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Ever wandered the vast deserts of Minecraft and thought, ‘I could use some cacti around here?’

Well, wonder no more! Cacti are a surprisingly versatile plant in Minecraft, providing not only a spiky aesthetic but also a renewable source of fuel (each cactus block smelts 0.7 items) and a handy way to create deadly traps for unsuspecting mobs.

In this guide, I’ll delve into the prickly world of cactus farming, teaching you everything you need to know to cultivate these prickly friends in no time.

How Do I Farm Cactus In Minecraft?

Let’s face it, cacti in Minecraft can be a double-edged sword. Sure, they provide a renewable source of fuel for torches and furnaces, but getting too close can result in a painful surprise.

But what if I told you there’s a way to have your cactus cake and eat it too (metaphorically speaking, of course)? Enter the wonderful world of cactus farming!

Here’s the prickly truth: with a little planning and some clever block placement, you can cultivate a cactus haven that provides a steady stream of this spiky resource without any danger of getting ouchied.

1. Gather Your Supplies:

  • Shovel: You’ll need this trusty tool to dig up some sand, the essential foundation for your cactus empire.
  • Sand: This is the golden ticket! Cacti only grow on sand blocks, so the more you have, the bigger your farm can be. Deserts are a great place to find sand, but beaches work too.
  • Cactus: You’ll need at least one cactus block to kickstart your farm. You can find these prickly fellows growing naturally in deserts.
  • Optional: Water Buckets, Fences, and Chests: These come in handy for creating a more automated and efficient farm, but they aren’t strictly necessary for a basic setup.

2. Planting the Seeds of Success:

  1. Sandcastle Dreams: Find a suitable location for your farm and start placing your sand blocks. Remember, cacti need space to grow, so leave at least one empty block between each sand block. You can arrange them in rows, or squares, or even get creative with a multi-level cactus tower!
  2. Cactus Champions: Now comes the fun part! Plant your cactus on top of the sand blocks. Each cactus block can grow up to three blocks tall, providing you with multiple prickly points for harvesting.

3. Spiky Automation (Optional):

  • Water Works: Want to make harvesting even easier? Here’s where the water buckets come in. By placing water source blocks strategically at the edges of your farm, you can create a water flow that pushes mature cactus segments towards a designated collection point.
  • Fencing it In Fences placed next to the cacti can trigger them to break when they reach full height. This is a great way to automate some of the harvesting process, especially if you’ve incorporated the water flow trick. The broken cactus segments will then float in the water stream, conveniently leading them to…
  • Chest Hoard!: Placing a chest at the end of your water flow will create a collection point for all your broken cactus goodness. Hoppers placed underneath the chest will automatically collect the cactus segments, saving you time and frustration.


With a little patience, your cactus farm will start to flourish. Remember, cacti grow relatively quickly, so you’ll be able to harvest them regularly to fuel your in-game needs.

So there you have it! With this knowledge, you’ll be a cactus connoisseur in no time.  Now go forth, cultivate your prickly patch, and enjoy the benefits of a safe and sustainable cactus supply!

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