DA PA Checker Review: A One-Stop Solution For SEO Enthusiasts and Webmasters Alike

DA PA Checker Review: A One-Stop Solution For SEO Enthusiasts and Webmasters Alike
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DA PA are metrics developed by Moz to determine the authority of a domain and its pages respectively. DA stands for “Domain Authority” and PA refers to “Page Authority”.

Every site has a specific Domain and Page Authority score based on its credibility and authority in the eyes of search engines. 

This score varies between zero and 0 to 100. Websites with higher DA and PA are considered trustworthy and valued by search engines.  On the contrary, sites with low DA or PA scores are considered of low authority.

These metrics are helpful for SEO experts as well as webmasters in multiple ways. However, it is impossible to check the metrics manually.

Nowadays, there are several DA and PA checking tools on the internet. However, all the checkers need to be more accurate and reliable.

Here, we came up with an efficient tool In the following sections, we’ll go through all the aspects of the tool i.e. Overview, Features, Comparison with other tools and importance for SEO persons and webmasters. 

What is a DA PA Checker?

DA PA Checker is an online tool available in both free and premium versions to recognize a site’s page and domain authorities. Its working mechanism is based on advanced algorithms.

Here, users just have to list or input their URLs and click the button to check. The tool will do a deep analysis of all the aspects of a site and come up with authority scores. Additionally, the tool functions to identify and display the other things about the given URLs.

Cutting-Edge Features of DA PA Checker

Along with the above-mentioned uses/benefits of the checker, there are several features acquired by it. Some of them are as follows;

1. Bulk Domain Checking.

One of the most prominent features of the checker is the capability to check and display authorities of bulk URLs at a single time.

This feature helps SEO experts and Admins of the site save time and compare the authorities of multiple sites.

2. User Friendly.

The authority checker tool is quite simple to use. It requires only uploading the URLs by typing or copy/paste in the input box and clicking the “Check Authority” button. So, the tool is a simple solution for both beginners as well as professionals alike.

3. Accuracy.

Since the tool is based on recent technology, it works very accurately. So, the results driven by it are trustworthy and authentic. 

4. Integration with Tools.

The checker is integrated with multiple other relative tools like Backlinks Generator, Domain Age Checker, Spam Score Checker, etc. This ability of the tool to combine with other SEO essential tools makes it stand out from the competitors.

5. Unlimited Free Use.

The tool provides a free version with unlimited trials. This is one of the fantastic options by the tool, requiring no cost and limits.

6. Speed and Performance.

The tool has efficient as well as quick performance. Here, you don’t need to wait for a long time but the tool will provide you with all the results immediately.

Multiple Ways the Checker is Beneficial for SEO Enthusiasts

1. Understanding Website Strength

As we know SEO experts are concerned with the practices to rank a site higher in SERPs. For this, they continuously monitor the position of the site based on multiple aspects.

One of the major aspects that influence the site’s ranking potential is its Domain and page authority in the eyes of search engines. So, in other words, SEO experts can check the ranking potential of a site based on its authority.


The only way to check the authority of a site is with the utilization of the “Authority Checking tool”. It will immediately give them accurate results about the authority.

Moreover, the tool will come up with some additional aspects like Domain Rating, Spam Score, UR (URL Rating), etc. They are additional points to understand a site’s strengths and ranking potential easily.

2. External linking.

External links also refer to outbound links. It is the activity of adding hyperlinks to your site’s content that leads to another source or website.

Moreover, external links going to authoritative or trustworthy sources can be helpful to make your site get value as well as authority. Ultimately, it will help in ranking your site higher.

Domain and page authority-checking tool is beneficial for  SEO experts in doing external linking. As we discussed earlier, there is no possibility to check the DA or PA of a site manually.

So, SEO experts can bring the checker into play for this purpose. For this, they just have to copy the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of a site or particular page and paste it into the tool. After pressing the “Check Authority” button the tool will display the metrics.


For example:

We put a URL in the input box of the tool. After pressing the button, the tool gave us a complete report;

1. Competitive Analysis

Domain and page authority checkers can help you conduct competitive analysis. For this, as an SEO expert, you just have to copy the domain or page URLs of your competitors on SERPs. And paste them in a list form in the input box of the tool. 

At the same time, you should add your own site’s URL and run the tool. The tool will display all the stats/metrics of given URLs like;

  • Domain authority.
  • Page Authority.
  • Domain Rating.
  • Spam Score.
  • Moz Rank.

For Example:

For conducting competitive analysis, we copied the URLs of our top-ranking competitors and made them check through the tool. The tool gave us all the essential metrics for analysis. 

Let’s see the results;

The above measures can help SEO enthusiasts easily compare their sites with competitors and make future strategies accordingly.

2. Guidance for Improvement

SEO enthusiasts can check the SEO enhancements of multiple areas of a site with the help of the DA PA checking tool since the tool provides a score that reflects its strengths or weaknesses.

So, SEO experts can analyze any URL, Page or Whole domain and identify areas of improvement based on each authority.

How DA PA Checker is Beneficial for SEO Enthusiasts

1. Getting Inbound Links

Moz scores for DA and PA also predict the traffic strength of a particular site. So, this score is a strong indication of the usefulness of a site.

With the help of the DA and PA checker tools, webmasters can list legitimate websites having high traffic. Additionally, this solution will make them far from spammy websites.

2. Remove Bad Links

While achieving good or authoritative links is useful, having bad or spammy links can harm the credibility and ranking in the eyes of search engines. In other words, it will hurt the site’s “DA score”.

Moreover, the case of several links from spammy websites can badly penalize the site. So, to prevent this incident webmasters can do a link audit with the authority checking tool and remove bad links. In this, way the authority checker is a beneficial tool for the admins or webmasters. Let’s explain with an example;

For example: 

We audited our site and pointed out a low bad link with the help of the authority checking tool. In the following figure, you can see the results metrics;

You can see the low/bad metrics in the above image. In the same way, webmasters can get rid of bad links.

3. Building Trust with Stakeholders

Stakeholders are the persons or a group/team who have some interest in a business and can greatly affect its performance.

The common examples of stakeholders are Customers, Clients, Employees, Shareholders, etc. Let’s discuss how the checker can help you in building strong trust with stakeholders.

For this, the tool provides you with important metrics for your site like DA, PA, SS, etc. Since these metrics reflect the overall authority and credibility of your site. So, based on these aspects you can easily attract, convince and collaborate with stakeholders.

In this way, the DA PA checking tool is beneficial to building trust, collaborating and getting support from stakeholders.

Why Is DA PA Checker Preferred Over Moz?

There are several features and advantages of the Checker that make it preferred over Moz. Let’s discuss the most prominent among them;

  • Bulk URL Check: The tool gives an advantage of checking the authority of “Bulk URLs” at the same time. Its “Free Version” can support up to 10 URLs while the “Premium” can check up to 100 URLs at a single click. However, Moz doesn’t come up with this advantage. Here, users are limited to checking the DA or PA of only one URL at a time.
  • No Limitations:  At DA PA checker, SEO experts or webmasters don’t have to worry about the day limit for inputting the search queries. So, they are independent in using the tool unlimited time a day. On the contrary, this is not the advantage of Moz. It provides only three search queries in a day that’s a very small limit. Moreover, on exceeding this limit users are required to sign up.
  • Extract the URL From the Text: In this case, if users provide the tool with URLs that are surrounded by some texts. In this scenario, the tool automatically detects the URLs and removes the text around them. This rare advantage is only given by the checker which makes it preferred over Moz.

Pricing and Plans

The domain authority checker came up with a flexible as well as customizable pricing plan. SEO enthusiasts and webmasters can design/customize the premium version according to their needs and budget. For this, the tool provides the following three slides;

  • Duration.
  • Websites Limit.
  • Per submission limit.

Whether its Premium Plan Worth the Cost?

There are multiple advantages or features of the premium version that make it worth the cost. In the following we’ve covered the most prominent of them;


The premium version automatically stores all the activities in the tool.  Here, you can reach any record with its file name, domain name or time frame. This feature is helpful for SEO experts and webmasters to continuously analyse the improvements in their site by comparing the previous/old metrics with current ones.

Remove the Duplicate Domain and URLs: 

Another beneficial feature that comes with the premium version of the tool is the option to remove the duplicate/same Domains, URLs and sub-domains. This is helpful in the case of checking bulk URLs or domains.

Multiple Beneficial Insights: 

While using the Premium version of the tool you will not be bound to limited metrics. However, the tool will provide you with multiple other aspects that can prove helpful for deeply checking the overall value of a site. Moreover, in the premium version, the URL limit increased from 10 to 100. 

Filtering Opportunities: 

This is one of the rare features offered by the premium version of the checker that is not by other tools. Using this feature, users can easily customize the results having the fixed DA and Spam Score. 

How Do I Use DA PA Checker Effectively?

Domain and Page authority checker helps determine and improve the trustworthiness/authority of a site.

However, for this, it is necessary to make its use in the right way. In the following section, we’re going to cover the whole procedure of using the checker effectively step by step;

Step 1: Copy Domains/URLs.

In the first step, you just have to search for and copy the domain or URLs of sites whose DA or PA you want to check.

Step 2: Paste Domains/URLs.

After copying the domain or URLs, you are required to input them one by one in the tool. In case of bulk check, you must align the links in a list form which means one link in each line.

Step 3: Check Authority.

In the third step, you just have to click the “Check Authority” button. This button will appear after pasting links in the input box of the tool.

When you press the button, the tool will start accessing inputted sites. And after analyzing all the aspects it will finalize DA, PA, SS and DR of the sites.

Step 4: Get the Output.

The last step is about getting the output report. In this step, you are just required to press the download option i.e. “Download Excel”.


Domain and page authority are the important metrics of a website. SEO experts and webmasters get authority as a sign for determining the credibility and trustworthiness of sites. Moreover,  to check these assets/metrics they require a tool i.e. DA PA Checker.  

In this post, we explained how the tool helps in making backlinks strategies, competitive analysis, external linking, removing bad links, etc. by accurately showing the Domain authority and page authority. Along with these went through a complete step-by-step process of effectively using the tool.

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