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Raids in Minecraft can be thrilling but also chaotic. If you find yourself constantly bombarded by pillagers and their relentless waves, fear not! 

Building a raided farm allows you to strategically trigger raids and efficiently collect their loot, including emeralds, enchanted items, and experience orbs. 

This guide will walk you through the process of constructing your raid farm, turning the tide from frantic defense to strategic offense.

How Do I Create a Raid Farm In Minecraft?

Minecraft offers a diverse range of experiences, and for thrill-seekers, raid farms provide a unique challenge and rewarding outcome. 

These contraptions leverage clever mechanics to lure and eliminate pillagers, and hostile mobs that spawn during raids, yielding valuable loot in the process.

Here’s a breakdown of the essential steps to constructing your raid farm:

1. Choosing Your Design.

Raid farms come in various complexities, from beginner-friendly to intricate Redstone contraptions. For first-timers, a simple water-based design is recommended. 

It utilizes water streams to funnel pillagers into a central chamber where they can be easily defeated.

2. Gathering the Materials.

The core materials for a basic raid farm include:

  • Blocks (cobblestone, slabs, etc.) for building the farm’s structure.
  • Water buckets to create water streams.
  • Trapdoors to control mob movement.
  • A villager and a bed to simulate a village and trigger raids.
  • Hoppers and chests to collect loot.

3. Building the Farm.

The fundamental concept involves constructing a funnel system using blocks and water streams. 

Pillagers, triggered by the presence of a villager, are lured into the water flow, directing them toward a central chamber where they can be swiftly eliminated.

For a more detailed walkthrough, consider searching online for tutorials specific to your chosen design. 

Numerous video guides offer visual demonstrations, making the building process much easier to follow.

4. Initiating Raids.

Once your farm is built, you’ll need to trigger a raid. This can be done by obtaining the “Bad Omen” status effect, which drops from killing a Pillager with a banner on its head. 

With the effect active, approaching your villager will trigger a raid, spawning waves of pillagers.

5. Reap the Rewards.

After defeating the pillagers, don’t forget to collect your spoils! Raid farms offer a variety of loot, including emeralds, experience orbs, and various equipment. 

The exact rewards depend on the difficulty of the raid, which increases with each wave.


Building a raid farm requires effort and planning, but the rewards of efficient resource gathering and exciting battles make it a worthwhile endeavor for experienced Minecraft players. 

With careful planning and the help of online resources, you can soon be reaping the benefits of your very own raid farm.

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