20+ Best WordPress Themes You Should Know

Best WordPress Themes

Best WordPress Themes


As a web developer and an online entrepreneur, one thing I know for sure is that no matter how lucrative and insightful your online business model is, it is not complete without an attractive design/user interface.

There is a popular saying among frontend designers and it goes thus:

User interface(UI) is the language of the web.

In other words, if your website is not attractive, insightful and easy to navigate, then you are not in business yet, every strategy that might be deployed to make sure that website becomes successful might not work.

What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is the user interface that your end-user interacts with, it is simply a collection of predefined templates bundled with custom style sheet defined by a third-party designer.
It can be however changed or customized to whatever taste a designer may like.

How To Choose a WordPress Theme.

There are so many appealing WordPress themes out there, almost all of them appears pretty and cool, but not all are worth working with, In this section, I am going to be guiding you with the proper tips to choosing your WordPress theme.

1. Responsiveness.

Responsive websites are on that are designed for desktop, tablets and mobile phones.
Responsiveness is one criterion for ranking on Google, if your theme does not support responsive website design principles, then I recommend you not to choose that theme.

2. Documentation.

The documentation of any WordPress theme is a specified website that gives you tips on how to properly configure and work with that WordPress theme.
The next thing to watch out for is the official documentation of the WordPress Theme you intend to work with, If there is no documentation, customizing such a WordPress would be difficult.

Having proper and well-spelt documentation would ensure that you have the right information as to how to properly customize a particular WordPress theme.

3. Customer Support.

Customer support can go a long way when you run into issues when customizing your theme when I initially bought the theme I used on this website, I had issues when I actually installed it and it brought out the white screen of death, if you don’t know what that is, it is a WordPress error that comes up and does not actually show you how to fix it, all you see is a blank white screen.
All I had to do is send a message to the creators of my theme via and I got assistance, immediately someone came to my aid and helped me fix that issue at once.

If there had been no customer service then, buying that theme would have been a waste of time.

Before buying a theme, make sure you get a grip on their customer service, just in case you ever run into issues, you can book me on Fiverr to assist you if you do not mind.

4. AMP Support.

AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages, this functionality simply allows your web page to load faster when a visitor clicks a link to your website on Google.

It was developed by Google to help websites with heavy-duty resources generate a dummy HTML page that can be served while the original resources get to load in the background.

5. Page Speed Load Time.

To rank on Google, your website needs to have an impressive load time, There are so many WordPress themes out there that look very pretty but they require a lot of hosted resources to actually work properly, having this kind of WordPress can kill your SEO, and reduce your Google rank.

Let’s say someone from Africa is trying to access your website and they have maybe 2g and they have to wait about three minutes to actually load your website, this can send a bad signal to the users and causes them to exit your website immediately which can then lead to a very high bounce rate and in the long run drop your Google rankings.

Always make sure to use the Google page speed insight tools to test your website in demo before actually installing it.

6. Ease Of Customization.

Most times you might find yourself having to customize your website by yourself, maybe your website designer is not on ground and you have to do something on your website as quickly as possible if your website is designed to be customized in a kind of way that only a technically inclined person then it becomes very hard for you to pick it up.

Make sure to study the docs of any WordPress Theme you intend to buy before purchasing them.

7. Regular Updates.

One thing about starting an online business is that there are constant changes regularly going on, so therefore you have to make sure that your theme vendor is ready to provide you with regular updates.

For example, my theme is called Bimber and one thing I love about them is lifetime update given to first time buyers, most theme vendors usually have a limit to the update time you can receive and will ask you to buy a new licence to be able to access updates, in my opinion, make sure to buy from a theme vendor that offers you lifetime updates.

8. Niche.

Another factor to consider when choosing a WordPress is the particular business niche that WordPress theme, you cannot install an eCommerce WordPress theme for a personal blog, it is not going to make sense at all to your users.

When I bought this theme, It was initially designed for Viral content and news, it came in with so many features such as Polls, Frontend submission and many others that were not really needed, but they had so many variations of this theme, one that was designed to run a personal kind of blog, This was the major reason why I decided to buy it.

So many themes are designed for various niche, you should identify your blogging niche before actually deciding the theme to purchase.

I wrote an article on how to choose a blog niche and I recommend you read it.

9. Pricing.

Any theme that is more than $69 is not worth it, I must tell you, I am not telling you not to go with a theme you have in mind, but to be on the safer side, you should have a budget when buying a theme.

The highest price for most WordPress theme hosted on Themeforest is usually not more than $69.

Download Amazing WordPress Themes Now.

Best WordPress Themes

Before getting deep into listing the few amazing WordPress themes, I recommend you visit the number one source for all WordPress Theme in the world which is ThemeForest.

All WordPress Themes that are going to be recommended on this article are directly listed and sold on The Envato Themeforest.

Click the link to get started now ->

Best WordPress Themes You should Know

There millions of WordPress theme all over the internet, and more are still being made, in this section, I am going to be recommending a very few out of the millions of them all over the internet.

1. Oshine.

Best WordPress Themes

Oshine is a multipurpose WordPress, which means that it can be used in various blog niche, it comes with about 80+ demo pages that can be utilized across various blog niche.

Oshine also with so many amazing features such as Gallery, Woocommerce, unlimited header and menu styles, one-page websites, video backgrounds, one-click demo import, over 600+ Google fonts and SEO friendly code.

Oshine comes at an affordable pricing of just $59, and it can be bought at Themeforest.

Download Now-

2. Divi.

Best WordPress Themes

Divi is second on my list, it is one of the very anticipated WordPress themes out there, it was designed By Elegant Themes.

Divi is a multipurpose WordPress theme, it also comes with almost 800+ Fully made website designs, you also get to enjoy awesome features such as Woocommerce, animations, constant updates from the theme vendor, Drag and Drop uploading, opt-in email provider, contact form building, social following and many more.

Download Now- ElegantThemes.

3. Uncode.

Best WordPress Themes

Uncode is another amazing WordPress multipurpose theme that any web designer would want to work with, it comes with awesome features such as Woocommerce support, Frontend page builder, one-click demo import, animated headings, GDPR compliance plugin, regular updates and many more.

Uncode also comes alongside over 50+ WordPress demo to help you with your business logic.

Download Now- 

4. Jevelin.

Best WordPress Themes

Fourth on this list is another multipurpose theme by the name Jevelin, I recommend this theme for anyone who wants a nice looking and easily customizable theme

Jevelin comes with over 40+ pre-installed demo to allow choose from one that suits your business.

Also comes bundled with Jevelin are amazing features such as Woocommerce support, one-click demo import, frontend page builder, SEO optimized, Responsive web design, lifetime use, regular updates and effective customer support.

Download Now-

5. Kalium.

Best WordPress Themes

Do you seek a well organized and stylish WordPress theme? then you should try out Kalium.

Kalium is a WordPress multipurpose theme that anyone developing websites with WordPress should try, it comes pre-installed with over 20+ demo templates to get started with, kalium also ships with dozens of features such as one-click demo import, premium page builder, Woocommerce and coming soon and maintenance plugin.

Kalium also comes with over 30 premium WordPress plugins pre-installed

Download Now-

6. TheGem.

Best WordPress Themes

TheGem is a multipurpose WordPress theme designed to suit any online business model.

TheGem comes with over 400+ pre-installed demos, to get you up and running.

This amazing WordPress theme also comes with so many features that allow you to scale your website design business and a few of them are; SEO and page speed, Elementor and WP page bakery, awards winning designs, multi-page and one-page ready designs.

TheGem WordPress Theme can be downloaded via Themeforest, but for more details on the pricing, you can click the link to visit the website.

Download Now- 

7. Webify.

Best WordPress Themes

Webify is another amazing multi-purpose WordPress themes that support any online business model such as Business, portfolio, magazine and personal blog.

Webify offers a stunning 50+ premade landing pages for a start.

Webify comes with quite cool awesome features such as Woocommerce support, responsive design, slider revolution, Instagram Live feed, search engine optimized, one-click installation and access to mega font libraries.

Download Now-

8. Total.

Best WordPress Themes

Total is one top destination for WordPress users who desire amazing themes for their online business, this makes it a multipurpose theme.

Total is an amazing WordPress theme that is designed to suit any online business model, it also comes with great features such as; easy demo importer, Drag and drops builder, Woocommerce and inbuilt support for great WordPress plugins and features.

Total WordPress theme can be purchased Via Themeforest.


9. Composer.

Best WordPress Themes

Composer provides you with an amazing user interface for your WordPress website.

If you are looking to design great landing pages, then you should go for the Composer theme, it also comes shipped with over 50+ pre-built theme demos to get you started with.

Composer comes designed with exciting features such as; Responsive web interface, online documentation and support for numerous WordPress plugins.

Compose can be purchased via Themeforest, click the link below to learn how to purchase.

Download Now-

10. Appolo.

Best WordPress Themes

Appolo is designed to suit WordPress users with all kind of online business model mind.

Appolo comes with over 20+ pre-installed demo to help you get started as quickly as possible.

Appolo has so many awesome features shipped alongside, and some of these features include. Woocommerce, Elementor and support for other useful WordPress plugins 

Appolo can be obtained via Themeforest. You should click to visit the official website of Appolo.

Download Now-

Oops!!!, Just Before Finish.

Best WordPress Themes

Hope you don’t forget, I had to drop this again to remind you about the number one source for WordPress theme in the world, make sure to click the

All WordPress Themes that are going to be recommended on this article are directly listed and sold on The Envato Themeforest.

Click the link to get started now ->


Selecting an amazing WordPress theme can go a long way to keep your website standing, first impression matters, and one way to keep reoccurring users it to have an amazing user interface, it goes a long way in reducing your bounce rate and in return helping your websites Search engine optimization.

You should also follow up on the above-stated guidelines for choosing a WordPress theme so as not to regret purchasing a theme that does not scale with your business.

Now that you have seen all these amazing WordPress themes, it is now time to put them into action.

I wrote an article on how to help you start a blog and make money, click the link below to get started.


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