How To Notify Discord When Live On Twitch

How To Notify Discord When Live On Twitch



Connecting with your audience in real-time is key to building a dedicated fan base. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by integrating your Twitch and Discord platforms.

By seamlessly notifying your Discord community when you go live on Twitch, you can enhance viewer engagement, maximize your reach, and foster a stronger sense of connection.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to set up notifications that automatically inform your Discord server members when you’re streaming on Twitch.

Harnessing the power of this integration can transform your streaming experience, allowing you to focus on what you do best—entertaining and engaging your audience.

Why Connect Twitch and Discord?

Discord has become a central hub for gamers, content creators, and communities to interact and engage in real-time. 

Its versatility as a communication platform makes it an ideal tool to keep your audience updated on your streaming activities. 

By connecting your Twitch account to your Discord server, you can automatically notify your followers and community members whenever you start a live stream. 

This not only ensures that your audience is promptly informed but also creates a sense of anticipation and excitement, driving more viewers to your stream.

How Do I Notify Discord When You’re Live on Twitch?

As a content creator, whether you’re a seasoned streamer or just starting, it’s essential to keep your audience informed and engaged. 

One powerful way to achieve this is by seamlessly connecting your Twitch and Discord platforms. 

By setting up automatic notifications that alert your Discord server members when you go live on Twitch, you can create a stronger bond with your community and maximize your reach. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to successfully notify your Discord server when you’re live on Twitch, enhancing your streaming experience and fostering a more interactive and connected audience.

1. Prepare Your Twitch Account.

Before you begin, ensure that you have an active Twitch account and a dedicated Discord server. If you haven’t already created a Discord server for your community, now is the time to set one up.

2. Set Up Discord Server Permissions.

To send notifications to your Discord server, you’ll need to set up proper permissions.  Create a channel where notifications will be sent and ensure that your viewers have the necessary permissions to access it.  You can configure these settings within your Discord server’s roles and permissions settings.

3. Integrate Twitch and Discord.

Head over to the Discord Developer Portal ( and create a new application. 

Give it a name that’s recognizable, such as your channel name. Under the “OAuth2” section, select the “bot” scope and the “send messages” permission. Generate an OAuth2 URL and use it to invite the bot to your Discord server.

4. Set Up the Twitch Integration.

In your Discord server, create a “Twitch Notifications” channel (or a name of your choice) where your live notifications will be posted.  Once the bot is in your server, assign it to the appropriate role for managing notifications.

5. Obtain Your Twitch API Token.

To connect your Twitch account to the bot, you’ll need to obtain a Twitch API token.  This token allows the bot to access your Twitch stream information and notify your Discord server when you’re live.

6. Configure the Bot.

Using the programming language your bot is written in (such as JavaScript or Python), create a script that connects to the Twitch API and monitors your stream status.  When your stream goes live, the bot will post a notification in the designated Discord channel.

7. Test and Refine.

After setting up the bot, thoroughly test it to ensure that notifications are being sent accurately and promptly. Make any necessary adjustments to the script to enhance its functionality and reliability.

Benefits of Discord Notifications.

  • Immediate Updates: Discord notifications ensure that your community is aware of your live stream the moment you start broadcasting.
  • Higher Engagement: By keeping your audience informed, you’re more likely to attract viewers who might otherwise miss out on your content.
  • Community Building: Notifications foster a stronger sense of community, as members can gather in the designated channel to discuss and react to your stream.
  • Customization: You can customize the appearance and content of your notifications, making them aligned with your branding and style.
  • Cross-Promotion: Discord notifications also provide a way to cross-promote your Discord community within your Twitch streams.


In the realm of content creation, communication, and engagement are paramount. Integrating your Twitch and Discord platforms through automated notifications empowers you to keep your audience in the loop and encourages real-time interactions. 

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can establish a smoother connection between your Twitch streams and your Discord server, strengthening your community bonds, and creating a more immersive streaming experience for both you and your viewers.

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