How To Use Elytra In Minecraft Mobile



These coveted wings, resembling a broken elytron from a beetle, grant you the exhilarating ability to glide and even fly across vast distances. Mastering the Elytra takes practice, but with this guide, you’ll be a pro in no time. 

We’ll cover everything from acquiring your Elytra to taking flight, including essential tips and tricks to maximize your aerial adventures. Get ready to experience Minecraft like never before!

How Do I Use Elytra In Minecraft Mobile?

The Elytra, those coveted wings in Minecraft, grant players the exhilarating ability to fly. But how do you harness this power in Minecraft Mobile? Fear not, adventurers! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to take to the skies:

Obtaining the Elytra:

  • End Ships: Your primary target is the End City, specifically the End Ships that hover above. These ships often contain Elytra in their chests.
  • Creative Mode: If you’re in Creative mode, you can simply use the “give” command to obtain the Elytra.

Taking Flight:

  1. Equip the Elytra: Put the Elytra in your chest plate slot.
  2. Gaining Altitude: Climb to a high point, like a mountain or tall building. The higher you start, the further you can glide.
  3. Jump and Jump Again: Tap the jump button twice in quick succession. This activates the Elytra and initiates your glide.

Steering and Maneuvering:

  • Tilting the Device: Tilt your device up or down to control your pitch, allowing you to climb or descend gradually.
  • Looking in the Direction of Travel: The direction you look generally influences the direction you fly.
  • Fireworks for Enhanced Flight: While gliding, hold a firework rocket in your hand and tap the use button to propel yourself forward, achieving true flight for a short duration. Be mindful that fireworks have limited uses.

Additional Tips:

  • Enchantments: Consider using the “Unbreaking” enchantment to increase the Elytra’s durability.
  • Landing: To land safely, aim for a body of water or a soft surface to cushion your impact.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Mastering the Elytra takes practice. Don’t be discouraged by initial stumbles, and keep experimenting to refine your flying skills.

With these tips and a touch of practice, you’ll be soaring through the Minecraft world like a seasoned pro in no time! Remember, the skies are no longer the limit – they’re just the beginning of your aerial adventures!

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