Can You Still Play Minecraft Xbox One Edition?



Wondering if you can still fire up Minecraft on your Xbox One? The answer is yes, you can!

Minecraft remains a gaming phenomenon, beloved by millions around the world for its creative freedom and endless possibilities

Today, I’ll dive into the specifics of playing Minecraft Xbox One Edition, including its current status and what to expect from this version of the game.

Can You Still Play Minecraft Xbox One Edition?

Minecraft Xbox One Edition is still playable on Xbox One consoles, even though Microsoft stopped selling it digitally in 2017.

That means you can fire up the game if you already own it. Here’s to 7 years of blocky fun and more to come!

Minecraft Xbox One Edition, a fan favourite, transitioned to Minecraft Bedrock Edition in 2017. This move aimed to unify the Minecraft experience across devices, allowing players on Xbox One to team up with friends on other platforms like PC and mobile.

But what if you never made the switch and are content with the classic Xbox One Edition? The good news is that if you already own Minecraft Xbox One Edition, you can continue playing it on your Xbox One console.

Microsoft ended sales of the game in 2017, but existing owners can still enjoy the familiar world-building and adventures they know and love.

It’s important to remember that Minecraft Xbox One Edition won’t receive any new updates or features since development has shifted to the Bedrock Edition.

However, you’ll still have access to the vast amount of content that came out before 2017, which is a pretty substantial chunk of Minecraft history to explore!

So, fire up your Xbox One, dive into your Minecraft Xbox One Edition world, and keep on crafting!

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