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Ever ventured into the Nether in Minecraft and stumbled upon a dark, ominous structure? That, my friend, is a Bastion. Bastion remnants are fascinating and challenging places, crawling with hostile mobs but filled with valuable loot.

But braving a Bastion is no walk in the park. These sprawling structures, introduced in the Nether Update (1.16), are filled with hoglin stables, piglin brute spawners, and treasures guarded by these fierce piglin mobs.

So, if you’re up for the challenge and the rewards, here’s a guide on how to loot a Bastion in Minecraft.

How Do I Loot Bastion In Minecraft?

Bastions in Minecraft’s Nether realm are like booby-trapped piñatas filled with goodies.  Packed with loot and crawling with hostile mobs, they offer a thrilling challenge for mid-to-late game players. 

But before you dive headfirst into the fray, let’s break down how to conquer a Bastion and emerge victorious (and well-equipped).

1. Finding the Fury:

Bastions aren’t exactly common, spawning only at a 2.4% chance per Nether chunk. That means a bit of exploration is necessary. 

You can explore Nether wastes hoping for a lucky encounter, but there’s a more precise method. 

Websites like Chunkbase allow you to enter your world seed and pinpoint Bastion locations – like a treasure map for the Nether!

2. Gearing Up for Glory:

Now, for the fun part – the loot! But first, you need the tools to survive. Here’s what to pack:

  • Armour and Weapons: Full diamond or Netherite armour is ideal. A strong sword (diamond or Netherite) and bow with plenty of arrows will keep you in the fight.
  • Potions: Healing potions are a must, and consider fire resistance for those pesky magma cubes.
  • Food: Keep your hunger bar topped up – you’ll need the energy for battle.
  • Pickaxes: Bring an efficient pickaxe (diamond or Netherite) to mine valuable blocks.
  • Golden Items: Piglins, the aggressive inhabitants of Bastions, are surprisingly fond of gold. Wearing a golden helmet can prevent them from attacking you on sight. However, this won’t protect you from Piglin Brutes, the hulking warriors that lurk within.

3. Breaching the Bastion:

Once you find a Bastion, it’s time to breach its defences. These structures have two main points of entry:

  • Bridge: A large bridge with golden statues marks the main entrance. Be wary of Piglin patrols and archers on the walkways.
  • Ruined Bastion: Look for crumbled outer sections with exposed interiors. While less imposing, they might still house Piglins.

4. The Looting Lowdown:

Bastions are divided into sections, each offering unique rewards:

  • Bastion Remnants: These offer basic loot like gold ingots, iron armour, and weapons in chests scattered throughout the structure.
  • Treasure Bastion: This is where the real riches lie. Look for a central chamber with a magma cube spawner and a large pile of gold blocks. This area also contains the most valuable chests, potentially containing:
    • Netherite Scrap: A rare material crucial for crafting Netherite armour and tools, the strongest gear in the game (with a 56.25% chance to spawn in a chest).
    • Ancient Debris: Another rare resource needed to craft Netherite (with a 2.3% chance to spawn in a chest).
    • Golden Tools and Armor: Not the strongest, but Piglins won’t attack you while wearing them.
    • Music Discs: You might find the elusive Pigstep music disc here, a true collector’s item.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Sneaking is Key: Piglins become hostile if they see you mining gold blocks or opening chests. Sneak to avoid detection and keep them calm (for a little while, at least).
  • Hoppers for Safety: If you’re not comfortable with the sneak approach, place a hopper under a chest before opening it. The hopper will collect the loot safely without angering any Piglins.
  • Wall Trick: Bastion hallways often have alcoves with double chests. You can mine through the wall between these alcoves to access both chests from a single location, minimizing Piglin aggro.
  • Escape Route: Have a plan for getting out! Build a safe passage back to the Nether portal before you get overwhelmed.


Conquering a Bastion is no easy feat, but with the right preparation and tactics, you’ll be walking away with a haul that will boost your Minecraft world to new heights. 

Just remember, tread carefully, fight bravely, and those Nether riches will be yours for the taking!

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