How To Create a Kelp Farm In Minecraft



Dive into the world of underwater agriculture! Did you know that Minecraft offers a whole new dimension to farming?

That’s right, with a little ingenuity, you can cultivate a thriving kelp farm right beneath the waves. Kelp, a long, brown seaweed plant, is a valuable resource in Minecraft.

It can be used for fuel (eight kelp smelts for one fuel point, which is pretty good!), food source (in a pinch!), and even crafting materials.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of creating your sustainable kelp farm, turning you into an expert underwater farmer in no time!

How Do I Create a Kelp Farm In Minecraft?

Ah, kelp. The underwater wonder that breathes life (well, oxygen) into Minecraft’s oceans. But it’s not just for decorating your fancy underwater dome (although it does look fantastic!). 

Kelp is a surprisingly useful resource, used for fueling furnaces, breeding sea turtles, and most importantly, crafting dried kelp – a key ingredient in creating potions.

The problem? Finding kelp can be a pain, especially if you need a steady supply. That’s where a kelp farm comes in! 

These nifty contraptions let you cultivate your underwater bounty, and believe me, once you have a kelp farm, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Here’s the lowdown on building your very own kelp farm:

Step 1: Gearing Up

  • Bucket: This trusty tool will be your companion as you navigate the watery depths.
  • Pickaxe: You’ll need this to clear out any unwanted blocks for your farm’s location.
  • Blocks: Blocks of any kind will do, as long as they can be placed underwater. Think cobblestone, stone bricks, or even netherrack (fireproof and perfect for those deep-sea farms!).
  • Kelp: Obvious, right? But you’ll need some starter kelp to kick things off. You can find it growing in ocean biomes.

Step 2: Finding Your Perfect Plot

  • Ocean Biome: This is a must. Kelp only grows in ocean biomes, so don’t waste time trying to plant it in a lake or river.
  • Water Depth: Kelp thrives between water levels 3 and 16. Keep this in mind when choosing your build site.
  • Space Considerations: While a small farm is better than none, a larger farm means a larger harvest. Think about how much kelp you’ll need and plan accordingly.

Step 3: Building Your Kelp Kingdom

Here, you have two options: a simple manual farm or a fancy automatic one.

  • Manual Farm (Easy Breezy):
    1. Clear an underwater area at least one block deep and fill it with water.
    2. Plant your starter kelp with space in between each stalk (they need room to grow!).
    3. Wait for the kelp to mature (it grows one block per day), then simply harvest by hand.
  • Automatic Farm (For the Savvy Minecrafter): This option uses pistons to automate the harvesting process. It’s a bit more complex, but trust me, the convenience is worth it! There are many YouTube tutorials: [search YouTube automatic kelp farm minecraft] out there that offer fantastic step-by-step guides on building an automatic farm.

Bonus Tip!

  • Water Flow is Key: Remember, for kelp to grow, it needs a water source block directly below it. Keep this in mind when designing your farm, especially if you’re going the automatic route.

With a little planning and some handy tools, you’ll have a thriving kelp farm in no time! Now, go forth and cultivate – your potions and furnaces await!

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