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How To Name Your Packages On Fiverr

How To Name Your Packages On Fiverr

How To Get Work on Fiverr


Naming your packages effectively is a crucial aspect of creating a successful presence on Fiverr. As a freelance platform that connects sellers with buyers, Fiverr allows you to offer your services in the form of packages.

These packages act as the primary means through which you showcase your skills, set your pricing structure, and entice potential clients to choose your services over others.

Crafting compelling and well-thought-out names for your packages can significantly impact your visibility, attract the right audience, and enhance your chances of securing orders.

In this guide, we will explore the importance of package names on Fiverr and provide you with practical tips to help you create enticing and memorable names that captivate your target market and set you apart from the competition.

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects freelancers with businesses and individuals who need their services.

The platform offers a wide range of services, including graphic design, digital marketing, writing and translation, programming, and many more.

Fiverr allows freelancers to create profiles, showcase their skills and expertise, and bid on job opportunities posted by clients.

On the other hand, clients can browse through the platform’s vast pool of freelancers and hire those whose skills and experience meet their needs.

What Is a Fiverr Package?

A Fiverr package refers to a structured offering of services that freelancers create on the Fiverr platform.

When you provide services on Fiverr, you have the option to create packages to showcase your expertise and attract potential clients.

A package is a way for you to present your services in a structured and organized manner, allowing buyers to understand what they can expect from your offering.

A Fiverr package typically consists of three key elements:

  • Title: The title of your package is a concise and descriptive name that represents the services you provide. It should grab the attention of potential buyers and communicate the value they can expect to receive.
  • Description: The description outlines the details of your package, including the scope of work, deliverables, and any additional information that buyers need to know. It is an opportunity for you to highlight your skills, experience, and unique selling points to convince buyers to choose your services.
  • Pricing and Tiers: Packages on Fiverr often come in different tiers or levels, allowing sellers to offer various options at different price points. Each tier typically includes different features, additional services, or faster delivery times, allowing buyers to select the option that best fits their needs and budget.

Creating well-structured and appealing packages is crucial on Fiverr as it helps you stand out from the competition, attract clients, and build a strong reputation for your services.

Why Should I Name My Fiverr Package On Fiverr?

When it comes to selling your services on Fiverr, naming your packages may seem like a small detail in the grand scheme of things.

However, the truth is that the name you choose for your package can have a significant impact on your success as a freelancer.

Here are several compelling reasons why you should invest time and effort into naming your Fiverr packages:

1. Grab Attention and Stand Out.

With countless freelancers offering similar services on Fiverr, it’s essential to capture the attention of potential buyers.

A well-crafted package name can make you stand out from the competition. It should be unique, catchy, and instantly convey the value of your services.

A compelling name increases the likelihood that buyers will click on your package and explore what you have to offer.

2. Create a Memorable Impression.

In the competitive freelance marketplace, creating a lasting impression is crucial. A creative and memorable package name can leave a positive impact on buyers’ minds and make them more likely to remember you when they need services similar to what you offer.

A strong package name contributes to building brand recognition and establishes you as a reputable and professional freelancer.

3. Communicate the Value.

The name of your package should communicate the value and benefits of your services. It should give potential buyers a quick understanding of what they can expect by choosing your package.

A well-crafted name sets the right expectations and entices buyers to explore further, increasing the likelihood of converting them into customers.

4. Reflect on Your Expertise and Niche.

Fiverr covers a wide range of services and industries. Naming your packages with keywords that reflect your expertise and niche helps potential buyers find your offerings more easily.

By aligning your package names with the specific skills and services you provide, you can attract a targeted audience that is actively seeking the type of services you offer.

5. Enhance Searchability.

Effective package names also contribute to your searchability within the Fiverr platform. Buyers often use search filters and keywords to find the services they need.

By incorporating relevant keywords into your package names, you increase the chances of appearing in search results, exposing your services to a wider audience.

6. Establish Professionalism and Trust.

A thoughtfully named package demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail. It shows that you have put effort into creating an appealing and organized presentation of your services.

A professional image instils confidence in potential buyers and increases their trust in your abilities, making them more likely to choose your services over others.

7. Encourage Decision Making.

When buyers browse through numerous packages, they are more likely to decide if the names indicate what they will receive.

A concise and descriptive name helps buyers quickly assess whether your package aligns with their needs, saving them time and leading to quicker purchase decisions.

How Do I Name My Fiverr Package On Fiverr?

When it comes to selling your services on Fiverr, creating compelling and enticing package names is a crucial element of success.

A well-crafted package name can capture the attention of potential buyers, communicate the value of your services, and differentiate you from the competition.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of naming your packages on Fiverr effectively.

1. Understand Your Target Audience.

Before naming your packages, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your target audience.

Consider their preferences, needs, and pain points. What language and tone will resonate with them?

By aligning your package names with your target audience, you can create a connection and appeal to their specific interests.

2. Reflect on Your Services.

Your package names should accurately reflect the services you offer. Use descriptive and specific keywords that highlight the key features and benefits of your offerings.

For example, if you provide social media management, a package name like “Social Media Superstar: Full Management Package” clearly communicates your expertise.

3. Be Unique and Memorable.

In a sea of freelancers on Fiverr, it’s crucial to stand out. Create unique and memorable package names that leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Consider using catchy phrases, alliterations, or clever wordplay to make your packages more memorable and engaging.

4. Focus on Benefits.

Buyers are interested in the value they will receive from your services. Highlight the benefits they can expect by choosing your package. Will they save time, gain more customers, or improve their online presence?

Incorporate these benefits into your package names to immediately capture buyers’ attention and entice them to learn more.

5. Keep it Concise.

While it’s important to communicate the value of your services, it’s equally important to keep your package names concise. Long and complicated names can be confusing and difficult to remember.

Aim for simplicity and clarity, ensuring that potential buyers can understand the essence of your package at a glance.

6. Utilize Keywords.

Keywords play a crucial role in searchability. Incorporate relevant keywords in your package names to improve your visibility within the Fiverr platform.

Consider the terms potential buyers might use when searching for services like yours and strategically integrate them into your package names.

7. Highlight Uniqueness.

What sets you apart from other freelancers? Identify your unique selling points and incorporate them into your package names.

Whether it’s your extensive experience, specialized skills, or a distinctive approach, emphasizing your uniqueness can help you attract buyers who are looking for something different and valuable.

8. Consider Package Tiers.

If you offer different pricing tiers or levels of service, make sure your package names reflect this distinction.

Use clear labels such as “Basic,” “Standard,” and “Premium” to indicate the varying levels of features, deliverables, or turnaround times in each package. This makes it easier for buyers to compare and choose the option that suits their needs.

9. Test and Refine.

Naming is an iterative process, and it’s essential to test the effectiveness of your package names.
Monitor the performance of your packages over time and make adjustments as necessary.

Pay attention to buyer engagement, click-through rates, and conversion rates to gauge the impact of your package names and make improvements accordingly.

10. Stay True to Your Brand.

Lastly, ensure that your package names align with your overall brand image and style. Consistency across your packages, profile, and gig descriptions helps establish a cohesive and professional presence on Fiverr. Strive to create a brand identity that buyers can recognize and trust.


Naming your packages on Fiverr requires careful thought and consideration. By understanding your audience, reflecting on your services, and focusing on benefits, you can create package names that effectively capture attention, differentiate you from competitors, and entice potential buyers.

Remember to keep your names unique, concise, and memorable, while incorporating relevant keywords and highlighting your unique selling points.

Regularly evaluate the performance of your package names and make adjustments as needed to optimize their effectiveness.

By following these guidelines and consistently refining your package names, you can significantly enhance your visibility, attract the right audience, and increase your chances of securing orders on Fiverr.

Remember, your package names are an opportunity to make a strong first impression and showcase the value you bring as a freelancer.

Invest time and effort into crafting compelling names, and you’ll be well on your way to success on the Fiverr platform.

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