How To Link Twitch With Amazon Prime

How To Link Twitch With Amazon Prime



Twitch, the thriving hub of live streaming and interactive content, and Amazon Prime, the juggernaut of online retail and premium services, have joined forces to offer users an exciting synergy.

By linking your Twitch account with Amazon Prime, you open the door to a world of benefits that span entertainment, gaming, and more.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the seamless process of linking Twitch with Amazon Prime, unveiling a treasure trove of perks that elevate your streaming journey.

Get ready to unlock exclusive content, free games, and more, as we explore the dynamic fusion of two digital powerhouses.

How Do I Link Twitch With Amazon Prime?

Twitch, the world’s leading live streaming platform, and Amazon Prime, the premium subscription service known for its array of benefits, have seamlessly combined their offerings to provide users with an enhanced and holistic digital experience.

By linking your Twitch account with Amazon Prime, you gain access to a spectrum of exclusive rewards, in-game loot, ad-free viewing, and more.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the straightforward process of linking Twitch with Amazon Prime, uncovering a world of exciting opportunities for both gamers and content enthusiasts.

1. Ensure You Have an Amazon Prime Account.

Before you dive into linking your Twitch account, it’s essential to have an active Amazon Prime subscription.

Amazon Prime offers an array of perks beyond just free shipping, including Prime Video, Prime Music, and now, exclusive benefits for Twitch users.

2. Visit the Twitch Prime Website.

Head to the official Twitch Prime website ( to get started on the linking process.

Twitch Prime is included with Amazon Prime, so you’ll be able to access Twitch’s premium features as part of your existing subscription.

3. Sign in to Your Amazon Account.

Upon reaching the Twitch Prime website, click on the “Sign in” button. You’ll need to log in with the Amazon account that is associated with your Prime subscription. If you’re not already signed in, you’ll be prompted to do so.

4. Authorize the Linkage.

Once you’re signed in, you’ll see an option to “Link Twitch Account.” Click on this button to authorize the connection between your Amazon Prime account and your Twitch account. This step is crucial for unlocking all the exclusive benefits that come with Twitch Prime.

5. Enjoy Twitch Prime Benefits.

Once the linking process is complete, you’ll gain access to a treasure trove of Twitch Prime benefits. These include ad-free viewing on Twitch, a free channel subscription every 30 days to support your favourite streamer, exclusive in-game loot for various games, and more.

6. Claim Your Loot and Rewards.

As a Twitch Prime member, you’ll be eligible to receive exclusive in-game loot for a variety of popular games.

These rewards often include character skins, weapon packs, and other valuable in-game items. Keep an eye on the “Loot” section of your Twitch account to claim these rewards.

7. Stay Updated on Exclusive Offers.

Twitch Prime regularly offers exclusive deals, promotions, and free games to its members. Keep an eye on your Twitch Prime dashboard and your email notifications to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the exciting offers available to you.

8. Manage Your Subscription and Benefits.

You can manage your Twitch Prime subscription and benefits from your Twitch account settings. Here, you can see when your next free channel subscription is available, browse and claim in-game loot, and explore the full range of benefits you’re entitled to as a Twitch Prime member.


Linking your Twitch account with Amazon Prime is a seamless process that unlocks a world of exclusive benefits, rewards, and opportunities.

By bridging the gap between these two digital giants, you gain access to ad-free viewing, in-game loot, free monthly channel subscriptions, and more.

Whether you’re a dedicated gamer or a content enthusiast, this collaboration between Twitch and Amazon Prime enhances your digital experience and adds an extra layer of excitement to your online endeavours.

So, go ahead and follow the steps outlined in this guide to seamlessly link your accounts and start enjoying the best of both worlds.

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