How To Create a Raid In Minecraft



Have you ever craved an epic battle against waves of hostile mobs in Minecraft? Well, look no further than raids!

These intense challenges pit you against the vicious Pillagers, testing your combat skills and strategic thinking.

But how exactly do you trigger a raid? This guide will equip you with the knowledge to initiate this thrilling chaos, transforming a peaceful village into a warzone.

So, prepare your weapons, forge your armor, and get ready to embark on a journey filled with action and adventure!

How Do I Create a Raid In Minecraft?

Minecraft offers a diverse range of challenges, and raids provide an exciting test of your combat skills and strategic thinking. 

These intense battles involve defending a village from waves of hostile pillagers, culminating in a showdown with a powerful villager captain. But how do you trigger a raid?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

1. Acquire the “Bad Omen” Effect.

The key to initiating a raid lies in the “Bad Omen” status effect. This curse marks you as a target for the pillagers, and entering a village while afflicted will trigger the raid.

2. Find a Pillager Captain.

Your hunt for the “Bad Omen” effect begins with locating a pillager captain. These distinguished foes stand out from the regular pillager crowd by sporting a towering, ominous banner on their backs.

3. Identify Pillager Outposts.

Pillager outposts, recognizable by their ominous wooden structures and watchtowers, are excellent locations to find pillager captains. These outposts frequently spawn near villages, making them convenient hunting grounds.

4. Eliminate the Captain.

Once you encounter a pillager captain, engage in combat and defeat them. Upon their demise, you’ll receive the “Bad Omen” effect, signified by a dark purple icon on your screen.

5. Locate a Village.

With the “Bad Omen” in tow, head towards a village. Remember, drinking milk during this stage will remove the effect, preventing the raid from starting.

6. Brace for Battle!

As soon as you step foot within the village boundaries, the raid commences.  A warning message will appear, followed by a countdown timer before the first wave of pillagers assaults the village.


Raids progressively intensify in difficulty with each wave. Strategize your defense by fortifying the village with walls and strategically placing iron golems to aid you in combat.

Remember, protecting the villagers is crucial, as their deaths contribute to the raid’s difficulty.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to initiating a thrilling raid in Minecraft. 

Just remember, with great challenge comes great rewards – defeating the raid grants you access to valuable loot, including experience points, emeralds, and even a rare totem of undying!

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