Can Minecraft PC and Mobile Play Together?



Ever wondered if you can build together with your friends on Minecraft even if they’re playing on a different device, like a phone or tablet?

The good news is that Minecraft does offer cross-platform play, but there’s a little twist depending on which version of the game you have. 

In this quick guide, I’ll break down the details of Minecraft’s cross-play functionality and how you can team up with your friends on PC and mobile devices!

Can Minecraft PC and Mobile Play Together?

The good news is – you can! Minecraft offers crossplay between PC and mobile devices, letting you join forces (or friendly competition) with your friends regardless of their platform.

Here’s the breakdown of how Minecraft crossplay works:

The Bedrock Edition Bridge

There are two main editions of Minecraft: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. The key to crossplay lies in Bedrock Edition. 

This version of Minecraft is designed to be playable across various devices, including PC (Windows 10 specifically), mobile (Android and iOS), gaming consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch), and even some virtual reality headsets.

So, as long as both you and your friend are playing on the Bedrock Edition, you can build, battle creepers, and explore together seamlessly. 

This opens up a world of possibilities, with over 141 million active monthly players reported in 2023  there’s a good chance you’ll find someone to play with on mobile, even if none of your PC buddies are available.

Finding Your Friends and Joining the Fun

Minecraft Bedrock Edition uses a unified account system, so adding friends is simple. 

You can search for them using their Gamertag or Microsoft account ID. Once you’re friends, you can see their online status and join their world directly, or invite them to yours.

Here’s a heads-up: There might be some slight differences in the user interface depending on the device you’re using, but the core gameplay remains the same. 

So, whether you’re tapping away on your phone or clicking with a mouse, you’ll still be able to work together (or prank each other!) in your Minecraft world.

Java Edition: A Different Story

If you’re playing Minecraft on PC but using the Java Edition, things are a bit different. 

Java Edition doesn’t currently support crossplay with other platforms, including mobile devices and even other PC players using a different operating system (like Mac or Linux).

However, Java Edition has its strengths. It’s known for a larger pool of mods and community-created servers, offering a more customized Minecraft experience. 

So, if you and your friends are specifically interested in exploring these features, Java Edition might still be the way to go, even if it means separate adventures for now.


Minecraft’s crossplay with Bedrock Edition is a fantastic feature that lets you connect with friends and fellow builders regardless of their device. 

So fire up your PC or mobile app, find your friends online, and get ready to build something epic (or maybe just a giant pixelated statue of your pet – the possibilities are endless!).

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