How To Open A Foreign Bank Account From AnyWhere In The World (Transfer Wise Review)

transferwise review


With the globalization of things all over the world, it has now become easy to move from anything from one part of the world to another part of the world, things including goods, services and even money.

There have been so many solutions to provide to be able to solve this problem, but most of which comes at a price that not everybody would be able to afford.

Do you have a global business or intend to run one in future and you are scared of the conditions that come with opening and running an offshore account, then I have come to provide you with a solution.

That solution is called Transferwise.

About Transferwise.

Transferwise makes it very easy to run your finances across the borders of any nation without any hassle, it comes at relatively no cost, the exchange rate is relatively moderate.

You also get a chance to open an offshore bank account with top banks in the UK, Australia and The United States Of America.

There is no documentation needed to get started apart from your full name, e-mail and address and some very few validation processes that requires your international passport.

You also get the chance to be able to withdraw your funds to your local bank account in your residential country, this makes it easy to run and get started from any nation of your choice.

It is completely borderless and seamless.

Transferwise Features.

Transferwise, unlike any other global fintech startup, is relatively borderless and seamless as stated earlier, it also comes alongside with awesome features.

1. Money Transfer.

Do you want to be able to transfer money from one part of the world to the other part, then you can get started today with transfer wise.

You can move money from your present destination no matter what country you are to any first world or third world nation of the world.

2. Multi-currency and Offshore Account.

Do you have a global business or you want to be able to bank money in foreign safety then you can get started with Transferwise?

You have access to bank with very big banking names likes Barclays and many others.

You can create as many bank accounts as possible, you can also get your funds transferred to whatever location you are.

Also coupled with the fact that you can open various bank accounts, you also get the chance to bank in so many currencies such as the US dollar, Pound Sterling and Euro.

3. Currency Converter.

The inbuilt currency converter allows you to be able to convert over 180 currencies all over the world in real-time, this feature also makes sure that you are never cheated.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transfer Wise.

For most of the people that are relatively new to this platform, there is every likelihood that you will have some very few questions to ask, and here are some few questions that I think will answer your questions.

1. Is Transferwise safe to use ?.

To shock you, Transferwise is one of the very legit platform out there that allows you to do more with less, For very few of us that are coming from a Paypal background, I think transferwise will be a better option.

TransferWise is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and this makes it very authentic and safe to make use of.

2. How Long does Transfer take?

Moving money from the border of your country takes nothing less than a day, so you don’t have to worry.

3. Does Transferwise support my currency?

One very interesting part of this platform is that it supports over 156 currencies of the world, even third-world nations are not excluded.

4. How much does it cost?

Transferwise is free to use and it comes at no cost at all when getting started, but very small fees are charged on every transaction, for me, it is way better than using outdated services like Western Union.

How To Get started with Transfer Wise.

Getting started with Transferwise is easy, that all you need is to submit your details and email address.

Just follow the steps to get started.

1. Log in to Transferwise official website.

transferwise review

To get started you have to visit the official website of the Transferwise via desktop or mobile.

You can do that by clicking the link here

2. Click the signup button to register and get started.

transferwise review

Just as the way you signed up for a Facebook, Instagram account, all you need to is to fill in your name, email and password, also make sure to set a two-factor authentication so that you account can be secured from hackers.

3. Start exploring the dashboard.

transferwise review

At long last, you are going to be presented with the official dashboard where you get to see everything and do anything you want.

Upon landing on your dashboard you should be able to get the details of your account, real-time transfers, send money and also run multiple borderless bank accounts.


Get started.

Getting started with Transferwise is very easy and all you need do is click the link.

What do you think?

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