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How To Start A Money Making Internet Radio Station From Home

how to start a internet radio station

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An internet radio is an online version of the native radio we use to know as opposed to video streaming internet radio platform are also referred to as audio streaming platforms.

An internet radio is streamed online while the local or Terrestrial radio networks works via a frequency broadcaster and is streamed live on a radio device.

Setting and running a Terrestrial radio station can be quite stressful and expensive and in most cases carries too much expenses and in the long run does is restricted to a certain geographical location.

If you have a personal vision of starting your own online company then look no further because here is the post for you to take advantage of.

Before going further lets take a few more lines to talk further on,

how to start a internet radio station

why you might want to start an online radio station.

To Have a voice.

Broadcasting is as old as technology itself. ever since inception broadcasting has generated more influence even before the time of the internet to the creation of social media.

Apart from the use of Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, one way to become and influence is owning an online radio.

wait till you have a very huge listening audience and discover endless possibilities.

To make money.

Money is the sole aim of every business but should not be put ahead of value.

Owning an online radio can help you build multiple streams on income from various channels which can be Advertising, recommendations and many more.

No matter how  money may be tempting and seem important make sure you set goals and target and make sure you always attain it.

Dish out quality and the money will come looking for you.

To promote Artists or songs.

Personally you might have passion for young and upcoming singers then you are very right to create an online radio station.

A whole lot of new and talented artist are wiling to feature on your platforms.

Online Radio knows no limit.

Unlike normal terrestrial radio stations an online radio can be streamed all over the world.

Now imagine how fast and great you can become if your radio station hits the landmark.

you can get listeners across borders of various nations.

how to start a internet radio station

How much does it cost to start an Internet radio station?


Starting an online radio is not as hectic and expensive as FM radio stations .

Just a very few equipment are needed and little seeds capital.

Starting an online radio project depends on you ambitions and goals

To start an Internet radio station, you need:

A computer.

A computer, i mean a full blows PC, either Windows os, MAC os or any favorable operating system.

just make sure you own one to your self and it is going to be dedicated to the Radio project

Internet connection.

You heard right, it is an internet radio and all you need to drive it successfully is the use of the internet.

Make sure you get a very strong internet service provider. So you wont encounter glitches while broadcasting.

Radio host .

A radio host will  provide you with a listening link alongside a broadcasting software with an automation system



Thanks to the internet starting your own broadcasting company is now way easier and faster.

This post would guide you on starting your own online radio station. The below listed are guidelines to put you through on starting your own online radio station.

how to start a internet radio station

1  .Choose a Niche. 

Before taking this amazing journey, you need to ask yourself a very important question and this question is about the niche you intend to dominate.

A niche is simply all your broadcast is all about, niche varies depends on what you choose and what you think will work for you based on your personality.

various niche you can choose from are –

Sports, Entrepreneurship, News, Music , Social and lifestyle and so on and so forth.

2. Brand Your Station.

Branding involves many things right from Name, Logo and advertising materials, social media pages,YouTube channels and all that represents your platform in the eyes of the general public is branding.

Branding your platform is very vital to the success of your radio station.

I’ll suggest you choose the right name, logo and all other necessary tools needed.

There is no rule or law guiding branding, just choose what is best for you.

If you need help choosing a brand name AI platform like NameLix can help you do that for free

3. Get equipped.

Though the internet might have made everything very easy, just a very few equipment’s are needed to start your online radio platform. Most important of them all are.

  • Computer
  • Microphone
  • Internet Facilities
  • sound Mixers

The above mentioned are key exceptional tools needed to kick start your platform.

4. A website.

I did not mention this among branding because i feel it ought to be stated clearly in plain word.

A website is highly essential to the success of your platform.

Your website would cover detailed information on you platform, provide necessary contacts and call to actions for business and partnership purpose and lastly serve as a pointer to your online radio link. So its highly important you get on as you start.

how to start a internet radio station

5. Choose your desired platform.

You definitely need a custom online platform to host all of your podcasts and live broadcasts. So many online platform offer services to host your podcast, while some are free, some require you to subscribe.

There are a few platform that lets you do this and some of them are.

Shoutcast has a free plan that can be used but it comes alongside limited platforms.

Radio King is a free online radio host that allows you get started with your radio station.

Radio King gives you a 7 days free trial with a monthly charge of how many listeners you are able to get.



Radiojar is an affordable and complete online radio management and streaming solution.

They also come very cheap and affordable subscription prices.

Other platforms to check out are.

how to start a internet radio station


I hope i do not write or recommend the above mentioned platforms just choose the one that best suits your need and you budget.

What do you think?

Written by Udemezue John

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