How To Draw NFT Digital Arts On Phone: Unleashing Your Creative Potential

How To Draw NFT Digital Arts On Phone: Unleashing Your Creative Potential



The rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has opened up new possibilities for artists to showcase their talent and monetize their digital creations.

If you’re an artist who loves creating digital art and wants to venture into the world of NFTs, you might be wondering how to draw NFT digital art on your phone.

The good news is that with the advancements in mobile technology, creating stunning NFT digital art is now possible right from the convenience of your phone.

In this article, we will explore various tools, apps, and techniques that will empower you to unleash your artistic prowess and create captivating NFT digital art using just your smartphone.

So, let’s delve into the exciting world of mobile art creation and discover how to draw NFT digital art on your phone.

How To Draw NFT Digital Art on My Phone?

If you’re an artist seeking to explore the world of NFTs, you’ll be delighted to know that you can create stunning digital art right from the palm of your hand.

With the power of modern smartphones and a range of powerful apps at your disposal, drawing NFT digital art on your phone has become more accessible than ever before.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of creating captivating NFT digital art using just your smartphone. Let’s unleash your creative potential and embark on a journey of mobile art creation.

1. Choose the Right Drawing App.

To get started, you’ll need to choose a drawing app that suits your style and preferences. There are numerous options available for both iOS and Android devices.

Some popular choices include Procreate Pocket, Adobe Fresco, Autodesk Sketchbook, and Tayasui Sketches.

Explore different apps, experiment with their features, and find one that resonates with your artistic vision.

2. Get Familiar with the Tools.

Once you’ve selected your drawing app, take some time to familiarize yourself with its tools and features.

Explore the brush options, adjust settings like opacity and size, and experiment with different textures and effects.

Understanding the capabilities of your chosen app will enable you to unleash your creativity and bring your artistic vision to life.

3. Plan Your Artwork.

Before diving into your digital masterpiece, spend some time planning your artwork. Sketch out your ideas, visualize the composition, and consider the colour palette and overall theme.

Having a clear vision in mind will help you execute your art more effectively and create a cohesive piece that resonates with viewers.

4. Start Sketching.

With your plan in place, begin sketching your artwork on your phone. Use the app’s pencil or brush tool to outline the basic shapes and forms.

Focus on proportions, perspective, and capturing the essence of your subject. This initial sketch will serve as the foundation for your digital art.

5. Refine and Add Details.

Once you’re satisfied with the basic sketch, start refining your artwork by adding details and textures.

Experiment with different brush strokes, layering techniques, and shading to bring depth and dimension to your digital art.

Take your time and pay attention to small intricacies that enhance the overall visual impact of your piece.

6. Experiment with Colors.

One of the advantages of digital art is the ability to experiment with a wide range of colours. Use the app’s colour picker to choose your palette and apply colours to your artwork.

Play with different hues, shades, and tones to create harmony and evoke the desired emotions in your viewers.

7. Add Finishing Touches.

As you near completion, add any finishing touches to your artwork. This can include highlights, shadows, textural details, or additional elements that enhance the overall composition.

Step back and evaluate your piece, making any necessary adjustments to achieve the desired final result.

8. Export and Save Your Artwork.

Once your digital artwork is complete, it’s time to export and save it in a suitable format. Many drawing apps allow you to export your artwork as high-resolution images or even export in specific file formats like PNG or JPEG.

Ensure that you retain the original quality of your artwork for optimal display and future NFT creation.

9. Consider NFT Platforms.

Now that you have your digital artwork, you may want to explore NFT platforms to showcase and sell your creations.

Popular platforms like OpenSea, Rarible, and Foundation allow artists to mint their digital art as NFTs and offer them for sale.

Research different platforms, understand their processes, and choose one that aligns with your artistic goals.

10. Promote and Share Your NFT Art.

Once your NFT is listed on a platform, it’s crucial to promote and share your artwork with the community.

Utilize social media platforms, art forums, and online communities to showcase your NFTs, engage with potential buyers, and gain visibility for your creations.


Creating NFT digital art on your phone opens up a world of possibilities for artists. With the right drawing app, creativity, and dedication, you can produce captivating artworks that resonate with viewers and collectors.

Embrace the convenience and power of your smartphone, explore different techniques and tools, and leverage NFT platforms to share and monetize your artistic talent.

So, grab your phone, unleash your imagination, and start drawing NFT digital art that showcases your unique vision to the world.

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