How To Start A Catering Business And Make Money In 2021

How To Start A Catering Business

How To Start A Catering Business


You are probably wondering why I decided to write on this topic. The reason is very simple, I love Food and I know you also like food to or else you are an alien Lol!!.

Even aliens like food Haha!!!.

You should check out the movie titled the Pacific Rim acted by John Boyega and Eedris Elba.

I can tell you that chefs constitute the majority of billionaires on earth, the business of satisfying the hunger and quenching the thirst of people is one of the oldest business on earth.

Since the creation of man, there are only three very important necessities and they are Food, clothing and shelter.

Food comes first even before a man starts to think of putting on clothes or even decided to own a roof over his/her head.

You can ask KFC, CocaCola and Mc Donalds and they will let you know how lucrative the food business is.

Just to play a little around that part, the basic necessity of man is tied around food, clothing and Shelter. You see !! Food is number one.

If you can’t eat then you can’t do anything else, your activities are tied around what you eat.

The Fuel your body and soul need is just-food. Either it is fruits or whatsoever, Just Food. The Food industry is as old as man.

Kings and Paupers since the days of the old took the issue of food very seriously. If you are interested in starting a lucrative food business then this article Is for you.

In this article, I am going to try as much as possible to be able to cover the necessary part involved in setting up and running a lucrative food business.

What is Catering ?.

Catering is the business of rendering food service at a distant site or a site such as a hotel, hospital, pub, aircraft, ship, park, filming site or studio, entertainment site, or even cooperate organizations such as banks, offices.

Forms of catering.

Catering as a business can be sub-divided into two major forms according to study and research and they are listed below.

1. On-Premises.

This is a form of catering whereby the food is cooked and served in the same location.

A perfect example of on-premises catering is the native Canteen or restaurant setting.

2. Off-Premises.

This is also referred to as a form of catering in which the food is cooked at a separate sight and served somewhere else.

Catering Industry Stats You Should know.

Do you aspire to take a career or a business in the catering industry then here are information based on data to guide you in investing properly.

1. Do you know that In 2013, the catering industry contributed over $45 billion to the economy? As stated earlier, the catering business is one that is lucrative and easy to make money with.

2. Independent catering companies were able to make over $8 billion in revenues in the last year alone.

3. The average business owner in this industry works 59 hours per week.

4. Do you know that over 80% of caterers concentrate their business on off-site catering occasions?

5. Not a single company has a powerful market share within this industry, making it feasible for anyone to carve out a successful niche.

How To Start A Catering Business.

I have come across so many people who lay complains about their catering business not going as planned.

The catering business seems to be more competitive than any other industry because all it just basically needs interest and willingness to learn.

For the benefit of this article, I am going to be concentrating on off-premises catering, one I believe makes more money than owning a canteen.

You don’t have to hire staffs that you might eventually not pay.
I prefer your working off-premises because it also saves you a lot of cash. After all, you work on demand. Alright now that you know, here are my advice to you.

1. Get the required knowledge.

The way you cook at home is different from the way you handle food for the general public.

You should get training on how to become a caterer. Some get this training in school, while others get it in technical schools around.

Even though you know how to cook very few regular foods it does not mean that you can test run those skills on the catering field.

Training takes less than six months to a year, so don’t get weary of the process.

2. Choose a recipe.

You should not go around trying to show that you are a very good caterer by preparing multiple recipes.

In the long run, you waste your money and your food might eventually get wasted. Take Mc Donalds for example, they are known for doughnuts, KFC is known for chicken.

They deal in only a single recipe and try as much as possible to become successful with that recipe, So just choose a very easily consumed recipe that is loved and eatable to everybody and focus on that.

You might be asked to serve other recipe’s but only do that on-demand.

3. Talk to Friends and organizations around you.

Your environment is the best people to taste your food and give you credits, so don’t go far when you want to start sourcing out clients.

Look out for schools, Banks and corporate workspaces around you. They are more likely to patronize you before anyone as everybody needs food to survive. Gathering clients is as easy as anything because people love to eat.

4. Get Business Grants.

A business grant is a sum of money given to a business to help them further their business. They’re usually distributed by governments, corporations, foundations, or trusts.  If you don’t have enough start-up capital then you can apply for business grants.

I wrote an article on how you can get business grants and I highly recommend you read it, here is a link to that article, you are free to get a glimpse of it and come back to this article.

How To Promote Your Catering Business.

Now that you have decided to take the bull by the horn to start your catering business it is now high time that you begin to deploy strategies to promote your business.

1. Create a Website or Blog.

At this point, you are ready to start developing multiple stream income for your business.

A blog would validate your presence online and constant posting can help you attract potential customers.

You can also start making money via pay-per-click advertising like Google Adsense or even offer a free consultation which would later result in prospective customers from in and outside your location to patronize you.

Other benefits of owning a website and a blog are the facts that you can also make money via affiliate marketing

Here are an article and guide to get you started on Blogging.

2. Google my Business Listing.

Now is the time to start going online and become recognized.

At this point, you need to set up a Google my business profile to allow local searchers and seekers to locate you easily.

Not only would you set up a Google my business, but you also need to update it regularly with information from your day to day activity.

This would help people build credibility and trust. Just putting out a google my business profile alone is not enough to validate your business.

There is a section that allows you to share post, pictures and videos just like posting on social media.

The only positive thing about using Google my business is that you rank on Google.

To fully understand the need and use of SEO here is an article that I recommend you read.

3. Start a YouTube Channel.

The Google search engine is the most queried search that is why I recommended you host your blog and get some juicy contents in place.

YouTube is the second most queried search engine after Google which makes it a very pleasant place to display your business.

You can host how to’s tutorials on your YouTube channel, interview a guest and sell off your product and services via YouTube.

You can also make money via the Google Adsense program both linked on your blog and your YouTube Channel.

Here is an article on starting a YouTube channel successfully.

4. Go on social media.

At this point, just accompanied by the blog then you can then go on social media.

Most people would recommend social media to be the first but I choose it after blogging and Google my business listing because you can grow organically on those platforms than on social media.

most Social media platform have tweaked their algorithm that it becomes highly impossible to grow without paid ads.

And the most shocking and surprising thing about social media paid ads is that it does not add to your credibility as a business.

People will always still ask silly questions on how your business model works even if they quite understand you properly.

I don’t condemn the use of social media platform but I don’t just recommend them for the long term and sustainable marketing.

Do you want to build something in the long term? then you should start blogging, create that YouTube channel and list your business via Google my business and watch your website grown organically without paid ads.

This usually takes time at least 3-6 months with the right and highly optimized contents using Google ranked keywords.

The use of social media will come in the long run but you should not make it a marketing first channel for your business because you would be heartbroken.

You need to build credibility. You can also check out an article on the importance of social media marketing to any business.

here is an article I recommend that you read to get started with Facebook and Instagram.

5. Leverage The Power Of Email Marketing.

Email marketing is another awesome method you can use to get started with promoting your food business, you can send daily, weekly or monthly newsletters to as many people you desire and this depends on the total number of people that are able to subscribe to your email marketing list.

I wrote an article on how you can get started with email marketing on this blog and I recommend you read it.



To become successful as a caterer you need to be equipped with the right tools and implements to ease your work. You can also read my article on taking your business online, this article would guide on how to take move your catering business online.

Some of these tools include Knives, Spoons, Refrigerator and some cutleries. waste no time shopping at very affordable prices.

If you are located anywhere in Africa, You can click the banner to shop on Jumia at very juicy deals.



It takes a whole lot to succeed at a catering business. Remember you are taking care of the needs of people and you are just been compensated for it.

Don’t be in a hurry, don’t try to speed up things. Your work and your worth will speak for you. Just in case you are scared of competitors here is an article to help you get started with dealing with competitors.

Final words.

Dear reader, I want you to know that we are predestined to meet in this world but maybe not physically, I am so glad that we could meet on this platform today.

I want you to know that I value relationship and friendship and I want to get to know you more, connect and express feelings towards each other.

That is why I am appealing that you drop your email in the email subscription box below, you never can tell we might have solutions to the problem of each other and even help ourselves from there.

You never can tell, great relationships start from somewhere, don’t forget to drop your email.

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See you in the next email

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Written by Udemezue John

Web developer| Digital Marketer| Entrepreneur.

I love sharing great things

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