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The tech industry is on fire. According to a recent report by CompTIA, the number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the U.S. alone is expected to reach a whopping 3.5 million by 2023. With so much demand, the competition for these roles is fierce. 

But fear not, fellow techie! Landing your dream gig isn’t just about having the right technical chops.  It’s also about knowing how to communicate effectively with tech recruiters, the gatekeepers to those amazing opportunities.

In this guide, I’ll share some insights and tips to help you navigate conversations with tech recruiters, showcase your skills, and position yourself for success.

How Do I Talk To Tech Recruiters?

Landed in the exciting world of tech job hunting? Fantastic! But with a sea of opportunities comes a new challenge: navigating the world of tech recruiters. 

These matchmakers between talent and companies can be a goldmine of connections, but sometimes those initial conversations can feel… awkward.

Fear not, fellow techie! Here’s a breakdown of how to chat with tech recruiters and make a stellar impression:

1. Know Your Value (and Show It Off!).

According to a CompTIA report: the cybersecurity workforce gap is projected to reach 3.4 million by 2021. 

That’s a staggering number, and it reflects a wider trend in tech – there just aren’t enough qualified people to fill all the open roles.

This translates to leverage for you! Before any recruiter calls, take stock of your skills and experience. Brush up on your resume, highlighting relevant projects and achievements.  

Quantify your impact whenever possible – did your code optimization save the company X per cent? Did you spearhead a project that increased user engagement by Y? Numbers speak volumes.

2. Speak Their Language (but Not Too Much).

Tech recruiters aren’t always technical wizards, but they do understand the basics.  

While it’s okay to use some industry jargon (it shows you’re in the know!), avoid getting bogged down in overly technical speak.

If a role requires experience with a specific framework you haven’t touched, be upfront about it. But!  

Express your eagerness to learn and highlight transferable skills. After all, a talented problem-solver with a strong work ethic is a valuable asset in any tech team.

3. Be a Conversation Starter, Not a Black Hole.

Recruiters are busy bees, so respect their time.  Be prepared to answer questions about your background and career goals, but also have some questions ready for them. Show genuine interest in the role and the company culture.

A little research goes a long way here. Check out the company website and social media to understand its mission and values.  

This shows initiative and helps you determine if their environment aligns with your own.

4. It’s a Two-Way Street.

The interview isn’t just for them to assess you – it’s your chance to assess them too

Don’t be afraid to ask about the team structure, mentorship opportunities, and the company’s approach to professional development. 

A good recruiter will be happy to answer these questions and provide additional resources.


After the conversation, send a quick thank-you email reiterating your interest in the role and any key points you discussed. 

This keeps you fresh in the recruiter’s mind, especially if they’re juggling multiple candidates.

Remember, tech recruiters are there to help you find the perfect fit. By being prepared, engaging, and showing your enthusiasm, you’ll be well on your way to landing that dream tech job!

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