How To Remove Instagram Shadow Ban

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How To Fix your Instagram Profile From Shadow Banning

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The inception of social media platform has made people communicate effectively and even made businesses and brands to flourish extensively.

Social media might seem like an open space to do whatsoever you want to do, after all no one is seeing me, my information and data are private and i am free to do what i like.

This myth has led so many to believe in a lie that no one is watching them so they can do what they like..

But i must tell you that even though they are over a billion people on a single social networking platform and they are all being managed by a very few people, this is no reason why they don’t monitor their platform effectively.

I must tell you that top social media platform like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have policies and sorted algorithm to check mate all that happens on their platforms.

Have you ever noticed that most times while on social media you are restricted from doing some certain things like following a certain individual, sending messages and all the things you would do to some selected persons ?.

The now you know that there is an authority somewhere that whips and checks all activities via social media.

Now to crown it all have you noticed that your post on social media such as Instagram is getting very few likes even though you have so many followers or you share your post with a very popular hashtag and no one seems to see it.

Then your profile might have been blacklisted or better still shadow banned.

Now you are scared, this is not a very long lasting ban, but it was designed to checkmate the activities on the platform.

And the reason is to protect attacks and hacks.

What is Shadow Banning ?

Shadow banning is the act of blocking or partially blocking a user or their content from an online community such that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned.

For instance, shadow banned comments posted to a blog or media site will not be visible to other persons accessing that site from their computers.

Why do social media platform Shadow ban ?.

As mentioned earlier in the introduction, the major reason why social media platforms implemented the shadow ban policy is to control their platform and avoid excesses.

Here are other reasons why social media platform shadow ban it users.

1. silence automated bots, trolls and other ugly byproducts of the digital revolution.

2. Prevent Hackers from hitting their various platform.

My Personal experience.

I am a social media and a digital marketing expert with very few interest in social media activities but i actually do consult for people on social media issues and this has led me to be more concerned in the deep study of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and the overhyped Instagram.

I like to study them so that i can better well relate with my students.

It happened on a faithful day that i got a call from a client who i had previously consulted for on Facebook ads for her real estate business .

She called me to tell me that her Instagram profile was becoming less visible and that her post was not getting seeing by her audience and that her colleagues told her about something called shadow banning.

I was shocked to hear it for the first time because in all my very few days using social media i have never heard it before.
Though i don’t like the idea of growing organically, I usually use paid Ads.

I dont waste my time and efforts trying to hack and optimize though i have an article on growing your business on social media and even Instagram respectively of you don’t mind checking it out.

So, back to the matter, i initially told her that there was nothing like that and she should not worry.

I also told her that i would get back to her on the issue related.

The i open my laptop and browse Google to search for issues related to shadow banning and i was amazed to see many social media expert talk on the topic and some very few reputable ones where Hubspot and many others.

Now i finally know that Shadow banning finally exists and has been a practice since the inception on social media.

What a good and newly acquired knowledge.

After wards i told her to give me Instagram Login details and i verified myself.

And behold it was true!!.

I tried making a post but it did not appear in the hashtag i used nor even did it reach up to 3% of her followers.

Now i fully understood the level of security measures being implemented on social media platforms.

It not a bad thing i must say, it very good, it shows that we are actually in safe hands.

So after making my findings i had to sought out solutions at least to go around the shadown ban by Instagram.

After doing thorough research then i found a solution to my way around it.

And the solution is very easy.

All you just have to do is just posting for a while.

I told my client to Stop posting for a while, a week after it was lifted.

I hope you learn from it.

In this article i am going to be laying emphasis on Instagram as a social network because the causes and the solution to shadow banning stated in this article can be utilized on any social media platform.

Why you are Shadow Banned  By Instagram

Though Instagram itself claims that it does not shadow ban it users but studies and observation have proofed that it does.

Have you ever wondered why you are getting little or no followers, or your post are being seen by few people, then you might have been shadow banned. Some of the major reasons why Instagram would shadow Ban your profile is.

1. Following too may people at once.

Probably you are new on the platform or you lost your old account and you feel like you have a lot to catch up on then you might be tempted to follow too many account.

Or You are one of the people that believes in following too many people so as to advertise your business then you might also find yourself doing this.

Following too many people at once will make your activities seem like a robot and this can eventually lead you to become shadow banned.

2. Using Too many Hashtag on a single post.

You went to a social media class or you follow social media coaches online and they explain the use of Hashtag to you then you now turn it into a child’s play to begin to play around with them.

Some newbies don’t even write sensible captions again because everything is now being hashtagged.

Now you are happy that eventually you understand a very few and important hack and finally you are shadow banned.

Maybe you don’t even know, then you wake up one morning and discover that you Instagram account has been disabled.

In Nigerian Pidgin English i would just call you one word and it is


You can check out the word on Google to see what it means.🤣🤣🤣🤣

3. Posting repeatedly.

You just go to hear about Instagram and you learnt about the benefits, maybe even you discussed with some very few friends around and you all laughed and talked and they shared testimonies on how Instagram has made their lives better.

Now you found out that you have been missing then you became a photographer overnight and started taking silly photos of your business just to stain the Gram.

You finally got a very few followers in the first week then you discovered that only a few of them actually sees your post.

Good news for you, you just have been shadow banned!!!!.

And your post are pretty irrelevant for now

4. Too many Report on your post

Now is the time to talk to some very few selected people who uses social media as a tool to display their immoral silliness.

Maybe you are a p*rn star or a S*x addict, and you display silliness via social media not fully understanding that there are both old and young people using social media and most times they might be following you.

Most times we feel we are safe and nothing is wrong.

No team or message from Instagram actually contacted me, so what !!!.

Then i must tell you that Instagram does not need to contact you because your followers are actually reporting you.

So sorry !!! because you might be banned anytime soon.

If you need to show up N*dity then go to P*rn websites where you get an undivided attention.

Good luck!!!

The above mentioned scenario makes Instagram look at you as a robot and a spammer and it does not want that, so in respect to that it secretly hides your profile from visibility for a while and unlocks it after a specific period of time.

why does instagram shadow ban

How to get rid of Shadow Ban.

Now you have been shadow banned, probably by mistake i guess you might have followed the above stated

root causes of being shadow banned.

Maybe you finally saw your mistakes and you are now ready to move forward.

Just like you repent from all your sins, now it’s time to move forward and never make such mistakes again.

To buttress more on this,here is an official Instagram Press Release on Shadow Banning it users.


How To Fix your Instagram Profile From Shadow Banning

It’s important to note that Instagram changes its algorithm often, so those alterations could be the reason you have witnessed a drop in your engagement.

However, there’s a possibility shadowbanning is a real tactic meant to hide users’ content from the wider Instagram audience, and if you’re being shadowbanned, it’s important you take the necessary measures to get your content seen.

To avoid or recover from an Instagram Shadow Ban here are the guides you must follow.

1. Don’t follow Too many People at once.

Just to buttress on this, following too many people at once makes you appear as a robot and Instagram’s

algorithm is designed to fight modern day tech anomalies.

Following too many people at once can cause Instagram to view you as a robot and this can cause

Instagram’s algorithm to secretly assign your profile for shadow banning.

2. Use few and relevant Hashtag

Just to buttress on what was earlier stated, you don’t have to use too many hashtags just to get discovered.

Hashtags can be coined by you personally, it’s a free world but don’t over use the privileges given to you

At the end of this article i am going to making some very few recommendation ona very few articles you should read to help you launch your business online.

instagram shadowban tester

Hashtag allows you to feature your post alongside many tags and this can increase your visibility.

instagram shadowban checker

Overdoing hashtag can make your Instagram profile looks a suspect and makes you an attention seeker at all cost.

Instagram can therefore shadow ban you and this can reduce your visibility and reduce your discovery chances.

3. Don’t post Too repeatedly

you should give in spaces on schedule posting times, make sure you give spaces and a specific time frame.
Posting once a week or twice a week can be very healthy for your Instagram profile.

4. Quit posting Nudes.

This goes to celebrity profiles or even regular boys and girls trying to get attention on social media by sharing their nu*des via their Instagram.

Just a piece of advice, Instagram is a platform designed for everybody including both old and young.

So you should exercise a very few courtesy while on the platform.

Follow Instagram’s rules and regulations.

Read and follow Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.

5. Quit using third party software’s.

Maybe you intend to grow your profile then you subscribed to the use of third party software like.

Instagram Like Boosters, anonymous followers generators and those bullshit! then you are eventually leading your way to be banned by Instagram.


Just like growing a business you need sustainable and effective strategy to grow you social media profile which includes Instagram at most.

Here are articles i recommend you read.


If you desire to take your business online then creating an Instagram profile and growing a business will not do it alone.

So many young business owners are usually tempted to believe in the viability of the use of Instagram as a business tool.

So many even recommend it as a very important channel to take you business online.

The funny and the draw back about this idea is that you might invest your last drop of blood on growing your Business on Instagram and get results .

But i must bring to your notice that things just starts to fade away.

Now you are getting shocked and i will explain.

Social media platforms are designed to react to trends and nothing more than that.

You users and followers will eventually discover something that makes them happy elsewhere and eventually loose interest in your business then your business stops showing in their feeds and this is bad.

You are then forced to spend money on paid ads which will eventually react to your business profit.

Other very strong sustainable strategy are

  • The use of A website.
  • Email marketing.
  • Chatbots.

I have a very full an rich article on that you can check it out if you like.

What do you think?

Written by Udemezue John

Web developer| Digital Marketer| Entrepreneur


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