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How To File a Dispute On Upwork

How To File a Dispute On Upwork

How To Use Upwork Connects


Upwork is one of the leading online platforms for freelancers and clients to connect and work together.

While most projects go smoothly, there may be times when a dispute arises between a freelancer and a client.

In these situations, it’s important to know how to file a dispute on Upwork to protect your rights and resolve the issue in a fair and timely manner.

In this article, we’ll cover the steps you need to take to file a dispute on Upwork, as well as some tips for resolving disputes effectively.

What Is Upwork?

Upwork is a global online platform that connects businesses and organizations with freelancers and independent professionals from around the world.

The platform offers a range of services, including web and mobile development, graphic design, content creation, marketing, and administrative support.

Upwork provides a flexible and accessible way for clients to find the talent they need, while also providing freelancers with the opportunity to showcase their skills and expertise to a wide range of potential clients.

The platform offers various features such as job postings, proposals, messaging, and secure payment systems to facilitate smooth and efficient collaborations between clients and freelancers.

Upwork has become one of the leading online job marketplaces, with millions of freelancers and clients from over 180 countries using the platform to find work and hire talent.

What is a Dispute?

A dispute on Upwork is a disagreement or conflict that arises between a client and a freelancer during a project.

Disputes can arise for a variety of reasons, such as a disagreement over project scope, missed deadlines, or quality of work.

If the parties are unable to resolve the issue on their own, they may need to file a dispute on Upwork to seek assistance from Upwork’s dispute resolution team.

The dispute resolution team can help to mediate the dispute and come to a fair resolution for both parties.

Why Should I File a Dispute On Upwork?

Filing a dispute on Upwork is an important step in protecting your rights and ensuring that you are fairly compensated for your work.

Here are some reasons why you may need to file a dispute on Upwork:

1. Non-payment.

One of the most common reasons for filing a dispute on Upwork is non-payment. If a client refuses to pay for work that you have completed, filing a dispute can help you to recover your earnings.

2. Breach of contract.

If a client fails to fulfil their obligations under the contract, such as providing necessary materials or paying on time, filing a dispute can help you to resolve the issue.

3. Disagreement over project scope.

If the client changes the scope of the project or requests work that was not agreed upon, filing a dispute can help to clarify the project requirements and ensure that you are fairly compensated for your work.

4. Quality of work.

If the client is unhappy with the quality of your work, filing a dispute can help to resolve the issue and ensure that you are allowed to make necessary revisions or changes.

5. Miscommunication.

If there is a breakdown in communication between you and the client, filing a dispute can help to clarify any misunderstandings and ensure that the project is on track.

Filing a dispute on Upwork can be a helpful tool in resolving conflicts and ensuring that you are fairly compensated for your work.

However, it’s important to remember that filing a dispute should be a last resort and that it’s best to try to resolve any issues with the client directly before escalating the situation.

Additionally, filing a dispute can be a time-consuming and stressful process, so it’s important to carefully consider the situation and seek advice from Upwork’s customer support team before taking any action.

How do I File a Dispute On Upwork?

As a freelancer on Upwork, you may encounter situations where a client is not meeting their obligations or is refusing to pay for services rendered.

In such cases, filing a dispute can be an effective way to protect your rights and resolve the issue. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to file a dispute on Upwork:

1. Review the contract.

Before filing a dispute, review the terms of the contract to ensure that you have fulfilled your obligations and that the client has not breached the contract.

This will help to ensure that your dispute is legitimate and has a good chance of success.

2. Contact the client.

If you haven’t already done so, try to contact the client to resolve the issue. Explain your concerns and try to come to a mutually beneficial solution. If the client is unresponsive or refuses to resolve the issue, it may be time to file a dispute.

3. Contact Upwork support.

If you need to file a dispute, contact Upwork support and explain the situation. Upwork’s customer support team can provide guidance and help you to navigate the dispute resolution process.

4. Gather evidence.

To support your dispute, it’s important to gather evidence of the issue, such as emails, messages, or screenshots. This will help to demonstrate your case and increase your chances of success.

5. File the dispute.

Once you have gathered your evidence and contacted Upwork support, you can file the dispute through the Upwork platform.

To do this, go to the “Help & Support” tab on your Upwork dashboard and click on “File a Dispute”.

You will be asked to provide details about the dispute, including the reason for the dispute and any evidence you have collected.

6. Wait for a response.

After you have filed the dispute, Upwork’s dispute resolution team will review your case and make a decision based on the evidence provided. This can take several days or weeks, depending on the complexity of the case.

7. Accept the decision.

If the dispute resolution team rules in your favour, the client will be required to pay for the services rendered. If the client refuses to pay, Upwork can take action to suspend their account.

If the dispute resolution team rules against you, you can choose to accept the decision or request arbitration.

8. Request arbitration.

If you disagree with the dispute resolution team’s decision, you can request arbitration. This involves paying a fee to have an independent arbitrator review the case and make a final decision.

9. Cooperate with the arbitrator.

If you choose to go to arbitration, it’s important to cooperate fully with the arbitrator and provide any additional evidence or information that may be requested. This will help to ensure that the final decision is fair and just.

10. Accept the final decision.

Once the arbitrator has made a final decision, it is binding and cannot be appealed. It’s important to accept the decision and move on, even if it’s not the outcome you were hoping for.


Filing a dispute on Upwork can be a stressful and time-consuming process, but it’s an important way to protect your rights and ensure that you are fairly compensated for your work.

By following these steps and working with Upwork’s customer support team, you can increase your chances of a successful resolution and avoid future disputes.

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