9+ High Paying Careers Without A Degree

high paying careers without a degree

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Seeking a side hustle as a young and aspiring entrepreneur is one  of the biggest decisions that can make you or mar you.

The author of one of the best selling books of all time by the name Rich Dad poor Dad made a very life changing reference in one of his books and i quote.

The Traditional school system is the least to experience development. All other industries like Automobile, tech and agriculture experience advancement once every decade.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, it takes about 600 years for something new to penetrate the traditional school system, making it one of the least developed industry in the world, as a result of this , Productivity is hereby reduced to the barest minimum in these school system.

The above image depicts an ancient class room and a present day class room. I’m sure you do not need a prophet or a witch doctor to tell you that there is no difference.

Despite all being said about the incompetence of the school system, the part of the world were i live in and most developing nations still justify the school system.

Not having an educational degree does not mean the end of it all, there are still many other things to do and a few of them are.

List Of high paying careers without a degree

15. Air Traffic Controllers.

Air traffic controllers are individuals who control the affairs of airplanes while they are on air. There are thousand of Airplanes flying at the same times and in most cases are well informed not as to collide with one another and this are the jobs of an Air controller.

14. Plumber.

Plumbers are responsible for connecting networks of pipes along the house, there are so many new homes being built every year and existing homes need to get their plumbing structure managed and this can only be done by a plumber.

13. Firefighter.

Firefighting is a very important aspect of safety in every life conscious community, so therefore becoming a fire fighter does not require  you to bad a degree.

12. Real Estate Agents.

So many real estate development companies always put out properties for sales, so therefore you can pick up the job as a real estate agent and earn commission based on any successful sales you are able to pull up.

11.Commercial Pilot.

Commercial Pilot are one of the most highest paying professionals in history, being a pilot does not require you have a bachelors degree, all you need to do is to attend flight school then you become a certified pilots.

high paying careers without a degree

10. Salesman.

A sales man is someone who is enthusiastic about sales. There are so many companies and industries that are ready to reward individuals with talents and gift in sales. All you need to become a better sales man is the power and the ability to convince people which do not require a school degree.  

9.Social media influencing.

Social media influencing is simply a marketing term that describes an individual’s ability to affect other people’s thinking in a social online community. Building you online community can in turn fetch you money and boost your reputation, A whole lot of company don’t mind paying to feature their products alongside your social media accounts.

Social media networks like Instagram ,Facebook, Snapchat and Youtube can be used to influence your community.

8 . Script/song writing.

With so many musicians, filmmakers, actors and actresses flooding the entertainment, there is always need for people to keep the business running, hence the need for song and script writing. Film makers always need scripts to create and musicians out of their busy schedule always need song writers. These profession do not require a professional degree just creativity is needed.


Photographing as a career is centered around hobby, do You like capturing wonderful moments ?, then photographing is the best career for you. Luckily for you as a photographer, we live in a world where people love to relive memories and pass on to their generation and this has however been made possible by the use of photography.

All you need to get started as a photographer is a camera ,undying interest. little training and mentor ship.

high paying careers without a degree

6. Fashion Model.

This profession requires just your natural endowment and no other school degree, are you over 5’9 and above in height with a very lovely bone structure, then this is a major profession for you. Models get to win a lot of endorsement and also feature in lot of commercials,this in turns fetch a whole lot of money for them.

5.Web developer/Software engineer.

You don’t need a degree to excel in this profession, all you just need is interest, passion and commitment, i tell you with this in place within three to six months you are on your way to the top. Examples of individuals that excelled in this profession without a degree is the Founder of Facebook and many others.


Taking music as a profession does not require you to have any school degree, just a talent and little brush up will put you at the top of your game.

 Musicians earn close to 1 Billion dollars in the course of their life time. If you have a talent in music, i’ll encourage you not to stop and don’t give up. I’ll be dropping an article soon on how you can take your musical career to the next level.

3 Stand up comedy.

Are you funny and have the gift of comforting people,i think stand up comedy is just the right career for you. Stand up comedy is one of the most coded profession in the world because we all desire to be happy and forget our sorrows at one time in life and most times we don’t mind paying for it.


Popular stand up comedians like Kevin Hart(USA), Alibaba(Nigeria), Trevor Noah(South Africa) have made names for themselves in the entertainment industry just by  making people laugh and also pushed their net-worth and endorsement to billions in dollars and very funny enough  all you need is your natural Talent.

high paying careers without a degree

2. Acting.

Acting is one of the most fruitful profession to embark on as the industry is never saturated, as it tagged as one of the most oldest profession in existence, more actors and actresses are needed daily than any industry.

Popular personalities that have gone from zero to hero via acting are Genevieve Nnaji(Nigeria), Eedris Elba (United kingdom), Morgan Freeman (USA).



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Side attraction you get as an actor includes endorsement, Fame most of which runs into billion of dollars.

1. Owning a business.

Do you have an already made product i mind ?, Do you intend offering a service ?, then i suggest you start your own business.



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Starting your own business does not require a school degree.
You can start your own business anytime you feel is right, all you need is courage and a little business Plan. Popular Billionaires listed in the Forbes list are not employees, they all built business in one way or the other.

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