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The world of Minecraft is vast and brimming with creative potential. However constructing grand structures block by block can be time-consuming. 

Enter the /fill command, a powerful tool that lets you instantly fill an area with your chosen block, saving you precious time and effort.

This guide will equip you with the knowledge to wield the /fill command effectively, transforming you from a laborious builder into an efficient architect. 

We’ll delve into the steps involved, explore different functionalities, and provide helpful tips to maximize your building experience. 

So, grab your pickaxe, prepare to unleash your creativity, and let’s dive into the world of effortless construction with the /fill command!

How Do I Use Fill Command In Minecraft?

The /fill command is a powerful tool in Minecraft, allowing you to instantly fill an entire area with blocks, saving you countless clicks and hours of construction time. 

Whether you’re building grand structures or hollowing out a mountain for your hidden base, the fill command is your friend.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the fill command effectively:

1. Gathering Information:

  • Enable Coordinates: Before you begin, ensure coordinates are visible. In Java Edition, press F3. In Bedrock Edition, navigate to Settings > Game > Show Coordinates and toggle it on.
  • Identify the Area: Decide on the area you want to fill. Imagine a rectangular box encompassing the space you want to modify.
  • Locate the Corners: Stand at one of the bottom corners of your imaginary box. This will be your first reference point.

2. Finding Your Coordinates:

  • Java Edition: Press F3 and look for the line that says “Block:” followed by three numbers. These represent your X, Y, and Z coordinates, respectively. Note them down.
  • Bedrock Edition: While standing at the chosen corner, look at the coordinates displayed on your screen. Note down the X, Y, and Z values.
  • Repeat for the Opposite Corner: Move to the diagonally opposite corner of your imaginary box (the top corner if you started at the bottom). Repeat the process to find and note down its X, Y, and Z coordinates.

3. Building the Command:

  • Open the Chat: Press T to open the chat window where you’ll enter the command.
  • Type the Base Command: Begin by typing /fill followed by a space.
  • Enter the Coordinates: Enter the first set of coordinates you obtained, separated by spaces. For example, if your coordinates were 10 5 15, you’d type 10 5 15.
  • Second Set of Coordinates: After another space, enter the second set of coordinates you noted down, again separated by spaces.
  • Specify the Block: Finally, after a final space, type the name of the block you want to use to fill the area. You can use the block’s full name (e.g., “minecraft:diamond_block”) or partially type the name and press Tab to autocomplete.

4. Putting it all Together:

Here’s an example of a complete command:

/fill 10 5 15 20 10 25 minecraft:stone

This command would fill a rectangular area with stone blocks, starting from coordinates (10, 5, 15) and ending at coordinates (20, 10, 25).

5. Execute and Witness the Magic!

Once you’ve entered the entire command, press Enter to execute it. Minecraft will instantly fill the designated area with the chosen block.

Bonus Tip: Using Relative Coordinates

Instead of manually entering all the coordinates, you can use relative coordinates:

  • ~ represents your current position.
  • ~ ~ ~ represents your exact location (X, Y, and Z).
  • ~1 ~2 ~-3 refers to a position one block to the right, two blocks up, and three blocks behind your current location.

This allows for quicker command building and easier adjustments.


  • The fill command can replace existing blocks, so be cautious when using it.
  • The maximum volume you can fill in a single command is 32,768 blocks.
  • Experiment with different block types and commands to create unique and efficient builds!


With practice, the fill command will become an invaluable tool in your Minecraft building arsenal, allowing you to construct faster and with greater precision. 

So, grab your pickaxe, unleash your creativity, and start filling your world with amazing creations!

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