6 Effective Digital Marketing Strategy For Every Business

Effective Digital Marketing Strategy For Every Business

Effective Digital Marketing Strategy For Every Business


Nowadays, every new and existing business will do anything possible to make their business accessible online. Still, this downside is that they do not know how to get started.

Most businesses spend time building their reputation on social media only to violate a single policy, which would lead to a ban on their social media profile, then what happens? Real progress is lost, and they feel reluctant to start again.

I am not writing this article to dispute that the outright use of social media is an effective digital marketing strategy, but it is not a good thing to rely on its use in the long term.

Just take a look at a scenario of a popular online journal that I used to know here in Nigeria; it had a 3 million Facebook page that was used to generate lots of traffic to its website, but on a singular violation of Facebook’s policy, the Facebook page was deleted. So the progress was lost; the owner of that online journal is finding it very hard to recover from the unexpected shock.

Had it been he had transferred at least 500,000 of his 3 million Facebook fans to an email list owned by him, it would have been possible for him to bounce back repeatedly.

An email list would always be your’s; it cannot be taken down or spammed or even removed without your consent; email marketing is a long-term marketing strategy that every sustainable business should subscribe to.

So many business experiences this kind of disappointment when they ultimately leverage social media to grow their business online.

The use of social media is good; I even have so many articles on this blog, where I wrote articles on the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even Instagram.

These platforms offer your business the visibility that your company desires, but they come with their downside, which sometimes cannot be repaired when violated.

For better clarity, you can check out my article on various social media below.

In this article, I will be giving you a full breakdown of the effective use of various digital marketing strategies.

Effective Digital Marketing Strategy For Every Business.

There are so many digital marketing strategies right now; most have been around for longer than others.

One thing you should bear in mind as a business owner is the need to create a sustainable digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing is a process that involves a lot of time and should be taken one step to the other; you should also think of the long term.

I was reading a book by a Nigerian Author called Akin Alabi; he gave an example of how he started his sports bet business from his existing email marketing list; also, do you know that Facebook got its first users from a current email list owned by one of the Facebook founders?.

That is an example of a long-term digital marketing strategy. So, when starting on a digital marketing journey, think both short-term and long-term.

1. Content Marketing.

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves using written content to reach out to prospective audiences and customers online, most especially via SEO.

In other words, the effective use of a blog is also called content marketing. In today’s online marketplace, users have a lot of power. For example, they can choose to read or ignore your company’s messages, whether they’re promotional or informational.

How many Ads are being ignored via search engines and even social media? You see why spending on ads is not a long term promotional strategy.

It has been discovered that prospective customers tend to respond well to informational content from companies, which is why content marketing is so essential now.

The bottom line is, People, want to see what you have to offer, and one of the very few legit ways that it can be seen is by investing in content marketing.

The first and the most sustainable digital marketing strategy is content marketing; I see so many businesses design pretty websites and begin to explain to prospective customers what their business is all about; most of these businesses offer services, but they still go out of their way to convince customers on various reasons to patronise their business.

There would be no need for all these if effective content marketing were in place; content marketing is a perfect strategy to win customers over to your business without stress.

Content marketing for every business should be tailored around the niche of that business. Writing content that explains the needs and essentials of your business can help you win out prospective customers from all over the world.

For example, let’s say you are an insurance company. You intend to win more customers from the internet; the first thing to do is create a website that describes your business and swift into effective content marketing to back up your interactions with full proof; the same goes for other companies in real estate and even fashion.

The overall goal of content marketing as a digital media strategy is to provide relevant information to your target audience, increase traffic, and create conversions.

From a technical viewpoint, content marketing also focuses on optimising your content for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to improve your visibility in search results.

Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy that continues to bring traffic even long after such content has been created. In other words, it becomes organic. Content marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies that convert a lot.

I wrote an in-depth guide to help you start blogging as a business; click the link to get started now.

2. Email List Building.

Email marketing is the use of emails for the sole purpose of marketing.
The following thing to have in mind when developing a sustainable digital marketing strategy is the use of email marketing.

Email marketing remains one of the most effective forms of online marketing; it has also been discovered that emails convert more effectively than every other digital marketing channel.

Another interesting fact about email marketing is that it remains yours for life; there are no rules to be violated to cause an impromptu termination; once you own an email list, it becomes your for life.

Email marketing allows you to create brand awareness. The idea is that, while these users may not need your services or products immediately, they always have a way to remember your brand when it’s time to make a purchase.

Email marketing as a brand awareness tool encourages them to choose your company when they eventually decide to buy.

Your email list contains a list of well-targeted people that are always willing to read your emails because they willingly subscribed to your list; this factor makes them convert even more.

The primary purpose of email marketing as a digital marketing strategy is to stay at the top of the mind of potential buyers and provide current clients with helpful information, like important industry news, and personalised content, that keep them coming back. A lot can be achieved when a brand uses email marketing.

I wrote an in-depth guide to help you get started with email marketing below; click the link.

3. YouTube

Video marketing via YouTube is another digital marketing strategy that can boost your business online.

YouTube can help you reach out to a targetted audience relevant to your business. In addition, YouTube is owned by Google, making it more ranked via the Google search engine.

Do you know that adults spend up to five hours a day watching videos? It has also been discovered that brand awareness rises by almost 140 per cent after a user watches a video, whether it’s a product release in-depth how-to.

Just like content marketing, your videos can also affect the purchases made by prospective customers.

A how-to video, for instance, can influence users that your product is the best fit for their business or lifestyle.

If your company invests in influencer marketing, an influencer’s video can also convince users to choose you over your competitors.

Video marketing can go a long way to developing your brand image online. So I wrote a comprehensive guide to help you start hacking your way around YouTube; click the link.

4. Social Media.

Social Media is a popular tool used by every business online. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have generated massive engagements, leading to a more fertile environment for all kinds of business.

With Social Media platforms like Facebook, you can reach out to millions of people in just one click; engagement can also be generated around your business, leading to massive sales conversion.

There are so many social media out there; you should choose the one that aligns with your business goals; for example, if your business is tied around the use of images; then Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook would be a perfect fit for you, while Twitter would be helpful if your business is designed to share outbounds links to a third-party website.

Don’t hesitate to try out all of them and see which works more effectively for your business.

My advice to a small business that is just starting to explore the social media space is to pick a single social media for the first time and transfer the engagement from the first to the rest.

The core goal of social media marketing is to develop brand awareness and conversions and create and manage your company’s reputation.

That is why social media marketing centres on producing informational and promotional content, plus communicating in real-time with users on various platforms.

I wrote a guide on effective social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

5. Subscribe To The Use Of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a business model that allows you to share profit with independent marketers worldwide.
It has been discovered that people only market products and services that they intend to gain from; in other words, this means that people will only refer people to your product if you offer them something in return; this can only become possible with affiliate marketing.

Check out top online brands like Bluehost, GetResponse, and Amazon; they all have one thing in common: a high-paying affiliate program that allows independent marketers to make money while recommending their products and services.

All you need to get started with affiliate marketing for your business is an affiliate marketing provider; afterwards, you customise it to suit your business model, and you have the liberty to set your prefered commission and offers.

Better still, just get signed up as an advertiser on an affiliate marketplace.
I wrote a comprehensive guide to help you create your affiliate marketplace.

6. Leverage The Power of Podcast.

A podcast is a series of hosted recorded audio files distributed across the internet.

Choosing a platform to create a presence can be questioned for brands.
Though most businesses are working on expanding their presence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and are missing out on the niche that can be grown on audio platforms like Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcast.

Not too many businesses use podcasts to grow their business; I doubt if even most of these businesses know how effective a podcast can be when it comes to building an effective marketing strategy.

It has been discovered that there are over 80 million Facebook pages as compared to 70,000 podcasts presently existing; this shows the significantly lower competition for podcasts.

A podcast can help you reach out to a larger audience in just one distribution channel, your podcast can go viral, and you have lots of prospective audiences worldwide willing to learn about what you do.

Podcasts have real power because it is not just a branding tool; it creates value for the audience.

Listeners can feel connected, have a sense of belonging, learn more about their interests and be a part of the podcast community while fastening in a discussion.

I wrote an article on how to get started with a podcast; click the link below to read more.


Digital marketing is one of the most reliable ways to reach new customers and accomplish your business goals.

Plus, it offers a diversity of approaches, from video to email to social, to reach your individual goals.

Whether you are looking to develop sales, funds, recognition, or loyalty, digital marketing is the way.

The achievement of your digital marketing strategies, notwithstanding, depends on their evolution and execution of them.

Digital marketing can also be a lot to take in at a time; this is why I recommend you consult with a digital marketing expert to help put your business on the right path to digital marketing success.

All you need do is write me an email –, or send me a personal email –

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