How To Change Artist Profile Picture On Apple Music

How To Change Artist Profile Picture On Apple Music

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Apple Music, one of the world’s leading music streaming platforms, offers musicians a platform to curate their online presence through artist profiles.

Your profile picture on Apple Music is your virtual calling card, making an immediate visual impact on fans and listeners.

If you’re looking to update or change your artist profile picture on Apple Music, this guide is here to help.

Whether you’re evolving your image or simply refreshing your online persona, understanding the process of changing your artist profile picture is key.

Join us as we delve into the steps required to shape and refine your identity on Apple Music, ensuring that your artistic essence shines through for all to see.

How Do I Change My Artist Profile Picture on Apple Music?

Your artist profile picture on Apple Music is the first visual impression you make on potential listeners.

It’s a vital component of your online persona and can significantly impact how fans perceive your music.

Whether you’re rebranding, updating your style, or simply refreshing your image, knowing how to change your artist profile picture on Apple Music is essential.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process, ensuring that your digital presence aligns with your evolving artistic identity.

Step 1: Access Your Apple Music for Artists Account.

To change your artist profile picture on Apple Music, you’ll need access to your Apple Music for Artists account.

If you haven’t already claimed your artist profile, visit the Apple Music for Artists website ( and follow the registration process.

Step 2: Log In to Your Account.

Once you’re logged in to your Apple Music for Artists account, navigate to your artist profile dashboard.

Step 3: Select the “Artist Image” Section.

In your artist profile dashboard, look for the “Artist Image” or “Profile Picture” section. It’s usually located in the “Manage” or “Profile” tab.

Step 4: Upload Your New Artist Profile Picture.

Click on the “Change” or “Upload” button to select your new artist profile picture from your computer or device.

Ensure that the image you choose adheres to Apple’s guidelines, which typically require a high-quality image in a square format.

Step 5: Crop and Adjust.

After uploading your image, you may have the option to crop and adjust it to fit Apple Music’s specifications. Follow the on-screen instructions to make any necessary adjustments.

Step 6: Preview and Save.

Before finalizing the change, preview how your new artist profile picture will appear on Apple Music.

Ensure it aligns with your desired image and accurately represents your brand as an artist. Once you’re satisfied, click the “Save” or “Submit” button.

Step 7: Wait for Approval.

Apple Music typically reviews and approves artist profile picture changes to maintain quality and consistency.

It may take some time for your new image to be approved and reflected on your artist profile.

Step 8: Promote Your Updated Profile.

Once your new artist profile picture is live, don’t forget to promote your updated profile to your fans and followers.

Share the link to your Apple Music artist page on your social media accounts, website, and other online platforms.

Step 9: Monitor and Engage.

Keep an eye on how your updated artist profile picture resonates with your audience.

Pay attention to feedback and engagement from your fans. Engage with your listeners by responding to comments and messages on your Apple Music profile.

Step 10: Stay Consistent.

If you plan to maintain a cohesive brand image, ensure that your new artist profile picture aligns with your overall aesthetic.

Consistency across all your online platforms helps reinforce your brand identity.


Changing your artist profile picture on Apple Music is a straightforward process that can breathe new life into your digital persona.

By following these steps, you can confidently update your image, ensuring that it accurately represents your evolving artistic identity to fans and listeners worldwide.

So, embrace the opportunity to refresh your look and make a lasting visual impact on Apple Music.

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