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How To Track Time On Upwork

How To Track Time On Upwork

How To Grow Fast on Upwork


As a freelancer on Upwork, it’s important to keep accurate records of the time you spend on each project.

Not only does this help you bill your clients correctly, but it also helps you manage your time more effectively.

Upwork offers a built-in time-tracking tool that makes it easy to record the hours you work and ensures that you get paid for the time you spend on each project.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to track time on Upwork.

What Is Upwork?

Upwork is a global online platform that connects businesses and organizations with freelancers and independent professionals from around the world.

The platform offers a range of services, including web and mobile development, graphic design, content creation, marketing, and administrative support.

Upwork provides a flexible and accessible way for clients to find the talent they need, while also providing freelancers with the opportunity to showcase their skills and expertise to a wide range of potential clients.

The platform offers various features such as job postings, proposals, messaging, and secure payment systems to facilitate smooth and efficient collaborations between clients and freelancers.

Upwork has become one of the leading online job marketplaces, with millions of freelancers and clients from over 180 countries using the platform to find work and hire talent.

Why Should I Track My Time On Upwork?

As a freelancer on Upwork, tracking your time is an essential aspect of your job. This is because it provides an accurate account of the time spent working on a project, ensuring that you are paid accordingly.

Time tracking also helps you to remain accountable to your client and builds trust in your professional relationship.

Here are some reasons why you should track your time on Upwork:

1. Accurate billing.

Upwork uses time tracking to determine the number of hours worked, making it easy for you to bill your clients accurately.

This ensures that you get paid for the exact number of hours worked, rather than estimating your time spent on the project.

2. Transparency.

Time tracking allows your client to see how much time you are spending on their project. This provides transparency in your working relationship and can help to build trust between you and your client.

3. Proof of work.

Tracking your time provides proof that you have been working on the project. This can be helpful if any disputes arise, as you can provide evidence of the time spent working on the project.

4. Improved productivity.

Time tracking helps you to stay focused and manage your time effectively. It allows you to identify areas where you may be wasting time and make adjustments to improve your productivity.

5. Accurate billing.

Time tracking ensures that you only charge clients for the hours worked on their projects. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and disputes regarding the billing.

6. Transparency.

Upwork time tracking is transparent, and it shows the client the exact amount of time spent on the project. This helps to build trust and confidence between the freelancer and the client.

7. Efficient use of time.

When you track your time, you can identify how much time you spend on each task, allowing you to make better use of your time and improve your efficiency.

8. Fair compensation.

Accurate time tracking ensures that you are fairly compensated for your work. It also helps you to identify if you are under or overworking for the amount you are being paid.

9. Compliance.

Upwork requires freelancers to track their time to comply with its policies. Failing to do so may result in account suspension or other disciplinary actions.

How Do I Track Time On Upwork?

Upwork provides freelancers with an easy and reliable way to track their working hours for hourly projects.

By using the Upwork Time Tracker, freelancers can ensure accurate billing and payment, while clients can have confidence that they are only paying for hours worked.

Here are the steps to track your time on Upwork:

1. Download and install the Upwork Time Tracker app.

The app is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Open the Time Tracker app and log in to your Upwork account.

Make sure you are logging in to the same account you use for your contracts.

2. Start tracking your time.

Before you start working, click the “play” button on the app to start tracking your time. When you’re finished working, click “stop”.

3. Add memos to your time entries (optional).

If you want to add a memo to your time entry to explain what you worked on during that time, click the “add memo” button.

4. Review and submit your time.

After you’re done working for the day, review your time entries and make sure everything looks correct. Then, click the “submit for payment” button to send your hours to the client for approval.

It’s important to note that clients can review and dispute time entries before approving them for payment. Make sure you are accurately tracking your time and only billing for hours worked.

In addition, it’s a good practice to communicate with your client about your time tracking. Let them know when you start and stop tracking your time, and if you take any breaks during your working hours.

By following these steps and tracking your time accurately, you can ensure timely and accurate payment for your work on Upwork.

Here is how time can be tracked effectively:

1. Enable Time Tracker.

Before you can track your time on Upwork, you need to enable the Time Tracker tool. This tool is built into Upwork and allows you to track the time you spend working on a project.

To enable it, go to the Settings section of your Upwork account and click on the “Time Tracker” option. Follow the prompts to install the tool on your computer.

2. Set Your Hourly Rate.

When you start working on a project, you need to set your hourly rate. This is the amount you will be paid for each hour of work.

You can set your hourly rate for each project you work on or set a default rate in your profile settings.

3. Start the Time Tracker.

Once you’ve enabled the Time Tracker and set your hourly rate, you’re ready to start tracking your time.

To do this, click on the “Start” button in the Time Tracker tool. This will start a timer that tracks the time you spend working on the project.

4. Log Your Work.

As you work on the project, the Time Tracker will record your activity and log your hours. You can also manually enter time if you forgot to start the timer or if you worked offline. Be sure to log all of your work so that you get paid for the time you’ve spent.

5. Submit Your Time.

When you’re done working on the project, you need to submit your time for payment. To do this, go to the “Work Diary” section of the project and review the hours that were tracked by the Time Tracker.

You can add notes to explain your work if necessary. Once you’ve reviewed your work, click on the “Submit for Payment” button.


Time tracking is an essential aspect of freelancing on Upwork that benefits both the freelancer and the client.

It is an easy way to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your work, and it helps to build trust and credibility with clients.

In the following sections, we will outline the steps to help you get started with time tracking on Upwork.

Finally, By following these steps, you can track your time on Upwork and ensure that you get paid for all the hours you’ve worked. It’s important to log your time accurately and submit it promptly to avoid any payment delays.

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