How To Add Lyrics To Apple Music as an Artist

How To Add Lyrics To Apple Music as an Artist

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Apple Music, one of the leading platforms in this space, not only offers musicians a vast audience but also provides an opportunity to enhance the listening experience by adding lyrics to your songs.

As an artist, sharing your lyrics on Apple Music can deepen the connection between your music and your audience, allowing fans to sing along and connect with your message on a more profound level.

This guide will walk you through the process of adding lyrics to your songs on Apple Music as an artist.

Whether you’re a budding musician eager to share your lyrics or an established artist looking to enhance your listeners’ experience, understanding the steps involved will enable you to make your music even more engaging and accessible to a global audience.

So, let’s delve into the world of lyrical storytelling on Apple Music and elevate your music to a new level of artistic expression.

How Do I Add Lyrics to Apple Music as an Artist?

Apple Music, a prominent player in the music streaming industry, recognizes this desire and offers artists a unique opportunity to connect with their audience through lyrics. 

Adding lyrics to your songs on Apple Music can provide listeners with a richer experience, allowing them to understand and sing along with your music, fostering a more profound connection to your artistry.

This article serves as a comprehensive guide for artists on how to add lyrics to their songs on Apple Music. 

Whether you’re a new artist eager to share your lyrical storytelling or an established musician looking to enhance your listeners’ experience, we’ll walk you through the steps involved in making your music more engaging and accessible on this popular streaming platform.

1. Join Apple Music for Artists.

Before you can add lyrics to your songs on Apple Music, you need to be registered as an artist on the Apple Music for Artists platform. Here’s how:

  •    Go to the Apple Music for Artists website.
  •    Click on “Sign Up.”
  •    Follow the prompts to verify your identity and claim your artist profile.

2. Prepare Your Lyrics.

Ensure that your lyrics are accurate and complete before adding them to Apple Music.

It’s essential to provide a precise transcription of your song’s lyrics to enhance the listening experience for your audience.

3. Access Your Apple Music for Artists Account.

Once you have successfully claimed your artist profile, log in to your Apple Music for Artists account.

4. Select the Song You Want to Add Lyrics To.

Navigate to your artist dashboard and select the song for which you want to add lyrics.

5. Add Lyrics.

Under the song’s details, you’ll find an option to add lyrics. Click on it to open the lyrics editor.

6. Enter Your Lyrics.

Enter the lyrics for your song line by line in the provided editor. Ensure that they are correctly formatted and synchronized with the music. You can also include annotations or additional information about the lyrics if desired.

7. Save Your Changes.

Once you’ve added all the lyrics and made any necessary edits, click the “Save” or “Submit” button to save your changes.

8. Review and Verify.

Apple Music will review and verify the lyrics you’ve added. This process can take some time, but once approved, your lyrics will be available for your listeners.

9. Encourage Sing-Along and Engagement.

Now that your lyrics are available on Apple Music, make sure to promote this feature to your audience.

Encourage your fans to sing along and engage with your music on a deeper level by sharing lyric snippets on social media or during live performances.

10. Keep Your Lyrics Updated.

As your music evolves, it’s important to keep your lyrics up-to-date on Apple Music to ensure accuracy and relevance.


Adding lyrics to your songs on Apple Music is a fantastic way to deepen the connection between your music and your audience. 

By following these steps and embracing the platform’s features, you can create a more immersive listening experience for your fans. 

Remember that the power of lyrics lies not only in their words but also in the emotions and stories they convey, making this feature a valuable addition to your artist profile on Apple Music.

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