How To Watch Past Streams On Twitch

How To Watch Past Streams On Twitch



Twitch has become a central hub for gamers, creators, and enthusiasts to share their virtual experiences in real-time.

But what happens when you miss a captivating stream or want to relive those intense gaming moments? Fear not! Twitch has you covered with the ability to watch past streams.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of accessing and enjoying those previously streamed sessions, allowing you to catch up on the action, learn from your favourite players, and immerse yourself in the world of gaming content even after the live broadcast has ended.

So, let’s dive into the world of watching past streams on Twitch and rediscover the excitement you might have missed!

Why Watch Past Streams?

Live streaming on Twitch is all about immediacy, the thrill of real-time interaction, and sharing in the excitement of the moment.

However, life often comes with its own schedule, and that’s where the ability to watch past streams becomes invaluable. 

Whether you’re catching up on your favourite streamer’s latest gameplay, learning strategies from skilled players, or simply enjoying the content you missed, accessing past streams lets you tailor your Twitch experience to your own timetable.

How Do I Watch Past Streams on Twitch?

Twitch, the premier platform for live streaming, offers a treasure trove of gaming content, live interactions, and real-time experiences. 

But what if life gets in the way and you miss a thrilling live stream? Or perhaps you want to revisit a tutorial or epic gaming moment? 

Don’t worry – Twitch has a solution that allows you to watch past streams at your convenience. 

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of accessing and enjoying past streams on Twitch, ensuring you never miss out on the excitement.

1. Streamer’s Channel.

If you’re following a specific streamer, you can head to their channel to find their past streams.  On their channel page, look for a section that might be labelled “Past Broadcasts,” “Videos,” or something similar. Here, you’ll find a collection of their previous streams that you can browse and enjoy.

2. Browse by Game.

If you’re interested in watching streams of a particular game, Twitch allows you to search for past streams by game title. 

Simply search for the game in the search bar and navigate to the “Videos” tab. You’ll find a list of past streams related to that game.

3. Twitch Library.

Twitch also has a dedicated “Library” section that serves as a repository for all past broadcasts, clips, and highlights. 

Here, you can easily browse through your followed streamers’ past content and even organize it by date, game, or type of content.

Steps to Watch Past Streams

Let’s walk through the process of watching a past stream on Twitch.

Step 1: Visit the Streamer’s Channel.

Navigate to the Twitch channel of the streamer whose past stream you want to watch.

Step 2: Access Past Broadcasts.

Look for a section on the channel labelled “Past Broadcasts” or “Videos.” Click on it to access the list of available past streams.

Step 3: Choose a Stream.

Select the stream you want to watch from the list. This will take you to the video player page.

Step 4: Enjoy the Content.

Once on the video player page, you can watch the past stream just like you would with a live stream. 

You can adjust the playback quality, toggle closed captions (if available), and even interact with the chat replay if you’d like to see the conversations that took place during the live broadcast.

Additional Tips.

  1. Timestamps: Some streamers add timestamps to their video descriptions, indicating specific moments or highlights within the past stream. This can help you quickly jump to the parts you’re most interested in.
  2. Clips and Highlights: In addition to full past streams, many streamers create clips and highlights – shorter, focused segments from their streams. These can be great for catching up on the best parts without watching the entire stream.
  3. Follow and Notifications: If you’re afraid of missing out on future streams, make sure to follow your favourite streamers and enable notifications. This way, you’ll receive alerts whenever they go live, reducing the chances of missing a live experience.


Twitch’s platform isn’t just about the moment; it’s about the experiences and connections it creates.  Thanks to the ability to watch past streams, you can delve into the archives, learn from the experts, and enjoy the content you might have missed. 

Whether it’s catching up on a heated match, learning new strategies, or simply enjoying the entertainment, the world of past streams on Twitch is yours to explore. 

So sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the vast world of gaming content that Twitch has to offer!

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