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Minecraft, the beloved sandbox game, takes on a whole new dimension with the addition of virtual reality. Imagine placing blocks, exploring sprawling landscapes, and battling creepers all while feeling truly immersed in the world. 

The Oculus Quest 2 makes this dream a reality, letting you experience Minecraft in a way that’s both familiar and exhilarating.

This guide will walk you through the steps of getting Minecraft VR up and running on your Oculus Quest 2, from purchasing the game to navigating the controls and diving into your first VR adventure.  So, grab your pickaxe, prepare to craft your imagination, and let’s embark on this exciting journey!

How Do I Get Minecraft VR On Oculus Quest 2?

Minecraft, the ever-popular sandbox game, takes on a whole new dimension with VR.  Exploring and building in a world that surrounds you is an experience unlike any other. 

If you own an Oculus Quest 2 and are ready to embark on this immersive adventure, here’s how to get started:

1. Gear Up:

  • Minecraft Bedrock Edition: This is the version compatible with the Oculus Quest 2. You can purchase it from the Microsoft Store.
  • Oculus Quest 2: Ensure your headset is fully charged and functioning properly.

2. Choose Your Path:

There are two main ways to play Minecraft VR on your Oculus Quest 2:

Option 1: Standalone Play (Without a PC):

  1. Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Head to the Oculus Store on your Quest 2 and search for “Minecraft.” Purchase and download the game.
  2. Launch and Play: Once downloaded, simply select Minecraft from your Oculus library and start building and exploring!

Option 2: PC VR Experience (Requires a PC):

  1. VR-Ready PC: You’ll need a computer that meets the minimum specifications for running VR games.
  2. Oculus Link Cable: This cable connects your Quest 2 to your PC, enabling you to play PC VR games.
  3. Minecraft Java Edition: Although not officially supported by Oculus, this version offers more customization options and access to community-created content. You can purchase it from the official Minecraft website.
  4. Vivecraft: This unofficial mod allows you to play the Java Edition of Minecraft in VR. Download and install Vivecraft following the instructions on their website.
  5. Connect and Launch: Connect your Quest 2 to your PC using the Link cable. Launch the Oculus software on your PC and ensure your headset is recognized. Open the Minecraft launcher, select Vivecraft in the profile options, and launch the game.

3. Controls and Gameplay:

  • Standalone Play: Use the Oculus Touch controllers to move around, interact with the world, and build.
  • PC VR Play: The controls will vary depending on the specific VR control scheme you choose in the Minecraft launcher settings.

Tips and Additional Information:

  • Ensure a good internet connection: This is especially important for downloading the game and updates.
  • Free VR experiences: There are also free VR experiences based on Minecraft available on the Oculus Store, such as “Minecraft Earth AR.”
  • Adjust VR settings: Experiment with the VR settings in both Minecraft and the Oculus software to find what works best for you in terms of comfort and performance.


With these steps, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing the wonder of Minecraft in VR on your Oculus Quest 2. 

Remember, exploring and building in a virtual world can be physically demanding, so take breaks and listen to your body to avoid any discomfort.  Now, grab your pickaxe and prepare to be transported to a world of endless possibilities!

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