Why Podbean Is The best Host For Your Podcast In 2021

Podbean Review

Podbean Review


Choosing the right tool is very essential when you want to build an online business.
There are so many available online tools for various purposes such as Web design, digital marketing, online courses Text editing, video editing and lastly podcast where we intend to discuss deeply on in this article.

Just to give you a flashback, A podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening.

Streaming applications and podcasting services provide a convenient, integrated way to manage a personal consumption queue across many podcast sources and playback devices.

If you need an in-depth understanding of what a podcast is and how you can make money with it, then here is an article I recommend you read.

One of the very essential tools needed to start a podcast is a Podcast host.

A podcast host is a place to store and distribute your podcast’s audio files.

They provide a podcast RSS feed (basically a listing of all your episodes) that you will submit to Apple Podcasts and other podcast directories.

There are so many podcast hosts out there, they offer great services and a very high level of customization but one I would recommend anytime is Podbean.

My Personal experience

Personally I started podcasting with audio hosting platforms like SoundCloud and Audiomack back then I did not know that your podcast can be distributed via an RSS Feed to top platforms such as Apple Podcast and even Google Podcast, what I usually do back then was to share them via websites or even embed them directly on a particular website.

This method worked but I was losing a lot, so I had to research other platforms that could help me do the heavy lifting of creating, managing my podcast distribution then I found out about Podbean and I must tell you that Podbean is an awesome platform and I would recommend it to any new podcaster.

About Podbean.

Pobean is a web-based system that allows registered users to publish, manage and promote podcasts with very little technical knowledge.

Podbean Pricing.

More reason why I recommend Podbean is that it has completely pocket-friendly plans, You can get started with as little as $5 a month.

Podbean starts with a limited basic free plan which starts at $5, this plan allows you to upload a maximum of 5 hours podcast time, this plan allows you get started with your desired podcast immediately.

You can also try out their other plans which are priced at $9, $29 and the business plan which stands at 99/mo.

If you are doing something a huge and a huge level then you can subscribe to the business plan.

This plan comes with the full package and features that ship with Podbean, which includes unlimited storage space, custom design and even map your custom domain to your podcast.

Here is an overview of the Podbean pricing.

Podbean Review

Podbean Features.

Podbean as podcast host also comes along with lots of amazing features.

1. Podcast Publishing.

Do you need to get started with a Podcat? then you can get started on Podcast immediately without any hassle and complication, this has made Podbean stand out among all other podcasts hosting platform.

2. Distribution & Promotion.

With Podbean you don’t have to worry about the distribution of your podcast across the globe.
You can easily get your podcast on all the places people listen, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and podcast apps.

3. Embeddable Players.

Getting your podcast to multiple destinations across the internet has also been made possible via the podbean embeddable players because you don’t have to worry about making your podcast visible on various platform such as your website.

4. Social Media Auto Sharing and Email integration.

Do you have a huge social media followership or a huge email marketing list? then you don’t have to worry about getting your voice across because Podbean comes with social media auto-sharing and automatic email marketing integration tools to help you collect email and build tools.

5. Monetization.

Making money from your podcast can very hard, but you don’t have to worry because you can start making money from your podcast with Podbean.

The inbuilt PodAds allows you to leverage on the inbuilt sophisticated ad management to make money on your podcast, this plans comes with the business plan only.

How To Start Hosting Your Podcast On Podbean.

Quickly in this section, I am going to walking you through on how you can get started with Podbean if you are a new subscriber.

1. Log on to the official website.

Log on to any browser of your choice, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or even Opera, whichever suits you.

Type out the URL of the official Podbean website, and I must tell you that you should make sure that you are not deceived.

Podbean Review

Here is a screenshot of the official Podbean website.

2. Sign up.

You can either choose to sign up with any desired credentials most important of all is your email address, You can also leverage the use of either a Google account or a Facebook account.

Podbean Review

You can choose to make use of single sign-on instead, Just in case you don’t know what a single sign-on is, A Single sign-on is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID and password to any of several related, yet independent, software systems.

We all have email addresses, please don’t make any worse by authenticating with a mode that is not favourable to you.

You also would be asked to enter a podcast URL, Your “podcast feed URL” is an XML-formatted document, commonly referred to as RSS which stands for “really simple syndication” as well as “rich site summary.” RSS is a technology that syndicates site updates.

3. Explore your dashboard.

Every Saas has a unique tooling interface called a dashboard where all needed functionality and tools are deployed, Podbean is not in any way lesser than any other Saas.

Podbean Review

As you can see, Pobean is easier to understand and manipulate.

Why You Should Choose Podbean.

Just to further convince you about how wonderful and exciting podcasting is with Podbean then here are a few merits that you get to enjoy on this platform.

1. You can publish anytime and anywhere.

With the Podbean mobile app, you don’t have to be on a desktop or worry about getting a fully equipped recording studio, all you need do is to download the mobile app via Google play store and the Apple app store to get started.

You never have to worry about publishing, Editing, and even adding wonderful effects such as adding background music.

2. Making money is way easier.

Starting and scaling a podcast on your own up to the point of making money is not easy especially when you have little or no idea about how you can make money with your podcast.

With Podbean you can make money from your podcast very flexible without stress.
Choose the monetization methods that best fit your podcast. Podbean provides everything you need.

List your podcast in the Podbean advertising marketplace for free to get matched with potential advertisers.

Use the PodAds SaaS for sophisticated ads management with dynamic insertion capability. Run ads like a pro and maximize revenue.

3. With Podbean you get to enjoy flexibility.

Apart from being a podcast hosting platform, Podbean also adds various features to its platform and most beneficiary of them is a professional website, embeddable players, Email marketing integration and social media sharing.

Now you see, with the above-mentioned widget and tools, you are well equipped with the tools that are necessary for the success of your Podcast.

Call To Action.

You are probably wondering whether you are going to dive in or not, but I must tell you that is better you do it now than wait later. Click the banner to get started with Podbean.


Do you want to better understand how you can scale your podcast to billion of listeners all over the world?, then here is an article I recommend that you read.

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