How To Start A Money Making E Commerce Business In 2020

how to start an ecommerce business

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with an estimated global population of 7.7 billion people, that’s about 25 percent of the world’s population shopping online.

This has made e commerce a very predictable and profitable business to venture in the 21st century.

What Is  E- commerce

E- commerce means electronic commerce.

It is an online business models that allows a virtual store display products and permits anybody registered and authenticated to shop and pay for anything they desire.

The platform managers gets the information and process the delivery right to the customers desired location.

Ever since the dawn of the internet, e commerce has become increasingly popular and also become a business model of the 21st century that has generated millions in revenue for business owners.

The funniest thing about the e commerce business models is that you do not need to have everything in order to sell everything.

All you just need is to reach out to people who have those Items and reach an agreement with them and the deal is done.

Commission can also be added alongside sales of product.

how to start a successful ecommerce business

E commerce Stats You Should Know.

Looking to venture into an e commerce business of yours ? Here are very few stats to guide you.

1. There will be 2.05 billion global digital buyers in 2020.

2.  E commerce is expected to make up a whopping 17.5 percent of retail sales worldwide by 2020.

3.85 percent of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase online.

4. Only 1 in 34 website visitors actually buys something.

5. Mobile e commerce is expected to account for 67.2 percent of digital sales in 2019.

6. Younger people spend more time shopping online than older people.


How To Set Up Your E commerce Store

Are you Interested in becoming a sales power house in your desired location ? , These guide would help you get started.

1. Choose a Brand name.

A brand name is a simple name for your brand, in my opinion, you should make sure you choose an easy to remember brand name.

2. Buy a Domain Name and A Host.

A domain and a host combined together makes your platform accessible on line throughout the entire world.

Also, when buying a host make sure to purchase an unlimited plan because your website in no time would be very busy and you don’t want it crashing all the time when important activities are being carried on the website.

How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Website or Blog In 2020.

For starters you can buy your domain and a host from the following registrars.


How to set up hosting and domain with Blue Host.

Blue host is very cheap and very cost efficient.

1. Login to the BlueHost website.

How To Build An E- Commerce Website Like A Pro


2. Select your preferred hosting plan.

How To Build An E- Commerce Website Like A Pro

A web is just like a cloud storage where your website would live.

See it more like a cloud that would host your static files (Images , videos and contents.).

3. Select Your Preferred Domain name.

How To Build An E- Commerce Website Like A Pro

A domain name is your is a worldwide identifier that would help anyone find you online.

4. Pay With your Debit/credit Card.


How To Build An E- Commerce Website Like A Pro

Also note that a debit card is required to make successful transaction online.

After payment is successful you would receive a receipt and a login to your CPanel.

A control Panel  is a root access of your website. It allows you control every aspect of your website.

The next section would be on how to install your e commerce engines

Finally, I would be giving out free blue host credits to any subscriber who wants to own a website now.

All you need to do is to click the Blue host banner below and complete your web domain and hosting.


3. Choose the Proper E-Commerce Engine.

An E commerce engine is a software framework built specifically for the sole purpose of Buying and selling.

An E commerce engine should be able to list products and display prices, and process payment.

There are various E -Commerce engines, with their various Pro’s and Con’s a few of them are.

  • Woo Commerce by WordPress.
  • Big Commerce by WordPress.
  • Magento
  • PrestaShop
  • Shopify

I am going to be showing you how to set up your platform with two of the above mentioned WordPress platforms.

Set Up Store With Woo Commerce WordPress.

Now you have purchases a web host and a domain it is time to install an e commerce engine.

e commerce example

Here are the steps to follow.

e commerce business examples

1. Navigate To your Control Panel(C-Panel).

Here is an overview of a full control panel. You see that it shows you every in and out of your web platform. From Emails, SEO.

How To Build An E- Commerce Website Like A Pro


2. Click the Softaculous App Section.

How To Build An E- Commerce Website Like A Pro

This section contains all script that enables your website function properly.

It contains E commerce scripts, Blog scripts, Social media scripts and all are in PHP.

e commerce solution

PHP is a programming language don’t be scared you would be writing any form of codes.

WordPress is fully drag and drop.

what does e commerce mean

3. Install WordPress.

How To Build An E- Commerce Website Like A Pro

After navigating your way to the Softaculous section and find the WordPress Installer.

Note – You would be prompted to sign in with your Email and passwords that would be used to protect your website.

3. Install Woo Commerce Plugin.

How To Build An E- Commerce Website Like A Pro

Woo commerce is an E commerce plugin built for WordPress websites. It enables you to host products, accept payments and manage your online store.


As you can see from the Image above that i have installed WordPress already and there is no need to try to set it up from scratch.

But from this point you would find it very easy to follow up.

You would also need to set your currency and integrate your payment processor.

4. Managing your store catalogs.

How To Build An E- Commerce Website Like A Pro

The Woo Commerce plugin allows you to manage your store catalogs, receive sales and monitor website activities.

You can add products, edit products and delete products.

Now you have full e commerce website powered by WordPress and Woo Commerce Plugin.

Set Up Store With Shopify.

Probably setting up E commerce with Woo commerce was a bit difficult for you then shopify can serve as a better alternative.

Shopify is an hosted e commerce platform that allows you build your website with little or no design experience.

all you need to do is just to register with you email and give your store a name.

1. Login To Shopify.

How To Build An E- Commerce Website Like A Pro

Visit Shopify via your web browser and here you are .

2. Sign up for a free account.

How To Build An E- Commerce Website Like A Pro

You can sign up if you are new or sign in if you have an existing user.

Note that you pay after 14 days when you exhaust your free trial.

3. Unboard .

How To Build An E- Commerce Website Like A Pro

You would need to provide some additional details as regards your online store.

These includes Your personal and name of your online store.

4. Start adding Your Products.

How To Build An E- Commerce Website Like A Pro

At long last you are presented with your main dashboard that you can add, edit and remove products.



The above mentioned E commerce engine can be fully utilized at very little or no cost depending on the intended use.

4. Give Your Platform a Proper Design.

How To Build An E- Commerce Website Like A Pro
User interface and User Experience are one part and future of an Internet business in general.

You users are going to vary in their kinds so be sure to give your website and outstanding design that will be attractive ,easy to navigate and understand.

If you intend using The Woo Commerce Engine for your online store, I’ll recommend your purchase a premium theme from Themeforest.

Theme can be gotten from as low as $59.

The above illustrated theme is called Electro, you can search for it on ThemeForest

5. Optimize Your website for search engine visibility.

SEO means Search optimization, Optimizing your online store for search engine visibility is an awesome plus and added advantage necessary for growth.

When users are searching for an Item via Google they should be able to get to your website that is the sole importance of SEO.

check out my article on seo.


6. Connect Vendors.

An E commerce platform works basically like a marketplace where every other registered seller can display products.

Or else you intend selling your own products which in most case would leave you with little or no profit, You should be able to connect all other vendors basically offline to your online store.

There are many business owners, merchants who needs a platform to display their product, pitching your platform to them and taking commission off successful sales wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

7. Upload and List Products.

Now you have connected as many vendors as required, the next task is to upload those products from your vendors to your intended platform. This involves uploading product name, description , Images and prices.

8. Logistics and Delivery Services.

An E commerce business entails that you move products purchased by customers from one place to the other in a specific region or location

. Another important aspect to consider alongside your E commerce platform is the need for logistics. You can create your very own logistics or subscribe to a logistics company.

9. Build an App.

This process is not entirely necessary but in most cases it is needed if you want your business to scale as fast as possible.

An app is simply a Mobile-only version of your website which is available on Smartphones and Tablets. You can create app for IOS and Android app to retain user engagements and reach out to more genuine users

10. Paid Search engine and Social Media Promotion.

Except you want to surf your website alone, creating awareness via social media and search engine is one of the very important aspect to get your website very busy.

You can subscribe to top digital marketing platforms like Google Ads , Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads They carry huge amount of traffic and engagement and they can be utilized for the sole purpose of business.

Here is an article that can guide you on Social media marketing.

11. Run an Affiliate Program alongside your Market Place.

Affiliate marketing is a way to directly involve your audience alongside your growth process. Creating an affiliate marketing platform alongside your E commerce platform allows interested audience to earn commission based on store referrals. So in general you pay them a token based on what they successfully shop on and how many people successfully shopped through them.

There are many ways to create and launch your affiliate program and a few services that allows you do that comfortably are as follows.

PostAffiliate Pro


Now you intend to start your website or you already started and maybe you are having a very tough time scaling up.

In most cases we bootstrapers usually have problem with marketing.

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Current e-commerce statistics state that 40 percent of worldwide internet users have bought products or goods online via desktop, mobile, tablet or other online devices.

This amounts to more than 1 billion online buyers and is projected to continuously grow


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