Social Media Or Search Engine, Which Is Best For My Blog ?

Social Media Or Search Engine, Which Is Best For My Blog ?

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One of the most important factors that determines the success of any website or blog is audience definition. The Inability to identify our targeted audience can cause frustration and kill a website SEO and growth.

Social media and Search engines are the most frequently used channels to surf the web and the two have accounted for the growth in online web presence of many blogs and website all over the web space.

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter are deisgned for trends, discussion, fun, culture and engagement of people with like minds. So therefore any website that have to do with Trends, News, Gossips, Entertainment would do very much on social media because people on social media are not study or serious minded people, they are simply there to make the most of their time

search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing are deigned to show information based on the users preference. Only serious minded people like to use the search engine and in most cases they are ready to engage you contents and make reference to them.

From the above definition of both platforms, it can however be concluded that.
Social Media is best for websites and blogs with Trends, News, Celebrities, Give Aways, partie and the likes. Websites like CNN, BBC, ALJAZEERA LindaIkejisblog(Nigeria), ABC NEWs would do exceptionally well on social media since users on social media like to have fun and are more interested in trends.

The above cited narratives is vice-versa for websites and blogs that deals with How To’s, or talk about lean topics like Tech, Blogging, Entreprenership. Blogs that fall in these categories will flop on social media and would get very few people to engage their contents. Websites and Blogs in these categories should deal with their SEO, make sure they are highly rannked via search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.Websites that fall in these mentioned categories are.
Tchelete, Shoutmeloud, simpleisbetterthancomplex and so many other blogs that focuses on a particlular topic.

How To Optimize Your Website For Search Engine Visibility

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