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In the vast world of Minecraft, efficiency reigns supreme. When it comes to mining, the pickaxe becomes your trusty companion, and its speed can make a world of difference.

But with various materials at your disposal, the question arises: which pickaxe truly reigns supreme in terms of mining speed?

This article delves into the depths of Minecraft’s pickaxes, unveiling the champion of speed and exploring the trade-offs that come with each option.

We’ll uncover the surprising truth about the fastest pickaxe and unveil the ultimate pickaxe for the discerning Minecraft player. So, grab your pickaxe and prepare to mine your way through the facts!

Which Minecraft Pickaxe Is Faster?

In the bustling world of Minecraft, efficiency reigns supreme. When it comes to mining, the speed of your pickaxe is crucial.

But with various materials and enchantments at play, which pickaxe truly emerges as the champion of speed?

1. The Frontrunner: The Golden Pickaxe

The golden pickaxe boasts the undisputed title of the fastest pickaxe. It breaks blocks at an impressive rate, making it ideal for quickly gathering large quantities of common resources like stone or dirt.

However, this speed comes at a steep cost: shockingly low durability. A golden pickaxe crumbles after a mere 33 uses, rendering it impractical for long-term mining endeavors.

2. The Contender: The Netherite Pickaxe.

While not the absolute fastest, the netherite pickaxe strikes a perfect balance between speed and durability.

Crafted by combining netherite scraps with a diamond pickaxe, it boasts superior mining speed compared to other materials like diamond and iron.

Additionally, its exceptional durability allows you to mine for extended periods without the constant worry of replacement.

3. Enhancing the Champion: The Power of Enchantments.

While the netherite pickaxe holds its own, the “Efficiency” enchantment further elevates its speed. 

This powerful enchantment, with its maximum level of 5, can increase mining speed by a staggering 125%. 

This effectively makes an enchanted netherite pickaxe nearly as fast as the golden pickaxe, while retaining the crucial advantage of exceptional durability.


While the golden pickaxe holds the crown for raw speed, its cripplingly low durability renders it unfeasible for most situations. 

The netherite pickaxe, with its balance of speed and durability, emerges as the clear winner for practical mining. 

Furthermore, the ability to be enchanted with Efficiency further solidifies its position as the ultimate pickaxe for conquering Minecraft’s vast landscapes.

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