How To Write An Eye-Catchy Blog Post In 2020

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One of the most important factor that guarantees the success of a blogger is the ability to put out interesting and useful contents to your audience.

So many tips and advice have been given out by writing expert on the way to properly write a quality online content over the years.

This post is not to judge them or prove them wrong, because they are all right by virtue of their individual experience.

This post is a quick fire tutorial to guide you on how to write a compelling blog post in 2020.

1. Craft a Very catchy heading or topic.

When google indexes your blog, your individual blog posts appears in search results among other related post and the only factor that can make your post appear catchy is how interesting and crafty your blog post it.
For example, general topic in the days we usually have blog posts with topics like.

How To Earn Easy Cash From Home For Beginners.

This blog post topic looks attractive but someone who is looking for deeper answers is not likely to click this because it looks to basic but let’s assume a blog post in this post format.

How To Make $5k Monthly From Home Doing Nothing.

The latter seems very eye catchy and anyone who comes across this is likely to click and know how the magic works. We human beings are very greedy and like quick and magic means of making things a reality.

2. Introduction.

After you might have given your blog an eye catchy title, the next thing to consider is to do a proper introduction to a the topic.
An introduction should focus on the main action of the topic, you introduction should contain facts that you have gathered about the blog topic you intend to write about.
After Introduction , the next thing to do before closing the introduction is to ask some few question as to get your audience attention.
For example.
After doing a proper introduction on the topic.

How To Make $5k Monthly From Home Doing Nothing.
One final thing to do before closing the topic is to ask your readers the following question.

Are you tired of living in penury ?
Do you need an extra source of income?

The above mentioned questions can be asked after doing justice to the introduction, to hold down your audience and keep them focused.

3. Body.

After doing justice to the introduction the next thing to focus on is the body of the blog post. The body of any blog post is a section that allows you to expantiate on the intended blog topic.
Facts stated in the introduction should be well dealt with in the body section of the blog. In most cases points can be trashed out in bullet points, individual paragraphs or numbers.

4. Conclusion.

The concluding part of every blog post should majorly summarize the whole blog post, recommendations can also be made in the concluding part of a blog post to make sure a user is clear of what he has just read.

What do you think?

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