How To Delete Your Upwork Account Permanently

How To Delete Your Upwork Account Permanently

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Upwork, a vibrant online platform connecting freelancers and clients, has revolutionized the way professionals engage in remote work. However, circumstances can change, leading individuals to reassess their freelancing journey or explore new opportunities.

If you’ve reached a point where you’ve decided to move on from Upwork, it’s essential to understand the process of permanently deleting your account.

Deleting your Upwork account isn’t just a matter of clicking a button; it involves a deliberate process to ensure the privacy of your data and to conclude your association with the platform.

Whether you’re transitioning to a different career path or simply taking a hiatus, this guide is here to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to bid adieu to your Upwork account while safeguarding your information.

Let’s delve into the process of permanently deleting your Upwork account, understanding the implications, and ensuring a smooth departure from the freelancing realm on this dynamic platform.

How Do I Delete My Upwork Account Permanently?

Whether you’re shifting gears in your career, exploring new ventures, or taking a break, the decision to permanently delete your Upwork account is a significant one.

This article aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to navigate this process, ensuring a smooth and secure departure from the platform.

1. Assess Your Decision.

Before proceeding, take a moment to reflect on your decision. Consider your reasons for wanting to delete your Upwork account permanently.

Make sure it aligns with your overall goals and plans. Remember that deleting your account will remove your profile, work history, and connections.

2. Withdraw Outstanding Balances.

If you have any pending earnings on Upwork, ensure that you withdraw them before initiating the account deletion process. This will prevent any loss of funds and allow for a clean financial exit.

3. Contact Support (Optional).

If you have concerns or questions regarding the deletion process, consider reaching out to Upwork’s customer support.

They can provide guidance and answer any queries you may have about the process and its implications.

4. Access Your Account Settings.

Log in to your Upwork account and navigate to your account settings. Click on your profile picture at the top right corner, then select “Settings” from the dropdown menu. From there, click on the “Account” tab to access the relevant options.

5. Initiate Account Deletion.

Within the account settings, you’ll find the option to “Close my account.” Click on this option to initiate the account deletion process. Upwork will prompt you to confirm your decision.

6. Complete the Deletion Process.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account deletion process. You may be asked to provide feedback about your experience on Upwork, but this step is optional. Once you confirm, your account will be marked for deletion.

7. Confirmation Email.

Upwork will send you a confirmation email detailing the account deletion process. This email serves as a final confirmation of your decision.

8. Data Retention.

Upwork retains certain data for legal and financial record-keeping purposes, even after account deletion. Your personal information will be securely stored and protected.

9. Reflect and Move Forward.

After the deletion process is complete, take some time to reflect on your freelancing journey and the experiences you’ve gained. Use this transition as an opportunity to explore new paths and possibilities.


Permanently deleting your Upwork account is a significant step that marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

By carefully assessing your decision, withdrawing any outstanding balances, and following the outlined steps, you can ensure a seamless departure from the platform.

Remember that Upwork’s support team is available to assist you, should you have any questions along the way.

As you embark on new endeavours, cherish the experiences you’ve gained while freelancing and look forward to the adventures that lie ahead.

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