How To Sell On Jumia and Make Money In Nigeria

How To Sell On Jumia and Make Money In Nigeria

How To Sell On Jumia and Make Money In Nigeria


Jumia remains the trusted and largest eCommerce store in Nigeria and across Africa. With more than 6000 Merchants on the Jumia Seller Centre – Some of the products you see are sold and fulfilled by merchants across Nigeria.

Jumia as an eCommerce platform has a formidable Quality Assurance team ensuring that every item undergoes quality control before going live on the website.

Listing your product on Jumia is one way to fast-track sales and get orders coming in without the stress of having to deliver it yourself because Jumia does that on your behalf once you sign up as a seller.

Do you want to learn how to make money selling on Jumia in Nigeria? This article has been written to help you do just that.

Why Should I sell On Jumia?

Jumia tops the chart when it comes to online retail in Nigeria, competitors like Konga are no match. There are so many reasons why retailers or wholesalers in Nigeria decide to list their products on Jumia, and here they are.

1. Low Investment is required.

Jumia is friendly to new sellers without much to start with which makes it easy for anyone to start selling any valuable thing they can find.

Jumia listing fees are relatively low, and as an individual seller, you won’t have to pay until something sells.

2. You reach Millions of User On Jumia

Jumia remains Nigeria’s top retailer, with over 7 million visitors each month. What does this mean for you as a seller? It means creating products listings on Jumia gets them in front of the eyes of millions of interested shoppers across Nigeria

3. Benefit from Jumia’s Reputation.

Jumia is what comes to the mind of Nigerians when you talk about retail. Those millions of customers constantly shopping on Jumia would not have been possible if they didn’t trust the company.

As a Jumia seller, you can gain some of that trust for yourself, which helps when new customers are considering “taking the plunge” and buying from you for the first time.

Jumia enforces a lot of rules to make their marketplace a safe, reliable place to shop. Buyers appreciate this and know that Jumia sellers have to meet these standards to continue selling. Your presence on Jumia helps mitigate the risk some customers perceive about online shopping.

4. Jumia helps you with delivery

Jumia comes built with a delivery system which handles the picking, packing, and ship your products directly from their warehouse.

Not only does this take the packing and shipping burden off your shoulders making it way easy for you to focus on core aspects of your business.

Using Jumia shipping take responsibility for any problems that arise during shipping, like late shipments, damaged items, or other issues. Your reputation as a seller doesn’t take a hit.

5. Jumia Handles the technical infrastructure for you.

When selling on Jumia, your customers are Jumia’s customers first and foremost. Amazon handles most of the technical details, to begin with, such as address changes, customer inquiries, order problems, and even maintaining the uptime of the website.

How Do I sell On Jumia and Make Money?

Jumia, with an operational presence in about 14 African countries, is arguably the largest eCommerce platform on the continent. 

The shift to online purchases by a large part of the African population, over the last couple of years, contributed to the growth of Jumia, and the e-commerce sector in Africa.

Jumia only owns around 15% of the products sold on its platform. Most items displayed on the platform are from third-party entrepreneurs and retailers selling on the platform. Here are tips on how to start selling on Jumia.

1. Understand how selling on Jumia works.

The first thing you need to understand before deciding to sell on Jumia is to understand how the whole process works. You need to have an idea of the charges that come with listing your products on Jumia.

Registration on Jumia to become a seller is free for all vendors. Consequently, for each sale you make via their platform, you will be charged both commission and delivery fees.

As a seller, the best thing to do is to add it to the initial cost of your product. Jumia comes with a different commission for various categories, I will drop a link to the Jumia official Video in this section to help you understand.

Please note that the commission’s fee is inclusive of VAT (7.5%).  When you fully become an approved and registered seller on the Jumia Nigeria website, all the management of your online store is done via Jumia the Seller Center platform.

Jumia Seller central is a backend that gives you access to all the information you need to manage your sales, add products, update your product information, have an overview of actual sales, etc.

After products placed on the Jumia website for sale have been purchased, Jumia will then deposit payment into your bank account at regular intervals and notifies you that your payment has been sent.

One thing you should understand is that Jumia does not warehouse products for the independent seller on its platform.

You need to monitor your Jumia seller centre account to get notified as soon as a customer orders one of your products.

you have 24 hours to get your item ready to ship after you have prepared your package. Sign up for the Jumia central account using the link below.


2. Do Product Research.

A product idea can be brilliant, but if nobody wants to buy it, there’s no market for it. Becoming a successful seller requires that you invest heavily in product research.

To become a successful seller on Jumia, your product should be researched based on Target demographic, Wants, thoughts and behaviours and motivations.

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