads.

Here are few Facebook ads payment strategy you should be making use of.

facebook payment system

1. Debit/ Credit cards (Master Cards, Visa Cards, American Express).

3+ Ways To Pay For Your Facebook Ads
3+ Ways To Pay For Your Facebook Ads

The first payment solution integrated and supported by Facebook Ads is your personal debit and credit cards . Cards like Master, Visa and American Express cards can be used to pay for your Facebook Ads.

how to receive payment on facebook business page

If you have the above mentioned cards issued by your bank then you might be able to pay for your Facebook campaign.

2. PayPal.

3+ Ways To Pay For Your Facebook Ads
3+ Ways To Pay For Your Facebook Ads

PayPal is an American payment solution created by Elon Musk. Facebook also supports the use of PayPal to pay for your advert campaign.

To get started with PayPal all you need is a PayPal account which can be created by signing up for a PayPal account.

facebook gift cards for ads

After completely signing up you would be prompted to link your debit/ credits card to your paypal account in order to enable you transfer payments To and Fro from any online service that supports the use of PayPal.

3. Virtual Cards.

3+ Ways To Pay For Your Facebook Ads
3+ Ways To Pay For Your Facebook Ads

A virtual card is an online version of your native debit cards.A virtual card can be utilized by the aid of a virtual card creation platform.

This method of payment in most cases is kinda complicated but in underdeveloped nations like Nigeria where PayPal is not supported and local debit cards are not supported, it can be a little hard paying for your Facebook Ads. So in most cases creating a virtual card can be the only and option.

There are so many virtual card software’s online and the very few i recommend for users here in Nigeria is.

4. Direct Bank Transfer.

In most cases, Facebook allows your to link your bank account and bank details in order to pay for your Facebook Ads.

This method of payment is not supported in all countries of the world, but can utilized to pay and settle your Facebook Ads.



For the sake of those who would like to get more deeper knowledge on the use of Facebook Ads, I wrote an E book to guide and help you become very good at Using Facebook Ads.

Do you know that so many individual and businesses are suffering due to poor online marketing.

Do you know also know that so many business owners hear about online marketing for the first time and take a leap of faith to include it alongside their businesses but 90% of them fail woefully because they do not know that digital marketing is more deeper than whatever information they might have gathered in just a short period of time.

I have prepared this E-Book based on my 7+ years experience in digital marketing to help boost your online marketing in 2020.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become a millionaire Facebook Business owner in 2020
Be sure to make 1 Million Naira in your business just one week after using the magic formula in this book.
It is Titled

Build Your Facebook Empire Today.

This Book contains the following.

  • Choosing the right Facebook Ads objective for your business (Whats app Business + Facebook Ads).
  • Proper budgeting for your Facebook Ads.
  • Choosing the right age bracket for your business category.
  • Understanding targeting and Interest.
  • How to design high converting creatives( Text, Images).
  • How to pay for your Facebook Ads.
  • 4 Practical examples of successful Ads i have created.

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Facebook is the biggest of all the social networks, by far, based on just about every measure. But it’s a constantly evolving platform based on algorithm changes, new tools, and shifting demographics.

It has also been discovered that over 92% of social marketers are using FaceBook for advertising.

Businesses are paying 122% more per advertisement unit on FaceBook than they did just a year ago.

They found that in 2019, the biggest change in use was for those born in 1945 or earlier.

In 2018, 26% of them used Facebook. In 2019, that number rose to 37%. Millennial use increased from 82% to 84%, while Boomer use increased from 59% to 60%

Facebook Advertising is getting bigger by the day. Dont wait till you are told Join the band wagon now.

Here is an awesome post that would further explain the use of Social media marketing.


What do you think?

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