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Feeling overwhelmed by powerful mobs in Minecraft? Wish there was a way to even the odds?  The Potion of Weakness is your secret weapon!

This unique potion offers a tactical advantage by significantly reducing an enemy’s attack power, making them easier to defeat.

This guide will walk you through the steps of crafting a Potion of Weakness, from gathering the necessary ingredients to brewing the final concoction.  With this knowledge, you’ll be well on your way to conquering even the toughest foes!

How Do I Create a Weakness Potion Minecraft?

The art of potion brewing in Minecraft offers a variety of concoctions to enhance or hinder your gameplay. 

Among these, the Potion of Weakness stands out for its unique ability to debuff enemies, making them easier to defeat. 

Whether you’re facing down a formidable foe or strategizing a cunning capture, this potion can be a valuable tool in your arsenal. Here’s a comprehensive guide on crafting your Potion of Weakness:

Gathering the Essentials:

Before brewing, ensure you have the necessary ingredients:

  • Water Bottles: These are crafted by combining three glass blocks in a vertical line on your crafting table. You can obtain glass by smelting sand in a furnace.
  • Fermented Spider Eye: This key ingredient is crafted by combining Sugar, a Brown Mushroom, and a Spider Eye on your crafting table. Spider Eyes can be obtained by defeating spiders, while Brown Mushrooms can be found in forests or grown using mycelium.
  • Blaze Powder: This fuel source powers the brewing stand. You can acquire it by defeating Blazes, found in Nether Fortresses.
  • Brewing Stand: This is the heart of your potion-making operation. Craft it by placing a Blaze Rod in the center top slot and three Cobblestones in the bottom row of your crafting table.

Brewing Up a Batch:

  1. Set the Stage: Interact with your brewing stand to open its interface.
  2. Fuel the Fire: Place a Blaze Powder in the top left slot to activate the brewing process.
  3. Add the Base: Place up to three Water Bottles in the bottom slots of the brewing stand, depending on how many potions you want to brew simultaneously.
  4. Introduce the Key Ingredient: Add one Fermented Spider Eye to the top slot of the brewing stand.
  5. Patience is a Virtue: Observe the progress bar below the top slot. The brewing process takes time, so wait until it is completed.
  6. Claim your Potions: Once finished, the Water Bottles will transform into Potions of Weakness. Right-click on the bottom slots to collect them.

Taking it a Step Further: Splash Potions of Weakness

While Potions of Weakness can be consumed for self-inflicted weakness (not recommended!), their true potential lies in throwing them at enemies. To create Splash Potions of Weakness:

  1. Repeat steps 1-5 above to brew Potions of Weakness.
  2. Add the Propellant: Place one Gunpowder in the top slot of the brewing stand.
  3. Combine and Convert: Add one Potion of Weakness to the bottom slot.
  4. The Final Product: The brewing process will convert the Potion of Weakness into a Splash Potion of Weakness, throwable at your enemies!


  • The effect of a Potion of Weakness reduces an enemy’s melee damage by a certain amount, depending on the game version.
  • Splash Potions of Weakness can be particularly effective against powerful mobs like Endermen or Iron Golems.
  • Experiment with combining Potions of Weakness with other ingredients to create even more potent concoctions!


With this knowledge, you’re well on your way to becoming a master potion brewer in Minecraft. 

So, fire up your brewing stand, gather your ingredients, and conquer any challenge with the power of the Potion of Weakness!

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