10+ Best Travel Booking Websites You Should Know

best travel booking site

best travel booking site


Travel is one aspect of leisure and business that is not restricted to any race, gender or culture. Since the days of the early men, travelling has been part of the culture of every man that ever existed, So many discoveries were made as a result of travelling.

Significant places of the world like The United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, China, Egypt and Africa, were discovered by explorers who decided to take on a journey that would eventually change their lives and the lives of mankind all over the world.

Apart from leisure, travelling has also paved the way for people to transact business all over the world, someone can now ship products from one corner of the world to a defined destination where it can access the market. The travel industry drives the majority of the economy in this world

What is a Travel Booking Website?.

A travel booking website is a hosted online platform that is designed to handle all heavy duties of travelling such as flight booking, Hotel reservation and car hire.

Before the internet became what it is today, what most travellers would do is to visit vendors of airlines to buy flight tickets before having to travel, most times there are usually delay on queues causing a delay in schedules and difficulties in meeting up with appointments, but with the innovation brought about by travel booking websites, we can make arrangements for our trips from our computers without having to leave the comfort of our homes.

Important Travel Statistics You Should Know.

The travel industry has become one of the largest and most profitable business industries in the world.

Here are some data and statistics gathered over the years by travel experts to help you understand the industry much better.

1. Do you know that annual business travel costs are expected to amount to $1.7 trillion by 2022?

This implies the high importance attached to travelling, this has also made the travelling industry a very prosperous industry.

2. People aged 30 to 49 have been researched to take more business trips than any other age categories

3. Do you know US businesses spend $31.6 billion on international travel every year?. This has made the united states one of the economies in the world that booms the travel industry.

4. Do you know that over 50% of business travellers extend their trips to visit other countries or cities.

It has been discovered that when most business travellers arrive at the shores of their desired nation, they are more likely to visit another country closest to where they are.

5. When it comes to travelling, over 40% of business travellers don’t follow their companies’ travel policies. Instead, they make their hotel reservations on their own.

This implies that people like to express themselves when they travel, and they do this by satisfying their desires.

6. Do you know digital advertising accounts for 47% of all travel global ad spending.

As a travel business owner, the only quickest way to gather clients is by subscribing to digital advertising tools such as email marketing, Search engine optimization and Social media marketing.

7. Do you know that most tourists spend collectively $129 billion on activities – making it the third-largest segment of travel.

If you seek to start a travel business, then tourism is one of the money-making segments of travel.

Why You Should Travel.

As stated earlier, travel is a thing of leisure and business that is not restricted to any religion, race or gender, anyone can decide to travel for any reason known to that particular individual.

1. To Make Money.

One of the major reasons why people travel is to grow their network and thereby increase their net worth. Travelling helps you to connect with prospective clients for your business.

According to the statistics above, it was clearly stated that over 60% of travellers usually travel for the sole purpose of business.

2. Travel builds character.

One of the major reasons why people travel to other parts of the world is to learn about other cultures, and this goes a long way in developing character.

For example, in the US, a teenager might not regard his parents as much as a teenager living in Nigeria. It all lies in character which is directly influenced by culture.

3. You’ll see amazing new things.

There are so many monuments all over the world and a few of them are; The great pyramid of Egypt, Mount Olympus in Greece, Sydney Opera house and the Statue of Liberty.

We only get to see the graphical representation of these monuments in photos and videos before travelling, but you get to see the real thing when you travel.

4. Learn new languages.

There are over 7K languages spoken all over the world, with more going into extinction, the only way to get to understand the language of a particular country is to visit that country.

You cannot master Chinese in the United States alone, to gain more grip over any language you have to pay an official visit to such a nation.

5. Travel is education.

There is no possible way to educate yourself other than taking a trip to a known destination.

There are so many lessons to be learnt about the culture of other people, and one way to get acquitted to such is to visit the border of such a nation.

So many people visit Africa to learn about the slave trade, while others visit nations like Rome to learn about ancient wars and traditions.

Best Online Travel Portals You Should Know.

To enjoy the best travel experience, you need a reliable source for all your travel expenses and needs, there are so many travel websites out there, in this article, I am going to be introducing you to some very few legit ones. Note that this article covers all travel-related websites such as flight-booking portals, hotel reservations and car booking platforms for travellers from all over the world.


best travel booking site is going to be the first on my list today because it is quite popular and has a huge reputation all over the world. It was initially launched in the year 1996 with its headquarters in Amsterdam. allows its users to book flights, make hotel reservations, car rentals, book tickets to major tourist attractions all over the world and get access to airport Taxis. has over 28 million listings and is available for use in over 43 languages of this world. is also available in Android and IOS stores.



best travel booking site comes second on this list, as the name implies, the business models behind allow, users, to book not just hotels but also get access to accommodation, resorts, hostels for students and apartments in over 200 countries. is available in over 200 countries and supports over 41 major languages of this world.


3. Travelstart.

best travel booking site

Travelstart is one of Africa’s major online booking platforms, it simply allows users from all over the globe to book flight tickets, make hotel reservations and even hire cars. Travelstart has offices in Capetown, South Africa and Lagos, Nigeria, making it a one source platform for booking in Africa.


4. Discover Cars.

best travel booking site is an online platform that allows travellers to book cars on arrival at a new destination. Discover cars is available in over 145+ nations of the world and supports over 17+ languages globally.



best travel booking site

Just like, is another great online platform that allows travellers to book flight tickets, trains, cars, tours ticket and many more. is available in over 200 countries all over the world, with support for 17+ languages all over the globe. For ease of use and convenience, you can also make travel reservations via the mobile application.


6. Economy Bookings.

best travel booking site

Economy Booking is an online platform that allows a traveller to book cars on arrival at a new destination.

Economy Booking is available in more than 150 nations of the world with support for over 17+ major languages of the world. For a seamless experience, you can make use of the android and IOS apps for Economy Bookings.


7. Hotellook.

best travel booking site

Hotellook is a Russian online booking hotel platform that allows travellers from all over the world to book hotels.

Hotellook was founded in 2013 by the biggest air tickets search engine in Russia. Hotellook presents aggregated data on higher than 250,000 hotels in 205 nations operating concurrently with more than 10 online booking systems such as,,, and Expedia.


8. OYO.

best travel booking site

OYO is another hotel listing and booking website that allows travellers to book hotels from all over the world, with OYO you get access to over 8000+ hotels and apartments all over the world.

OYO was founded in 2013 by Indian nationality known as Ritesh Argawal. OYO is currently operational in over 100+ nations all over the world with more grip in the United States of America.


9. Tripster.

best travel booking site

Tripster is an online excursion website that allows tourists to book ahead for travel guides and assistance.

Tripster connects tourist guides with potential clients from all over the world, with Tripster you never have to journey alone again because you have all the needed guidance from a local.

Tripster allows you to choose an excursion, select a prefered guide and discuss terms and services after which 20% of the total cost is made on the official Tripster platform, and the rest is balanced in person to the travel guide

Tripster is also a flexible platform that comes alongside mobile applications on Google Play and Apple app store you can download the app respectively for your most prefered devices.


10. Bikes Booking.

best travel booking site

Bikes Booking is an online service that allows the booking of motorcycles, scooters, quads, and bicycles all over the world.

Bikes Booking is available in over 90 countries and available in over 10+ languages. Bikes Booking serves as an alternative measure to car booking.


11. TicketNetwork.

best travel booking site

Ticket Network is another great online service that allows travellers from all over the world to be able to buy tickets for concerts, sports and theatre.

Just in case you find yourself in a new country, and you need to attend a certain concert, you are always free to check out TicketNetwork for ticket purchase. TicketNetwork is available worldwide with support for only one language, which is English.


12. My Rentacar.

10+ Best Travel Booking Websites You Should Know

My Renta car is a Russian based online service that allows travellers all over the world to be able to rent a car on arrival at a new destination. If you need a car to ride for yourself while in another country, then you should subscribe to their services.


13. KiwiTaxi.

best travel booking site

KiwiTaxi is an online service that allows travellers to book a taxi on the arrival of a country to a particular city of their choice.

KiwiTaxi is available in more than 2000 cities and 107 countries all over the world. All you need do is to order a car of your choice on or before arrival and select your desired destination you get to pay cash online or on-site, the driver will wait for you at the airport to pick you up.


14. Surprise Me.

best travel booking site

Surprise Me is a Russian online service for scheduling audio excursions. Travellers can use audio excursions designed by expert tour guides and local specialists.

The surprise Me replaces the need for a tour guide. Each tour has built-in maps, so you don’t get lost. Anytime the weather does not support your activity, you can take a break and continue later.

Interactive trips are packed with tales from residents, audio examples, video clips, puzzles and augmented reality

The service operates in over 100 tourist cities in Europe, Asia, and the United States. All you need to get started is to download the Surprise Me app and subscribe to your most prefered tourist destination, sit back and relax.


15. Jetradar.

best travel booking site

Jetradar is an online travel search engine that started full operation in the year 2007.

Jetradar allows its users to compare flights, track down carriers and book cheap tickets.

JetRadar is operated by an amazing team based in Thailand, and the rest are spread across all corners of the world.

Jetradar is available in over 200+ official languages of the world, and can also be used from any mobile of your choice you can download the official app from Google Play and the Apple App Store.


16. Air Wander.

best travel booking site

Air Wander was founded by Ela and Douglas in 2014 and ever since they have scaled it to great heights. Air Wander is an online flight engine that suggests cheap flights and adds cheap stopovers to any flight.

AirWanders stopovers are the organisation of optimal flights organised according to the origin, destination, take-off date, and designated number of days to use in the wanted stopover location.



best travel booking site is Russian based online service that allows a traveller to book airport transfer services at affordable prices.

With you don’t have to pay too much for a taxi, all this service does is to arrange for a pickup agent to wait for you at the airport to help you pack your luggage to any prefered destination at a fixed cost. also comes with a mobile app created for both IOS and Android platforms to help with easier use of the service.



best travel booking site is an online flight reservation and hotel booking service that allows travellers all over the world to book flights; it was established in the year 1989 and it became the first online flight booking system to accept cryptocurrencies such as; Bitcoin, Litcoin and Ethererum on its platform. also comes inbuilt with a feature that allows travellers to be able to know what amenities are available in an aircraft. allows you to also interact with its platform comfortably from your smartphone by downloading the official IOS and Android App.


19. FlyDubai.

best travel booking site

One way to get the best travel deals is by choosing a product that was made for that particular country, one of those products is Flydubai. FlyDubai, is a government-owned airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The airline has been designated to operate a total of 95 destinations, serving the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe from Dubai. Do you intend to get cheap Dubai Trip deals then you should consider FlyDubai?



10+ Best Travel Booking Websites You Should Know is an American company that provides a marketplace platform for consumer travel lifestyle services such as parking, insurance, carwash auto refinance. has become one of the fastest and, convenient, and seamless ways to book parking, dining, movie tickets, events, and activities. is available in cities in the major cities in the US, be sure to check out the website to know if its service is available in your city or the city you intend to visit. Do you need urgent parking space in your city or the city closest to you, try out




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