How To Link Your Ubisoft Account To Twitch

How To Link Your Ubisoft Account To Twitch



In the ever-evolving landscape of gaming and digital entertainment, the boundaries between virtual realms and real-world interactions are blurring.

Ubisoft, a prominent figure in the gaming industry, has forged an exciting partnership with Twitch, the live-streaming platform that has redefined how gamers engage and share their experiences.

By linking your Ubisoft account to Twitch, you open the gateway to a realm of exclusive in-game rewards, content, and a deeper level of interaction within the gaming community.

This guide is your compass to navigating the process of seamlessly connecting your Ubisoft and Twitch accounts, granting you access to an array of privileges that await on the horizon.

Why Link Your Ubisoft Account to Twitch?

Before we dive into the technicalities, let’s understand the driving force behind this integration. Linking your Ubisoft and Twitch accounts offers a unique opportunity to receive “Drops” – special in-game rewards that you can earn by simply watching specific Twitch streams.

Imagine watching your favourite streamer on Twitch and simultaneously earning exclusive items, skins, and bonuses for your beloved Ubisoft games.

It’s a symbiotic relationship that enhances your gaming journey while allowing you to connect with fellow players and content creators.

How Do I Link My Ubisoft Account To Twitch?

In the digital age of gaming, the boundaries between virtual worlds and real-life entertainment continue to blur.

Ubisoft, a prominent player in the gaming industry, has embarked on an exciting journey of collaboration with Twitch, the streaming platform that has revolutionized how gamers connect and share their experiences.

By linking your Ubisoft account to Twitch, you open the door to a realm of exclusive in-game rewards, content, and a deeper level of engagement with the gaming community.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of linking your Ubisoft account to Twitch, ensuring you’re well-equipped to enjoy the perks that await.
Step-by-Step Guide: Linking Your Ubisoft Account to Twitch

Step 1: Preparing Your Accounts.

Ensure you have active accounts on both Twitch and Ubisoft. If you’re an avid gamer or stream viewer, chances are you’re already well-acquainted with both platforms.

Step 2: Navigate to the Twitch Drops Page.

Log in to your Twitch account and navigate to the Twitch Drops page. This page provides a comprehensive list of games that offer Twitch Drops integration.

Locate your desired Ubisoft game – it could be Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, or any other title that entices you.

Step 3: Connect Your Ubisoft Account.

Once you’ve selected your game, you’ll find an option to “Connect” or “Link” your Ubisoft account.

Click on this button, and a new window will prompt you to log in to your Ubisoft account. This action establishes the connection between your Twitch and Ubisoft profiles.

Step 4: Authorizing the Connection.

After logging in to your Ubisoft account, you’ll be asked to authorize the connection between the two platforms.

This authorization enables the seamless exchange of information needed to validate your eligibility for Twitch Drops.

Step 5: Tuning In to Eligible Streams.

With your accounts linked, you’re now set to enjoy the rewards. Tune in to Twitch streams of Ubisoft games that currently offer Twitch Drops.

Remember, it’s crucial to confirm that the streamer you’re watching has Drops enabled for their broadcast. Look for the Drops notification in the stream’s description or title.

Step 6: Reaping the Rewards.

As you engage with eligible streams, you’ll begin accumulating in-game rewards. These rewards will automatically populate in your corresponding Ubisoft game inventory as you meet the specified conditions.

The excitement of watching your favourite streamers becomes doubly rewarding as you unlock new items and bonuses.


Linking your Ubisoft account to Twitch transcends gaming; it’s an experience that bridges the virtual and the real.

The amalgamation of Ubisoft’s immersive gaming universes and Twitch’s vibrant streaming community enriches your gaming escapades.

By following these simple steps, you’ll embark on a journey where watching streams becomes a dynamic act of participation, and your favourite games become even more captivating with exclusive rewards.

So, gear up, log in, and link your Ubisoft account to Twitch – a fusion of gaming and streaming that redefines how we experience virtual worlds.

Unveil the world of Twitch Drops, where gaming transcends boundaries, and your involvement deepens within the gaming realm.

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