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One of the companies that has continued to change the world is Google, Inc.

Right from the days of the search engine to what we currently have now, Google is the only internet company that is trying in one way to touch it users by giving them various opportunity to be productive and make a descent living.

Google has pioneered so many productivity apps like Gmail; which allows users to send and recieve email, Google Drive; which allows users to upload and store document in the cloud, Google Blogger; which allow user to create and host a blog for free with unlimited hosting and free domain, Google Adsense which allows content writer and publisher to make money and lastly The Google Admob program that allows mobile app developers to make money from their apps.

What is Google Admob ?.

AdMob simply means Advert on mobile AdMob is a mobile advertising company founded by Omar Hamoui.

It was incorporated on April 10, 2006 while Hamoui was in business school at Wharton.

The company is based in Mountain View, California.

It was acquired by Google for $750 million in November 2009,

Admob allows mobile app developers who create applications and games for Android smartphones use the AdMob advertising system to monetize their creations.

If you’re a developer and you’re looking for a way to make money on your own app or game while still keeping it free, you can make decent money using the AdMob system.

Google Admob Requirements.

To get started with using the Google Admob, here are some very few things you should have on ground.

1. A Mobile app or Game.

Unlike Google Adsense, You need a mobile app to get started with the Google Admob.

It can either be An Android App, IOS App or a Windows App.

As stated earlier, Admob means advertising on mobile, so a mobile app or game is needed.

Your mobile app can be anything and not compulsorily a full blown startup like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

It can be a simple news app, or a utility based app or better still a full blown game.

Just in case you need to get a guide to help you create your first mobile app, I have an article that can help you get started.

2. A Google Account.

Google Admob is owned and managed by Google, Inc so you definitely need a Google account to get started.

Don’t get scared already, A Google account is your Gmail account, So if you have an email that ends with then you are ready to get started with Google Admob.

Also take note that if you come from a Google Adsense background and you Google Adsense account had been previously blocked then you might not be eligible to make use of the Google Admob program.

If you find yourself in such a position then you have to get another Google account for the sole purpose of Google Admob.

How much can You make with Google Admob.

Just in case you have questions as regarding how much money you can make with the Google Admob platform, Here are real life use cases of mobile app developers who have scaled from zero to hero with the Google Admob program.

To give you a more specific idea about monetizing using AdMob, below are some real-world examples we have learned from app developers who’re already using AdMob.

This list was curated from the official Google Admob website.

1. App development company Balloon Island have created several popular games (all free) that have generated millions of downloads.

As of 2016, the company was making $2,000 daily from AdMob while still providing a great user experience for game players to keep them engaged on a regular basis.

2. App creator Rich Woods thought it would be fun to create a simple, free slot machine game app in his spare time.

He took the idea into action and built Cherry Chaser Slot Machine.

The app has generated over 300,000 downloads with no upfront investment.

Using AdMob, Rich started earning $100 a day, which was one month after launching it.

He now has several slot machine apps in the app store.

3. App company HeroCraft Ltd, makers of the hugely popular game Farm Frenzy (currently with over 10 million downloads), has increased app revenue by over 200% using AdMob.

Originally, they released Farm Frenzy as a free app with in-app purchases only and were making $20,000 USD in the first four months.

Later on they added AdMob to the free app and started making $58,900 USD in the four months that followed.

They have since added many more games to their library of apps and also use AdMob to cross-promote different apps.

4. App creator Szymon Kimaszewski’s first app, Blood Pressure, has over 26,000 reviews and over 1 million installs.

As of 2013, he was earning $700 to $850 USD per month from this app through AdMob.

He now has six apps on the Google Play store. All of his apps are available to download for free.

Szymon is taking a hybrid approach with AdMob monetization using both ads and in-app purchases.


My personal Experience.

Just before i dive into how you can start hacking and making money with the Google Admob program as a mobile app developer i would like to share some very few personal experiences using this platform.

As a web developer and a blogger i have not been privileged to use it because i have not developed a mobile app before so my major is Google Adsense in which i use on my blog.

But, In recent times i started hearing of the Google admob program and decided to do a brief research on it and i later discovered that it was similar to google Adsense but this time just for mobile app users, who cares any way, i already have an active Google Adsense account not until recently did i meet someone who already had experience with it.

I was very happy to finally get to meet her and talk to her, but it all became a shock when she started complaining about some set of people who gathered a lot of people only to educate them of how much they can make with the Admob platform and in the long run build spammy apps for them.

Her major complain that she paid the sub of 10,000 Naira which is equivalent to about $50 going by the present exchange rate.

She finally asked me of i could edit her app and fix the Admob code for her.

I told her that i could try only if she could give me the source code.

She became surprised at my request and told me that she did not know what a source code means.

It now became more clearer that some very few people have started to abuse the platform for their own greed.

So if you are reading this and you are about to fall short with one of these individuals who does this things for people then i’ll advice you stop.

There is lot you need to understand before even using the Google Admob platform effectively and one of them is the understanding of mobile app development.

Even if you cannot code a mobile app, you can give a developer to do for you, properly plan how you want your mobile app to be like and deploy on various operating system platforms.

Don’t give an anonymous developer, because you might need to update your app with certain features from time to time and if you don’t do that, your app might eventually crash and that becomes the end of the whole thing.


How To Earn Money With Google Admob.

Getting started with Google Admob requires some certain steps and i am going to start by listing them one by one.

1. Develop a Mobile App or A Game.

You’ll want the app to solve a problem and be extremely useful. If developing a game, make the game very interesting.

This can get users to download and refer other people to download.

You should develop for both Android and IOS.

2. Publish on the desired store.

The next step to get started is to distribute you developed mobile app.

You can as well share it from friends to friends but the publishing on the desired app store can do your app a greater good.

Here are a links below to publish your app.


Follow the instructions to publish your app to the Android Market.,  it is recommended that you offer the app for free so as to attract more downloads.

3. Integrate The Google Admob Configuration code..

Just before you publish or even after publishing then you would be given a tracking code from your Google Admob account in which you would be asked to place in the source code of your App.

The Admob code is responsible for setting up the desired configuration needed to show ads on your mobile app.

The Admob code is also responsible for tracking your app data and analytics.

You can also leverage on the Google analytics platform to track your apps metrics.

You can then republish your app to your desired store platform.

How To Promote Your Mobile app.

Now that you have been able to set up and develop a mobile app you would need to get some users on that app to download and use it.

This is also a very hard task for those who do not understand marketing.

Marketing is everything if you intend to make money from your business or startup.

Google Admob pays you per how many ads are engaged on your platform, this would determine how much you would be paid.

So, it becomes very easy, the more users you get to use your app, the more money you make.

You can see from the use cases that you can make as high as $100 per day depending on how valuable and useful people perceive your mobile app to be.

1. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Social media allows you to promote to many things such as business pages, posts, website and as most a mobile app.

You can promote your mobile app on social media with the respective links to each store.

Any time any user clicks the link via the social media ads then he get automatically redirected to your page on Google play.

2. Search Engine Ads (Google).

This is the most potent form of getting users to download and use your ads because your ads would be displayed on smart phone of users all over the internet.

You can get create a Google ads with the appropriate keywords to target users that would use your mobile app.

3. Website/ Blog.

Another form of advertising is the use of your personal blog.

you can write an article related to what you hope to achieve with the use of your app and provide a link to download it from the individual mobile app stores.

Here is an article that would guide you to create your own website or blog.

4. Banner and Posters.

Banner and posters can help you convert users to download your mobile app.

Creating a banner with in-depth description of what your app does can help boost the reach of your mobile app.

You can share those banners in the public places, events and even in social gatherings.

5. Email Marketing.

You are building something great and you want to show the world.

You can do this by sharing the news to the email list subscribers.


Just in case you don’t have the capability to develop a mobile app, you can start a blog..

Developing a mobile app requires a lot and most times these resources might not be available at that moment.

A blog is more easier to set up.

In response to this, you can check out my article on setting up a blog to choosing a blog niche and also to earning with the Google Adsense program

Also, another platform provided by Google to help you earn money is YouTube.

You can earn a lot of money with YouTube as a creator alongside the Google Adsense program

Here is a link to guide you on earning with YouTube.


No matter how quick you are to get started making money with these awesome platform, make sure you take your time to properly plan out your strategy.

Don’t be in a rush, make sure you are serving value via your platform and trust me there would be flow of money.

Mobile app development does not take time like blogging, but the main punch line is that your product must add value.

Just in case you would like to learn about my Blogging mistakes.

Here is an article where i documented some very few mistakes i made as an online entrepreneur while starting out 6 years ago.

What do you think?

Written by Udemezue John

Web developer| Digital Marketer| Entrepreneur.

I love sharing great things

You can connect with me on twitter @_udemezue


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