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How To Create an Amazon KDP Paperback

How To Create an Amazon KDP Paperback

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If you’re an author looking to self-publish your book, Amazon KDP offers a convenient and cost-effective way to do so.

With Amazon KDP, you can easily create and distribute your book in both eBook and paperback formats. While many authors opt for the eBook option, there are still many readers who prefer to hold a physical book in their hands.

This is where creating an Amazon KDP paperback comes in handy. In this article, we’ll go over the basics of how to create an Amazon KDP paperback so that you can get your physical book out into the world.

What is Amazon KDP?

Amazon KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing, which is Amazon’s self-publishing platform for authors to publish their books as e-books and paperbacks.

It allows authors to upload their manuscripts and cover designs easily, set their prices, and earn royalties on the sales of their books.

With KDP, authors have control over the publishing process, including the ability to make updates and changes to their books as needed.

Amazon KDP has made it easier than ever for authors to reach a wide audience and potentially become successful independent publishers.

It has also made it easier for readers to discover new authors and books that might not have been available through traditional publishing channels.

What Is an Amazon KDP Paperback?

An Amazon KDP Paperback is a book format available on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform.

It allows authors and publishers to easily create and distribute printed copies of their books to readers worldwide through Amazon.

With Amazon KDP Paperback, you can create a high-quality paperback book with a professional-looking cover design, formatting, and printing options.

This format provides readers with the option to read the book in print, which can be a great way to reach a broader audience and offer readers a physical copy of the book.

Why Should I Create an Amazon KDP Paperback?

Creating an Amazon KDP Paperback can be a great way to expand your reach as an author and reach a wider audience.

While e-books are undoubtedly popular, many readers still prefer the feel of a physical book in their hands.

By creating a paperback version of your book, you can offer your readers that option.

1. Expanded Reach.

While eBooks are popular, there is still a significant number of readers who prefer physical books.

By offering a paperback version of your book, you can reach a wider audience and tap into a new market.

2. Increased Credibility.

Having a physical book adds to your credibility as an author. It shows that you are serious about your craft and have invested the time and effort to create a tangible product.

3. More Revenue Streams.

Offering both eBook and paperback versions of your book means that you have multiple revenue streams. You can generate income from both versions, which can help increase your overall earnings.

4. Potential for Reviews.

Offering a paperback version of your book also opens up the possibility for more reviews. Some readers may be more inclined to leave a review for a physical book than an eBook.

5. Gift Giving.

A paperback book can make for a great gift, and some readers prefer to gift physical books rather than eBooks.

By offering a paperback version of your book, you open up the possibility for more gift-giving opportunities.

6. Allow you to sell your Book In More places.

Additionally, creating a paperback version of your book can allow you to sell your book in more places.

While e-books are available to readers all over the world, some readers may prefer to purchase physical books from local bookstores or other retailers.

By creating a paperback version of your book, you can make it easier for these readers to find and purchase your book.

How do I Create an Amazon KDP Paperback?

Amazon KDP is an excellent platform for self-publishing authors to create and distribute their books in both eBook and paperback formats.

If you are interested in publishing a paperback book, Amazon KDP is an excellent platform for doing so.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating a paperback book on Amazon KDP.

1. Create an Amazon KDP account.

The first step to creating a paperback book on Amazon KDP is to create an account on the platform. You can sign up with your existing Amazon account or create a new one.

Once you have created an account, navigate to your KDP dashboard, and click on the “Create a Paperback” button.

2. Enter Your Book Details.

After clicking on the “Create a Paperback” button, you will be taken to a page where you will be required to enter your book details.

This includes the title of your book, the author’s name, description, keywords, and categories.
Make sure you provide accurate and relevant information for your book.

3. Upload Your Manuscript.

The next step is to upload your manuscript. Your manuscript should be in PDF format and should be formatted correctly. Amazon KDP provides detailed guidelines on how to format your manuscript correctly.

It is important to follow these guidelines to ensure that your book looks professional and is of high quality.

4. Design Your Paperback Cover.

The next step is to design your paperback cover. You can either use Amazon KDP’s cover creator or upload your cover.

If you choose to upload your cover, make sure that it meets Amazon KDP’s cover guidelines. Your cover should be of high quality and should be visually appealing to potential readers.

5. Set Your Paperback Pricing and Royalties.

Once you have designed your paperback cover, the next step is to set your paperback pricing and royalties.

You can choose to set your pricing based on the printing cost, or you can set a fixed price for your book. Amazon KDP provides an online calculator to help you determine your printing cost.

6. Review Your Paperback.

After setting your paperback pricing and royalties, the final step is to review your paperback. This is the last chance to make any changes to your book before it is published. Make sure you check your book thoroughly for any errors or mistakes.

7. Publish Your Paperback.

The final step is to publish your paperback. Once you have reviewed your book and are satisfied with the final version, click on the “Publish Your Paperback Book” button.

Your book will be reviewed by Amazon KDP, and once it is approved, it will be available for sale on Amazon.

8. Upload the Manuscript and Cover.

After finishing the setup of your paperback book, it is time to upload the manuscript and cover. You can either upload a formatted manuscript file or use Amazon’s Kindle Create software to format your book.

If you are using your own formatted manuscript file, you should make sure it meets Amazon’s requirements.

Amazon recommends saving your manuscript file as a PDF, with embedded fonts, and using a consistent font throughout the book. You should also ensure that there is no hidden text or images and that the text is at least 7-point font.

For the cover, Amazon provides a cover creator tool that you can use to create a cover for your book.

You can also upload a cover that you have created yourself, but it must meet Amazon’s requirements in terms of size, resolution, and file format.

9. Set Your Price and Distribution.

After uploading your manuscript and cover, it is time to set the price and distribution of your paperback book.

You can choose to distribute your book worldwide or only in certain regions and set the price based on the printing cost, author royalty, and Amazon’s fees.

Amazon has a minimum list price for paperbacks based on the printing cost, and you can choose to set a higher price if you wish.

You can also choose to enrol your book in the Kindle MatchBook program, which allows customers who purchase your paperback book to also purchase the Kindle ebook version at a discounted price.

10. Preview Your Book and Submit for Review.

Once you have set your price and distribution, you should preview your book to ensure that it looks the way you want it to.

You can use Amazon’s online previewer to preview your book and make any final changes before submitting it for review.

When you submit your book for review, Amazon will review it to ensure that it meets its content and quality guidelines. This process usually takes a few days, after which your book will be available for sale on Amazon.

11. Market Your Book.

After your paperback book is live on Amazon, it is time to start marketing it to potential readers. You can use Amazon’s advertising tools to promote your book, as well as social media and other online platforms.

You can also encourage readers to leave reviews of your book, which can help to increase its visibility on Amazon.

Consider offering incentives such as free bonus content to readers who leave reviews, and be sure to engage with readers on social media and other platforms to build a relationship with them.


Creating a paperback version of your book on Amazon KDP is a great way to expand your reach and increase your book sales.

By following the steps outlined above, you can easily create a professional-looking paperback book and make it available for sale on Amazon.

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