How To Create a Sugarcane Farm In Minecraft



Sugarcane, a versatile resource in Minecraft, is crucial for crafting paper, books, and even sweet treats.

But manually harvesting can be tedious. Fear not, enterprising crafters! This guide will walk you through constructing your very own automatic sugarcane farm, ensuring a steady supply of this valuable resource with minimal effort. So, grab your tools and prepare to become a master sugar cultivator!

How Do I Create a Sugarcane Farm In Minecraft?

Sugarcane, a versatile resource in Minecraft, is used for crafting paper, books, and even sugar, making it a valuable crop to have on hand. 

Building a sugarcane farm automates the harvesting process, saving you time and effort. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get your sugar production up and running:

1. Gathering the Goods:

Before we begin construction, you’ll need to gather the following materials:

  • Dirt, Sand, or Mud Blocks: These will serve as the base for your sugarcane to grow on.
  • Sugarcane: You’ll need a few stalks to initiate your farm’s growth.
  • Hopper and Chest: The hopper will collect the harvested sugarcane and funnel it into the chest for storage.
  • Pistons: These will be the automated “hands” that harvest the sugarcane.
  • Redstone Dust: This will provide the power source for your pistons.
  • Observer Block: This block detects changes in its surroundings and will trigger the pistons.
  • Optional: Building Blocks and Glass: These can be used for aesthetics and to enclose your farm.

2. Building Your Farm:

  1. Dig a trench: Start by digging a trench one block wide and any desired length. The depth will depend on your farm’s design (explained in the next step).
  2. Chest and Hopper Placement: At one end of the trench, place a chest. On top of the chest, place a hopper facing downwards. This will collect the harvested sugarcane.
  3. Water Source and Sugarcane: Fill the trench with water, ensuring the water flows and reaches the hopper. Plant your sugarcane on the blocks adjacent to the water source.
  4. Redstone Machinery: Here’s where the automation comes in! On the side opposite the hopper, place a block one block away from the top water level. On this block, place a row of pistons facing the sugarcane. Behind the pistons, place another row of blocks at the same height.
  5. Observer and Redstone: On the top block row behind the pistons, place an observer block facing the sugarcane. On the same block behind the observer, place a piece of redstone dust.
  6. Optional: Encasing: You can now enclose your farm with your chosen building blocks and add glass panels for a clear view.

How it Works:

As the sugarcane grows, the observer block will detect the change and trigger a redstone pulse. 

This pulse activates the pistons, pushing the mature sugarcane and breaking it, dropping it into the water and eventually into the hopper, filling your chest with your harvest!

Customization and Tips:

  • This design is a basic one-block-wide farm. You can expand it to multiple blocks wide for increased production.
  • You can stack these farms vertically to create a multi-level sugarcane powerhouse.
  • Experiment with different piston and observer placements to find an efficient design that works for you.


With a little planning and these simple steps, you’ll have a fully functional sugarcane farm in Minecraft, ensuring a steady supply of this valuable resource for all your crafting needs!

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