Can Tech Recruiter Make Money?

Tech Recruiter


Ever considered a career in tech recruiting? It’s a dynamic field that connects talented individuals with exciting opportunities in the ever-evolving world of technology. But let’s be honest, the question of money is important

Can you make a good living as a tech recruiter?

The answer is a resounding yes! According to, the national average salary for a tech recruiter in the United States is $76,580 per year

That’s a solid starting point, but with experience and hustle, that number can climb significantly. 

Recruiters in tech hubs like San Francisco and New York City can pull in upwards of $90,000 annually.

So, if you’re looking for a career path with good earning potential, tech recruiting is worth considering. 

But beyond the paycheck, there’s the satisfaction of playing a key role in shaping the future of tech by connecting the right people with the right jobs. 

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the world of tech recruiting and explore the factors that influence a recruiter’s income!

Can Tech Recruiter Make Money?

Thinking about a career switch or maybe you’re just curious about the tech industry? Tech recruiting has become a hot topic, and for good reasonIt’s a dynamic field with plenty of opportunities to connect talented individuals with exciting jobs

But let’s be honest, the question that lingers on most minds is: can tech recruiters make good money?

The answer? Absolutely. Tech recruiters have the potential to earn very competitive salaries

In fact, according to Glassdoor, the national average salary for a tech recruiter in the United States is $76,580 per year

That’s a solid figure, but here’s the kicker: location and experience can significantly impact your earning potential.

Tech hubs like San Francisco and New York City offer significantly higher salaries, with averages reaching $94,143 and $85,461 respectively

On the other hand, cities like Houston and Chicago see averages closer to $53,000

Experience also plays a major role

Entry-level tech recruiters can expect to start around $60,000, while mid-level recruiters with 5-10 years of experience can climb to $85,000

Senior-level tech recruiters, with over a decade of experience and a proven track record, can command salaries well over $110,000

But wait, there’s more! Many tech recruiting roles come with commission structures on top of base salaries

This means that the more successful you are at placing qualified candidates, the more money you can make. Think of it as a performance-based bonus. Land a high-profile placement, and your paycheck could see a significant boost.

So, if you’re someone who thrives on challenges, enjoys building relationships, and has a knack for understanding both technical skills and company cultures, then tech recruiting could be a lucrative path for you.

Here are some additional things to consider:

  • The tech industry itself is booming, which means there’s a constant demand for skilled workersThis translates to more job openings and potentially higher commissions for recruiters.
  • The role can be demanding. Tech recruiters often juggle multiple placements at once, so strong organizational skills and the ability to manage your time effectively are crucial.


A career in tech recruiting offers a compelling combination of good money, interesting work, and the chance to be at the forefront of a dynamic industry

If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding career path, then tech recruiting is worth exploring.

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