How To Create a Redstone Door In Minecraft



Have you ever dreamt of a hidden entrance to your secret base, or a door that opens automatically when you approach?  In Minecraft, the world of redstone engineering brings these dreams to life! 

With a bit of ingenuity and the right materials, you can create impressive and functional redstone doors, adding a touch of automation and flair to your builds.

This guide will walk you through the steps of crafting a simple redstone door, taking you from gathering the necessary materials to activating your creation. 

So, get ready to explore the exciting world of redstone and unlock the potential for automated entrances in your Minecraft world!

How Do I  Create a Redstone Door In Minecraft?

Redstone, Minecraft’s unique electrical component, opens a world of possibilities beyond simple mining and crafting. 

One of its most exciting applications is the creation of automated doors, adding a touch of flair and functionality to your in-game structures.

This article guides you through crafting a basic Redstone door, perfect for beginners looking to add a sprinkle of automation to their Minecraft world.

1. Materials Required:

  • Sticky Pistons (x4)
  • Redstone Dust
  • Redstone Torches (x2)
  • Pressure Plates (x2) (or Button/Lever, based on preference)
  • Building Blocks (e.g., Cobblestone, Stone)

2. Building Your Redstone Door:

  1. Dig the Frame: Start by creating a rectangular hole two blocks wide, three blocks long, and two blocks deep.
  2. Carve the T-Shape: On one of the long sides, dig out an additional three blocks at the center, maintaining a one-block depth. This creates a T-shaped trench.
  3. Lay the Redstone Foundation: Place Redstone dust along the entire bottom level of the trench, ensuring all blocks connect.
  4. Torch it Up: Place a Redstone torch at each end of the Redstone line, directly on top of the corner blocks.
  5. Block the Torches: Cover the Redstone torches with your chosen building blocks.
  6. Power Up the Pistons: Place a Redstone dust block on top of each block covering the torches.
  7. Install the Pistons: On each side of the T-shaped trench, facing each other, place two sticky pistons facing inwards.
  8. Fill the Gap: Fill the center gap of the T-shape with your chosen building blocks, creating the door itself.
  9. Activate the Door: Choose your activation method! Place pressure plates on the floor in front of the door (one on each side) or opt for a button or lever on the wall.


Congratulations! You’ve built a functional Redstone door. Stepping on the pressure plates (or activating the button/lever) will trigger the Redstone current, activating the pistons and opening the door. When the signal ceases, the pistons retract, and the door closes.

Pro Tip: Experiment with different activation methods and door designs to personalize your creation! 

You can even explore incorporating additional Redstone components like repeaters and timers for more complex functionalities.

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