Hello, my name is Udemezue John, I am a web developer, blogger and digital marketing expert from Nigeria.

I started my digital marketing career at a Health and Wellness network marketing company where I learnt to create paid Facebook ads and Google ads.

It all started with my first blog hosted on Blogger software by Google, I must tell you that it was a disaster, after three long years of trying to figure things out without making any significant progress, it was time to pack up.

To be honest with you, there are so many outdated resources on starting a money-making blog as a newbie, this is why I created this 7,000 words article to help you scale your blog as a newbie.

After failing at my first attempt, I decided to equip myself with comprehensive tech skills, and this was how I started coding and developing websites as a freelance for various clients.

I also went further to attain comprehensive education in digital marketing by partaking in the Google digital skills for Africa in the year 2017, where I earned a certification.

Ever since then, It has been an awesome journey, I have assisted so many small businesses to grow their businesses and brands online, I have even consulted for bigger brands on how to effectively strategise their digital marketing strategy online.

I recommend you read this article on effectively choosing the right digital marketing strategy for your business.

So far so good this blog, has continued to generate revenue in terms of affiliate marketing, advertising and many more. I am supposed to share my income snapshot, but I won’t do so now, because I want to reach an earning milestone before I begin doing that.

In conclusion, this is not the end goal for my career, I still intend to explore other grounds in tech and off tech.

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Do you need to contact me privately, then you can shoot me an email at – Hi@tchelete.com or better still hit me up my personal email Johnzeus14@gmail.com.