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Ever felt the sinking feeling of realizing you’re out of iron in Minecraft? It’s a real bummer, especially early on in the game when resources are tight.

But fear not, fellow crafter! Today, I’m going to walk you through the process of building your very own iron farm.

With this nifty machine up and running, you’ll never have to worry about iron shortages again. An iron farm automates the process of collecting iron ingots, saving you tons of time and effort.

Iron is one of the most essential resources in Minecraft, used for crafting a whopping 98 items in the game, including essential tools, armour, and weapons. So buckle up and let’s get started on your path to iron ingot abundance!

How Do I Build an Iron Farm In Minecraft?

Iron. The backbone of any Minecraft world. From essential tools to gleaming armour, it’s the fuel that keeps our builds and battles going. But constantly mining for it can feel like a chore. 

That’s where iron farms come in, my friends! These ingenious contraptions automate the process, letting you harvest iron ingots with minimal effort.

Now, there are many iron farm designs out there, each with its complexity. 

Today, I’m going to walk you through a popular design that’s both efficient (pumping out around 300 iron ingots per hour!) and beginner-friendly.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Blocks (cobblestone, slabs, iron bars, etc.)
  • Hoppers (lots of hoppers!)
  • Chest(s)
  • Villagers (4 will do)
  • Beds (also 4)
  • A Zombie (don’t worry, he’ll be safely contained)
  • Water Buckets
  • Iron Bars (for the killing chamber, or lava if you’re feeling fancy)
  • Trapdoor (optional, but useful)

Step 1: Constructing the Killing Chamber

First, dig a three-by-three hole a few blocks deep. This will be our iron golem killing chamber. At the bottom, place a double chest or two single chests side-by-side.

On the block directly above the chests, we’ll create a hopper line. You can extend this line a few blocks back to ensure everything gets collected. This hopper line will channel all the goodies our iron golems drop down to the waiting chests.

Step 2: Spawning Platform and Villager Housing

Now, let’s build a platform one block above the killing chamber. This is where the iron golems will spawn.

Around this platform, we’ll create four villager-sized chambers, each two blocks high. Leave the front open for now, but make sure the top is sealed.

Here’s the clever part: on the ceiling of each chamber, directly above the platform, place a bed.

Step 3: Introducing the Villagers

Lure four villagers close to your farm (bribery with bread works wonders) and trap them inside their respective chambers.

Once they’re settled in, plop down a bed in each chamber to link them to that specific location. This is key!

The villagers need to see each other but not be able to directly touch each other. That interaction is what triggers iron golem spawning.

Step 4: The Zombified Motivator

Now for the slightly morbid touch: the zombie. In the centre of the platform, directly above the killing chamber, create a one-block-high space.

Here, we’ll place our unhappy undead friend. Pour a water bucket on top to keep him nice and contained.

The villagers will see the zombie through the gaps in the ceiling, freaking out but remaining safe. Their constant panic is what will trigger iron golem spawns!

Step 5: Sealing the Deal (and the Golems)

Almost there! Completely enclose the villager chambers, making sure to leave a one-block gap at the bottom for the villagers to see the zombie.

On the spawning platform, use iron bars or even lava (if you’re feeling adventurous) to create a killing chamber that will eliminate the iron golems as they spawn.

Step 6: AFK Time (Away From Keyboard)!

Finally, find a safe spot at least 32 blocks away from the farm but close enough to keep the villagers loaded.

This is where you can AFK (Away From Keyboard) and let the magic happen. The villagers will see the zombie, panic, trigger a golem spawn, the golem will get roasted, and all that lovely iron will drop down into your waiting chests.

Congratulations! You’ve built your very own iron farm. Now, go forth and forge your fortune in iron ingots!

Bonus Tips:

  • Make sure your farm is well-lit to prevent unwanted mob spawns.
  • You can expand this design to create a much larger iron farm, just remember to add more villagers and chambers accordingly.
  • There are many video tutorials available online that offer a visual guide to building this farm [YouTube iron farm tutorial].

With this iron farm churning out ingots, you’ll be a Minecraft iron tycoon in no time! Happy building!

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