How To Get More Connects On Upwork

How To Get More Connects On Upwork

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Upwork, as a leading platform for freelancers, provides a space for professionals to find opportunities that align with their skills and expertise.

To make the most of this platform, having an ample number of connects – the virtual currency used to submit proposals – is crucial.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the strategies and techniques to increase your connects on Upwork, equipping you with the tools to proactively pursue projects and take your freelancing journey to new heights.

Whether you’re new to the platform or seeking to optimize your approach, understanding how to acquire more connects on Upwork is an essential skill that can propel your freelancing career forward.

How Do I Get More Connects On Upwork?

Connects are the currency of opportunity on this thriving freelancing platform, allowing you to submit proposals and showcase your capabilities to a wide array of projects.

To navigate this competitive landscape and secure the projects that align with your talents, having a sufficient number of connects is essential.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the tactics and methods to expand your pool of connects on Upwork, enabling you to seize more opportunities and fuel your freelancing journey.

1. Understand the Connects System.

Before diving in, grasp the concept of connects. On Upwork, connects are used to submit proposals to clients.

Different projects require varying numbers of connects, and maintaining a healthy balance is key to staying active on the platform.

2. Optimize Your Profile and Proposals.

A complete and compelling profile leads to higher client interest and, consequently, more invites to submit proposals.

Craft a professional overview, showcase your skills, and ensure that your profile aligns with your expertise.

3. Identify Your Niche and Skills.

Focusing on a niche that matches your strengths can increase your chances of attracting relevant projects. Tailor your skills to match your niche, and seek out projects that align with your expertise.

4. Complete Skill Tests and Certifications.

Upwork offers skill tests that validate your proficiency in specific areas. Successfully completing these tests not only boosts your profile credibility but also grants you additional connects.

5. Upgrade to a Paid Membership.

Consider investing in an Upwork Plus or Upwork Business membership. These paid plans often come with bonus connects as well as other valuable features to enhance your freelancing experience.

6. Participate in the Upwork Community.

Engaging in the Upwork community forums and discussions can earn you “kudos,” which can be exchanged for extra connects.

Sharing insights, offering advice, and participating in relevant discussions can help you accrue these valuable assets.

7. Optimize Your Proposals.

Craft personalized proposals that highlight your expertise and align with the client’s needs. Quality proposals increase your chances of being shortlisted, making the most of the connects you invest

8. Avoid Low-Quality Bidding.

Submitting proposals indiscriminately to every project can lead to a waste of connects. Focus on projects that genuinely interest you and align with your skills to ensure a higher return on your connect investment.

9. Refresh Your Profile and Portfolio.

Regularly update your profile and portfolio to showcase your latest work and accomplishments. A dynamic profile attracts more clients, leading to increased opportunities to use your connects effectively.

10. Evaluate and Adjust.

Periodically assess your proposal-to-client conversion rate. If you’re not receiving the desired response, refine your approach, update your profile, and adjust your proposal strategy.

11. Consider Premium Proposals.

Upwork offers a “premium” option for submitting proposals on certain projects, which requires additional connects but increases your visibility and chances of getting noticed by clients.

12. Be Consistent and Patient.

Building a solid freelancing career takes time. Keep a steady flow of connects available, remain persistent, and continuously improve your approach.


Expanding your pool of connects on Upwork empowers you to engage with a wider range of projects and clients, ultimately leading to a more fruitful freelancing journey.

By following these strategies and combining them with a proactive and tailored approach to proposal submission, you’ll not only enhance your Upwork experience but also increase your likelihood of securing the projects that drive your professional growth and success.

Remember, connects are your pathway to opportunity – use them wisely to unlock the full potential of your freelancing career on Upwork.

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