(Getresponse Review) Why GetResponse Is Best For Your Email Marketing Campaign

getresponse review

getresponse review


Email marketing is the act of conveying a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email.

While social media plays a huge role in today’s business marketing and promotion, one of the oldest and proven methods for touching your customers is the use of email marketing.

Email marketing and weekly newsletters allow you to influence your customers on a genuinely personalized and specific level that social media simply can’t match.

Direct email marketing enables you to target people who have shown a personal interest in your products or services, this can help you decrease the value of money that you spend on marketing significantly.

Email marketing itself is free, however, if you want to encounter great results, you’ll need to use a functional email marketing or newsletter platform.

In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations.

Email marketing strategies commonly seek to achieve one or more of three primary objectives, to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

I find email marketing more lucrative and effective because it allows you to house a well-targeted audience even than any marketing channel. There are so many software’s needed to bring your email marketing campaign to life but you need the aid of a trusted email marketing provided.

To get a deeper insight into email marketing, I wrote a well comprehensive article on how you can scale your email marketing campaigns.

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About GetResponse.

GetResponse is an acknowledged standard newsletter tool that makes it simple to generate high-quality email marketing creatives and content.

GetResponse is a Polish-based company that offers a lot of premium features for those serious email marketers that want capacities exceeding what is commonly believed to be possible for email marketing purposes.

There really is nothing that you can’t do with GetRespsonse, from designing quality landing pages to doing A/B ad testing GetRepsonse can do it and the platform does it very well.

GetResponse is a feature-rich online marketing solution, fully scalable and capable of handling both small and very large lists (1 million+ subscriber).

For over 10 years, it has provided easy-to-use, self-service applications and expert support for creating and managing email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and autoresponders that convert contacts into customers.

Through responsible and fully automated list hygiene, anti-spam practices and built relationships with major Internet and email service providers, GetResponse has secured the most distinguished possible deliverability standards for over a decade, ensuring that our customers’ messages deliver the greatest possible return on their email marketing investment.

It has a deliverability rate of 99.5%, to make sure your messages reach destination inboxes. Be sure that your emails will never be spammed.

With GetResponse, the old days of email marketing and automation no longer exist due to its spontaneous and all-inclusive email marketing capacities.

GetResponse has lots of unprecedented features that you won’t find in other email marketing automation software solutions out on the market.

My Personal Experience.

I am not writing this article to hype this great software but I have my own experiences and I must say that GetResponse is sure the best.

Coming from a Mailchimp background I must tell you that one major problem I had was getting my prospective list to open my emails as the majority of my mails were spammed.

I am not saying that MailChimp is bad or have bad service, I still make use of Mailchimp and I must tell you that they are a major competitor in the email marketing business.

I tried GetResponse when I wanted to pitch and store leads for my network marketing business and I must tell you that it has been an exciting experience so far that I would recommend them again to anybody, though they do not offer any free plan they sure do have worth.

After reading this review about GetResponse I highly recommend that you try it out and I can assure you that you will never regret it. Be rest assured that none of your emails would be spammed anymore.

Why You Should Make Use Of Getresponse.

Getresponse is one very great email marketing software that I recommend you try out any day, One reason why I will recommend get a response anytime is the huge number of features that it carries alongside.  Here are a few numbers of them.

1. 300+ Free Industry HTML Templatse

Your landing page is one of the major factors that determine the success of your email marketing campaigns if you want to get it right from the first day you are going to need a very attractive and catchy landing page design.

Apart from the drag-and-drop page builder feature offered by Getresponse, you also have coupled alongside your email marketing campaigns free HTML industry templates to get started with.

Getresponse’s landing functionality is free on all plans, which makes it easy to get started with.

Online advertising campaigns that make use of landing pages will usually generate far more leads if, they direct users to attractive ‘pages with adequate information on why they intend to sell a product or a service.

2. Email Analytics.

Getting data and insights is another very important factor to consider when choosing a reliable email marketing software and this is why I recommend Getresponse anytime.

With the inbuilt real-time analytics, you never miss out on how effective your email marketing campaign has been all the way.

These analytics will help you fully understand your subscribers and discover what works with them. You can also use it to learn which emails led to website visits, sales, and signups.
With their analytics, you can:
Examine open rates, click-through rates (CTRs), number of unsubscribes, and sales, Monitor mobile vs. desktop performance, Conduct A/B tests on subject lines and tweak emails based on their performance.

Just in case you don’t know what the A/B test is, With A/B testing (also known as split testing), you send one version of an email to one set of recipients and a modification of the same email to a different group of recipients. Then, you examine the results of those two email tests to see which one worked better. The email with the most excellent performance is the variant you send to the rest of your email list.

3. Guaranteed Deliverability.

Have you ever subscribed to an email marketing software and you took all the time and energy to build your list only to discover that whenever you send out a broadcast, your emails get spammed and not delivered? This can be a major put off and most time results in you being frustrated.

With Getresponse AI and algorithm, you are sure to get your emails delivered instantly just anytime you send them.

4. Social media integration.

Social media is another tool that helps you to get leads, and this is why Getresponse allows you to seamlessly integrate with any social media platform of your choice without any hassle.

If you are an influencer from any industry, then you can divert all your followership to your email marketing list.

5. GetResponse mobile app.

Mobile app usage and consumption has been estimated to reach over $189 billion in 2020, and this is more reason why Getresponse is responding to the trend and carrying everybody along the moving train.

With the IOS and Android app, you can communicate with your audience in real-time without any hustle. Be sure to have your email list at your fingertips with the Getresponse app.

6. Coaching and support.

Getting the best out of your email marketing list has become easier with the Getresponse email marketing coaching and support.

When you join the Getresponse family you automatically get access to industry-standard coaching and support to get the best out of your email marketing list.

7. Integrated E-Commerce Tools.

Is your business model tied around E-commerce? then Getresponse might just be the perfect tool you need. You don’t need any other tools aside from the inbuilt Getresponse Ecommerce tool.

Getresponse has a built-in eCommerce functionality that allows you to run your eCommerce business without hassle.

8. Create, Host, and Manage Large Scale Webinars.

Webinars are among the powerful ways to produce leads and acquire customers.

With GetRepsonse, you get a full webinar administration system that allows you to create host, track, and maintain high-performance webinars with satisfaction.

With Getresponse, you can openly broadcast your webinars live on YouTube or Facebook without any extra plugins.

It also gives you the ability to distribute files with your audience, send/receive chat messages, uses diverse calls to action during the broadcast, uses interactive whiteboards, run split-screen webinars, or partially share your screen with the attendees.

Once the webinar is completed, you can allot replays, direct downloads, or sell them as paid products on a landing page.

9. Third-Party App Integrations.

GetResponse gives you more than 150 third party integrations with various payment gateways, eCommerce plugins, content management systems, inventory management apps, and many other useful services.

All the apps are divided into diverse categories that can be readily linked/unlinked from your account. The payment and CMS integrations feature top payment platforms like PayPal, Stripe, and Shopify.

10. Great A/B Testing Features.

GetResponse was one of the explorers of split testing features in the email marketing industry. And it’s definitely still one of the market pilots in it.

Whether it’s a one-time campaign or other automation chains, you can run A/B tests to find the best converting possibilities.

You can examine everything from your subject lines, headlines, and body text to the design template, sending times, and custom fields. Split testing features are also available for opt-in boxes, forms, and landing pages.

11. Create Automation Sequences.

Automation is among the key characteristics of any email marketing tool these days. GetResponse isn’t backwards when dealing with automation also.

It offers you all the tools you need to send scheduled or activity-based emails to your subscribers triggered by different actions/inaction.

For example, you can set up a simple sequence of emails that should be sent to your subscribers automatically when they sign up to your list, download a content upgrade, or do not open a certain email.  You can use this feature to build complete email courses that are automatically transported to your subscribers or organise autoresponder series to improve various affiliate products.

12. World-class Website Builders.

With the recent upgrade of the Getresponse platform to blend one of the best website builders into their platform it has become obvious that Getresponse is ready to participate in the global competition for the web.

The Getresponse Website Builder extends GetResponse’s digital marketing platform and value proposition. It helps users instantly develop a digital presence and scale their companies, saving time and money.

The Website builder uses artificial intelligence (AI) to design sophisticated eye-catching websites for companies of all sizes. Users can also build their website from scratch with robust templates and a visual drag-and-drop editor.

The new GetResponse Website Builder easily integrates with all the tools you need to run a business online.

It joins an integrated system of marketing tools, including email marketing, automation, popups, chats, paid ads, webinars, web push notifications, and more. With all your marketing solutions in one application – at affordable prices – it’s no wonder GetResponse outshines its competitors

Just to give you quick heads up, the Getresponse Website Builder comes with amazing features such as;

1. An advanced AI programming to build robust and complete websites just after the end-user answer a few simple questions about their industries, companies, preferences, and stylings, the AI Wizard will generate custom-made web pages immediately.

2. An intuitive Website Builder that allows end-user to create and customize their websites from scratch with the support of ready-made templates. Predesigned and blank templates include layouts, styles, and fonts that are suitable for specific industry categories.

3. Built-in Website Popups that can be used to generate leads, promote new content, and feature special offers. It also comes with a range of settings and customization options.

4. Search Engine Optimization which helps with visibility, discoverability, and organic traffic. End-users are provided with the ability to provide metadata for titles and descriptions, and change URL slugs to support keywords. Also, choose if search engines should show your pages in search results or not.

5. Web hosting and domain services together that allow Customers to take advantage of free domain provided automatically by Getresponse and also connect domains they own and buy new domains all within the Website Builder. SSL certificates are included for website security.

6. Website analytics to help track various Performance and data which includes traffic, devices, location, click tracking, and forms/popups.

If all you seek is a robust platform to host your website, then the Getresponse website builders solution is designed to work for you.

Pros and Cons of Getresponse.

To be honest with you, there is no perfect software anywhere on planet earth, there are usually upsides and downsides to everything in life, the same applies to the field of software.

Getresponse has successfully provided online marketers with effective email marketing solutions but we still feel the need for it to be improved upon.


1. So long as you are happy to use a ‘Basic’ plan, Getresponse is more affordable than many of its key contenders, whilst offering just as much, if not more extended functionality as them.

2. The discounts you get when paying upfront for one or two years of service are remarkably reasonable which is quite hard to get from the other competitors.

3. The marketing automation functionality is positively remarkable.
It offers a comprehensive approach to data segmentation which is far more flexible than many competing products, notably Mailchimp.

4. Its reporting features are extensive. Getresponse is clear about deliverability rates, publishing figures on its website and implementing deliverability statistics for the emails that are sent out by you.

5. All Getresponse plans come with a useful landing page creator that helps A/B testing, something that could save you a lot of money.

6. Support is provided in a wide diversity of languages. You can try out all the Getresponse features free for 30 days without the need to insert your payment details.


1. The drag-and-drop interfaces for building landing pages and forms are a bit awkward and need development.

2. There is no 2-factor authentication at login, which is a downside for security.

3. There is a firm limit of just 500 webinar attendees.

4. No phone support is granted unless you are on the max plan

GetResponse Pricing.

To get a feeling of what each plan awards, you can sign up for a Free 30-Day Trial without any credit card or payment information.

Work with the features, explore the tool, and see if it’s the right choice for you.

In all the plans, you get access to basic automation, contact tagging, automated followups, 200+ email templates, 150+ landing page designs, and 5000 stock photos.

However, advanced features like AutoFunnels, Webinar Funnels, Website Tracking, CRM, etc. are open only to the higher paid plans.

Getresponse also comes with very cheap and affordable plans to suit your pocket. Getresponse basic pricing starts at $15 a month with free access to send unlimited emails to a limit of only 1,000 subscribers.

The professional plan starts at $99 a month with access to send unlimited emails to over 1,000 subscribers and a max plan that allows you to do all you want.

You can check out the image below to get a list of the pricing.

getresponse review

How To Set Up An Account With GetResponse.

I am not going to be doing anything technical here, just a very brief workaround to what GetResponse has to offer you when you eventually decide to make use of their platform.

1. Login To

getresponse review

The first step is to log on to the GetResponse Official website and signs up with your full name, email and phone number.

You would be demanded to fill in other things like your address and eventually get an email and phone number verification.


2. Follow the navbar to activate and do more.

getresponse review

The user interface is very simple and easy to understand that even a newbie can understand it. All you just need is to play around with it.

3. Designing a custom landing page with  Getresponse.

getresponse review

And finally, for now, I GetResponse allows you to create a custom landing page for your business.

You don’t need to build from scratch because they’re over a thousand amazing templates for you to choose from.


GetResponse really came through with the assets, heading to provide both the features and ease-of-use that most other email marketing tools fall short of.

We also noted the great automation tools for list management, as well as their resilient and spontaneous automation workflows.

While the editor can be a little fiddly when completing some tasks, their templates are responsive and reliable enough to produce something beneficial.

I just hope that I have been able to convince you enough and I know you are ready, a trial will definitely convince you.



What do you think?

Written by Udemezue John

Udemezue John is a web developer, digital marketing expert, and a Serial Entrepreneur.

He Started his digital marketing career at a Health and Wellness network marketing company where he learnt to create paid Facebook ads and Google ads.

He brings a unique, uncensored approach to his travelling experience and writing.

He is also a seasoned investor, a finance education expert currently exploring the stock market and Cryptocurrencies.

His work is published in major publications on, and many others.
Udemezue John started my journey as a digital nomad in the year 2013 after completing his high school, to seek financial freedom, and also to help small and large scale businesses seek the financial freedom they need.

Life is to be enjoyed. You can connect with me on twitter


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