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How To Make Fiverr Gig Image On Canva

How To Make Fiverr Gig Image On Canva

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Creating visually appealing and professional gig images is crucial when it comes to attracting potential buyers on platforms like Fiverr.

An eye-catching gig image can significantly increase the chances of your gig being noticed and click on, ultimately leading to more sales and success as a freelancer.

If you’re looking to create stunning gig images but don’t have professional design skills or software, fear not!

In this guide, we will explore how to make Fiverr gig images using Canva, a popular and user-friendly online design tool.

Whether you’re a seasoned Canva user or a beginner, you’ll learn step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to create captivating gig images that will make your Fiverr profile stand out from the crowd.

Let’s dive in and unlock the potential of Canva to enhance your Fiverr gig images and attract more buyers!

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects freelancers with businesses and individuals who need their services.

The platform offers a wide range of services, including graphic design, digital marketing, writing and translation, programming, and many more.

Fiverr allows freelancers to create profiles, showcase their skills and expertise, and bid on job opportunities posted by clients.

On the other hand, clients can browse through the platform’s vast pool of freelancers and hire those whose skills and experience meet their needs.

What Is Canva?

Canva is an intuitive and user-friendly online graphic design platform that empowers users to create stunning visual content without the need for extensive design skills or software expertise.

It offers a wide range of pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop functionality, making it accessible to beginners and professionals alike.

Canva provides a vast library of customizable elements, including images, fonts, icons, shapes, and colours, enabling users to personalize their designs to suit their specific needs.

With Canva, you can create a variety of visual content such as social media graphics, presentations, posters, infographics, and, of course, gig images for platforms like Fiverr.

Its user-friendly interface and extensive features make it a popular choice for individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses looking to create professional-looking designs with ease.

Whether you’re a freelancer, marketer, educator, or simply someone who wants to unleash your creativity, Canva provides a powerful toolset to bring your visual ideas to life.

Why Should I Make a Fiverr Gig Image On Canva?

In today’s competitive freelance marketplace, standing out from the crowd is essential to attracting potential buyers and securing gigs.

When it comes to Fiverr, one of the most popular freelancing platforms, creating visually appealing gig images is a crucial step towards success.

While there are several design tools available, Canva offers unique advantages that make it an ideal choice for creating captivating Fiverr gig images.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider using Canva for this purpose.

1. User-Friendly Interface.

Canva is renowned for its user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced designers.

The intuitive drag-and-drop functionality allows you to easily customize templates and create unique gig images without the need for extensive design skills or technical expertise.

Canvas’s straightforward layout and intuitive controls enable you to focus on your creative vision rather than getting caught up in complicated design software.

2. Extensive Template Library.

Canva offers a vast library of professionally designed templates specifically tailored for various purposes, including Fiverr gig images. These templates serve as a starting point, providing you with a solid foundation for your design.

You can choose from a wide range of styles, layouts, and colour schemes, ensuring that your gig image aligns with your branding and attracts the attention of potential buyers.

3. Customization Options.

While templates provide a great starting point, Canva allows you to customize every aspect of your gig image.

You can easily modify the text, swap images, adjust colours, add shapes and icons, and incorporate your branding elements.

This flexibility ensures that your gig image is unique and reflects your personality or the essence of the service you’re offering, setting you apart from competitors and capturing the interest of potential clients.

4. Image and Asset Library.

Canva provides an extensive library of stock images, illustrations, icons, and other graphic elements that you can use in your gig images.

This eliminates the need to source images from external websites or pay for expensive stock photo subscriptions.

With Canva, you have access to a vast collection of high-quality visuals, ensuring that your gig image looks professional and visually appealing.

5. Collaboration and Sharing.

Canva offers collaboration features, allowing you to work with team members or clients on your gig image designs.

You can easily share editable design links, enabling others to provide feedback or make necessary modifications.

This collaborative approach ensures that you receive input from others and refine your gig image to perfection.

6. Cost-Effective Solution.

Canva offers a free version that provides access to a wide range of features and templates.

While there is a premium subscription available for advanced features, the free version is often sufficient for creating impressive Fiverr gig images.

This cost-effective solution allows freelancers and small businesses to create professional designs without investing in expensive design software or hiring professional designers.

7. Quick and Time-Efficient.

Canva streamlines the design process, allowing you to create professional-looking gig images in a fraction of the time compared to traditional design methods.

With its ready-made templates and intuitive interface, you can quickly customize and iterate on your designs, ensuring that you meet deadlines and maintain a productive workflow.

This time efficiency is especially crucial for freelancers who need to create multiple gig images or regularly update their portfolio.

8. Mobile Accessibility.

Canva offers a mobile app, making it convenient for freelancers on the go. Whether you’re commuting, travelling, or simply prefer working on your smartphone or tablet, Canvas mobile app ensures that you have the flexibility to create and edit gig images wherever you are.

This mobile accessibility allows you to make updates or respond to client requests promptly, ensuring a seamless workflow and excellent customer service.

9. Professional Results.

Canva’s extensive collection of templates, design elements, and customization options enables you to create gig images that have a polished and professional appearance.

This level of professionalism not only enhances your credibility as a freelancer but also instils trust and confidence in potential buyers.

By presenting yourself as a professional with visually appealing gig images, you increase the likelihood of attracting quality clients and commanding higher rates for your services.

10. Versatility for Other Design Needs.

Canva’s utility extends beyond creating gig images for Fiverr. The platform can be used to design various visual content, such as social media graphics, marketing materials, presentations, and more.

By mastering Canvas features and design techniques for gig images, you gain transferable skills that can be applied to other design projects.

This versatility expands your capabilities as a freelancer and allows you to cater to a broader range of client needs.

How Do I Make a Fiverr Gig Image On Canva?

Creating visually appealing and captivating gig images is crucial when it comes to attracting potential buyers on Fiverr.

With Canva, a user-friendly online graphic design platform, you can easily craft stunning gig images that will make your Fiverr profile stand out from the competition.

In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating Fiverr gig images on Canva, empowering you to showcase your services in a professional and eye-catching way.

1. Sign up and log in to Canva.

If you haven’t already, visit the Canva website ( and sign up for an account. Once you’ve signed up, log in to access the Canvas design interface.

2. Choose the correct template size.

Click on “Create a design” and select “Custom dimensions.” In the custom dimensions box, input the dimensions for Fiverr gig images, which are typically 550 pixels by 370 pixels.

Adjust the width and height accordingly and click “Create a design.”

3. Explore templates or start from scratch.

Canva offers a wide range of gig image templates to choose from. You can either browse the templates by selecting “Templates” on the left-hand sidebar or start with a blank canvas by clicking “Elements” and selecting the background type you prefer.

Experiment with different templates and backgrounds until you find the one that best aligns with your service and brand.

4. Customize your gig image.

Once you’ve selected a template or background, it’s time to customize your gig image. Click on various elements on the canvas to modify them. You can change the text, fonts, colours, and images, and add or remove design elements.

To change the text, simply click on the text box and edit the content. To change fonts, colours, or other design elements, use the editing options available in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

5. Add your images or use Canva’s image library.

To personalize your gig image further, you can add your images or utilize Canva’s extensive image library.

To upload your images, click on the “Uploads” tab on the left-hand sidebar, and then click on the “Upload Media” button to select and upload your desired images.

If you prefer to use Canva’s image library, click on the “Photos” or “Elements” tabs on the left-hand sidebar, and browse through the available options.

Drag and drop the chosen image onto your gig image canvas and adjust its size and position as needed.

6. Arrange and align elements.

To ensure a visually pleasing layout, arrange and align the elements of your gig image. Canva provides alignment guides to help you position the elements precisely.

You can align objects horizontally or vertically, evenly distribute them, or group elements together.
Experiment with different arrangements until you achieve the desired composition.

7. Save and download your gig image.

Once you’re satisfied with your gig image, it’s time to save and download it. Click on the “Download” button at the top right corner of the Canva interface.

Select the desired file format (usually JPEG or PNG) and click “Download” to save the image to your computer or device.

8. Upload your gig image to Fiverr.

Now that your gig image is ready, log in to your Fiverr account and navigate to the “Gigs” section.
Select the gig you want to update and click on the “Edit” button. Look for the option to upload a gig image and click on it.

Choose the gig image file you downloaded from Canva and upload it. Once uploaded, make sure to preview and review the appearance of your gig image on Fiverr to ensure that it displays properly and represents your services accurately.

9. Make final adjustments and optimizations.

After uploading your gig image to Fiverr, take a moment to review it within the context of your gig page.

Ensure that the image aligns with your gig description, title, and overall branding. If needed, make any final adjustments or optimizations to improve its visual impact and cohesiveness with your gig content.

10. Update and promote your gig.

With your professionally designed gig image in place, it’s time to update and promote your gig on Fiverr.

Showcase your gig to potential buyers by utilizing keywords, providing clear and concise descriptions, setting competitive pricing, and highlighting the unique value you offer.

Make sure to use relevant tags and categories to enhance the discoverability of your gig. Remember, Fiverr gig images are an essential element in attracting buyers and making a positive first impression.

By leveraging Canvas design capabilities, you can create visually appealing gig images that showcase your services effectively and differentiate you from other freelancers on the platform.

Additionally, you can explore Canvas’s premium features, such as advanced design elements and collaboration tools, to further enhance your gig images and streamline your design workflow.

Canva’s premium subscription offers additional benefits for those looking to elevate their designs.


By following these steps and utilizing the design capabilities of Canva, you can create compelling Fiverr gig images that captivate potential buyers and boost your chances of securing gigs.

Remember to stay consistent with your branding, showcase your unique value proposition, and regularly update your gig images to reflect your evolving services.

With Canva as your design partner, you’ll be well-equipped to create stunning gig images that make a lasting impact on Fiverr.

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