7 Things You Should Never Say I Am Sorry For

motivation about life

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Most times life throws negativity at us to weigh us down especially if we refuse to accept the status quo and move higher in our chooses career.

Life is like a triangle and the successful people in life are at the top of it, that’s why it looks very small up there and the other majority are at the very bottom that is why the crowd is quite much there and the reason is because very few people are ready to take on challenges and learn principles that would eventually lead to their success in life.

Are you already among those few people on the triangle or planning on joining those very few at the triangle, these principles mentioned in this post would teach you and guide you on how to be successful.

motivation about life

1. Aiming higher or wanting to be better.

In my own opinion, wanting to be better in life is a thing of choice which not every one is willing to take, so if you find yourself aspiring greatness, it not your fault and you owe no body any apology for it. Just stick to your dreams and aspiration and you will there.

2. Leaving Toxic People.

We are often surrounded by people who do not believe in us, in fact a great preacher once said.
Only 20% of people will see things the way we see them and believe us, the rest 80% will disagree with our point of view, In most cases we are often surrounded more with this 80% which accounts of close childhood friends, Family and loved ones and they can be toxic to our set ambition. You do not need to feel sorry when you begin to avoid those people.

3. Choosing to Say “NO” When Needed.

One of the latest trend among millennial is actually trying to please people and in most cases we end up going against our will by saying “YES” when we need to object by saying”NO”.
A whole lot of people have buried their dreams and ambition all because of the fear of failure. The only approval you need in order to make that project, course, career successful is your approval and no other. In my own opinion don’t every feel sorry because you declined a juicy but shady deal or you choose to do the right thing.

4. For Being Successful.

In my own opinion, you are successful because you worked for it, not anyone would have sleepless night, stay up all night or believe in a noble cause to see it successful just as you did. You deserve some accolades and nobody’s approval on your success, so don’t feel sorry when people outshines by mediocrity talks or try to question your success.

5. Spending Your Hard Earned Money on Things That Bring You Value.

Whether it’s a car, house, vacation a new smartphone, you are in the best position to decide what is right for you and you owe nobody an apology to do that.

motivation about life

6. Seeking For Help.

Life is complicated and you’re not gonna have all the answers. Not only it is ok to ask for help and guidance it is actually a mandatory part of your existence if you wish to make progress quicker. Never feel disdained when you need to stoop very low in most cases to ask to help. In my own opinion make sure to surround yourself by people you can always seek guidance from.

7. Loving Someone.

Lol, Whether it your Boss at work, an old school mate, at church or anywhere, never feel sorry for loving them. In most cases they don’t end up loving you back it not the end of the world.

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Written by Udemezue John

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